Jorge Lorenzo reluctant to think Quattrick in MotoGP Portugal

Jorge Lorenzo reluctant to think Quattrick in MotoGP Portugal despite successful re-took pole. These Yamaha rider assess Estoril circuit is a strange track to pass.

Since 2008, Jorge Lorenzo has always been a ruler in Estoril with always grab pole and champion. This season, world champion MotoGP 2010 chance to reach fourth consecutive victory in Portugal after the back grab pole in qualifying, Saturday, April 30, 2011.

Jorge Lorenzo now holds the record as a successful Spanish rider won the highest pole in all the MotoGP class with 43 ​​pole positions. Pole at Estoril is also a pole to 17th in MotoGP for Jorge Lorenzo, same Dani Pedrosa equate record.

However, Jorge Lorenzo was reluctant to discuss the possibility of his Quattrick victory in Estoril. The Spanish rider himself should be the focus of this rate and need luck to get through the Estoril circuit is considered strange.

"The track is weird to go through, a little old with many holes, so you need to drive carefully. I have to get a good start in the race, focused, smart and a little lucky," said Lorenzo as reported by Crash.

Jorge Lorenzo himself satisfied with the development of motor M1. "This motor is getting better. More good on fast corners, but we can be even faster in a straight line," said Jorge Lorenzo.

Most Spectacular Style of Kate Middleton


Kate Middleton who married with Prince William is known as an unpretentious and fashionable women. This beautiful woman always looks elegant on any occasion, even mentioned will be a fashion icon over the world.

No wonder many people who admire beauty and fashion style. Want to know the style of dress her in all the atmosphere? Here the most spectacular style of Kate Middleton, as reported from Stylebistro.

- By her marriage, Kate Middleton appears with dark blue overalls in between her busy preparing for her big day. Kate Middleton looks thinner.

- Kate Middleton look beautiful with decorations in her hair when she visited the Lifeboat Station at Trearddur Bay, Wales on February 24, 2011. Along with Prince William, she named one of the newest ship in the name of Hereford Endeavour.

- Cowgirl style of this beautiful woman is also shown. She combines cowboy style hat and sweater wrapped over a white shirt and long jeans. Seen this English princess candidates are chatting with friends on the second day of the Festival of British Eventing Gatcombe Park at Gatcombe Park, on August 6, 2005 near Tetbury, England.

- Who says British women candidates can not appear chic style of a young man with neon colors. Kate Middleton even dare appear in public with yellow hot pants and green tops glisten when attending The Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco at The Renaissance Rooms, London, on September 17, 2008.
Accompanying Prince William in the wedding Harry Meade and Rosemarie Bradford on October 23, 2010, Kate Middleton looks beautiful with a blue short dress and black blazer, and do not miss a large cap-shaped headdress.

- Along with Prince William, Kate Middleton posing in front of cameramen with matching blue dresses with Prince William that uses dark blue suit. After much speculation, William and Kate finally admitted their engagement in November 2010. Kate Middleton admitted spoken for Prince William in Kenya with the late Princess Diana's ring.

- In December 2010, the couple released their engagement photos. One of the photos taken by Mario Testino in one room on the board of The State Apartment in St. James's Palace is showing her wearing a white dress with a charming smile to accompany the idol of the heart.

- Classic style using white dress with black details and a black blazer, Kate accompany William on fundraising events for teenagers with cancer held by the Teenager Cancer Trust at the Thursford Collection.

- Kate Middleton appear bold by using red light during a visit to St Andrews University in Fife, Scotland.

- She also stole the attention while wearing a cream color coat and stockings, shoes, and black bag when he arrived at City Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland, March 8, 2011.

Details Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Kate Middleton look stunning in her ivory white dress design house of Sarah Burton of fashion Alexander McQueen. Kate Middleton style in a wedding dress is waiting for the fashion world.

The election of McQueen's fashion house to fashion design because she did not loose their designs that highlight the uniqueness of natural beauty, as well as traditional suture techniques. The official website of Prince William and Kate's wedding,, disclosed details of the dress designs are done Sarah Burton.

Kate Middleton wedding dress was symbolized eternity because it is made jointly by the craftsmen from across the UK. Interpret the dress design arts and crafts that use original materials and traditional skills with simple shapes and romantic details. Design Sarah Burton was referring to the royal heritage, with elaborate decoration pieces and fit the characters distinctive, contemporary and feminine.

Full lace gown was designed by combining corset and skirt that made the hand by The Royal School of Needlework. Making lace themselves using the popular technique of Irish heritage in the 20s.

The Kate Middleton wedding dress is made of ivory satin and white. Inflate with the perfect skirt for detail arches and pleats. Sarah Burton adds a modern wedding dress tail fit along 2.7 meters. Narrowed waist bodice adorned with 58 buttons that are covered by organza material.

Materials used for this wedding dress is French Chantilly lace combined with Home Cluny lace. Kate Middleton was also seen using a veil and tiara to complement Kate Middleton appearance. Veil is made of soft layers of silk tulle with flower embroidery hand made by The Royal School of Needlework.

Tiara was made Kate Middleton worn by Cartier in 1936 and has been bought by the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth after use. Then, who used her earrings designed by Robinson Pelham shaped leaves of a pear-shaped diamond. There are diamond-shaped grains acorns placed at the center.

This earring design is used to improve the tiara. Earring is given by the family of Kate Middleton as a wedding gift. Perfecting her appearance, she uses a pair of shoes that made the hand by a team from Alexander McQueen. The shoes are also made using white satin with ivory.

Tattoo William and Kate Pictures in Teeth


Marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton was the topic around the world. In fact, Prince William and Kate Middleton faces often decorated souvenirs and dolls. A British plumber, willing to decorate their teeth with the bride's face to be married today, 29 April 2011 in Westminster Abbey church.

Barmy Baz Franks who is willing to spend six hours and U.S. $ 1,664 to get the bride and groom's face tattooed on the two front teeth. This is done as a sense of pride and love of the royal family.

This guy is getting a tattoo prince William and Kate Middleton is from the doctor's hand painting Neil Gerrard from Clifton Dental Studio in Bristol. He made sketches of candidates face the King and Queen of England is by using a small brush for 6 hours.

But unfortunately, tattoo known as gnasher tats did not last long, only 3 months. In fact, it will disappear faster if often brushed with great force. Barmy Baz Franks is one of British citizens who really want to respect the new royal couple.

"I love the royal family, and this way I give support on their big day," he said as quoted by the website Shine.

Doctor Neil Gerrard admitted often take some action to beautify the teeth. But she reveals that Barmy Baz Franks was conducted in the most bizarre thing ever done.

Celebrities Not the Guest List Wedding Ceremony Prince William and Kate Middleton

The couple Victoria and David Beckham, Elton John and director Guy Ritchie is considered lucky because they get an invitation to attend the marriage Prince William and Kate Middleton. Some of the celebrities who were invited actually do not expect the guest list wedding ceremony Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Katie Price
Model and British singer is feeling himself a valuable asset for the UK. He also has a mind of her will get an invitation to attend the William-Kate's wedding. Unfortunately, the kingdom did not think so. Hope women born May 22, 1978 was not granted.

Paris Hilton
Artist and socialite, Paris Hilton has openly expressed his desire to get an invitation to attend the wedding of Prince William. Understand it, Paris is one of the celebrities who greatly admired the British royal family.

Even to get an invitation, the heir to one of these hotels try my best. He tried to call all the numbers he has contacts in hopes of getting an invitation. But he has not been lucky. His name was not included in the invitation list.

Sarah Ferguson
Although status as a former wife of Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson did not get an invitation to attend the William-Kate's wedding. Sarah was invited because of his unfaithfulness to Prince Andrew who is exposed to 1996 is considered one of the reasons she was not invited.

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney did not enter the name on the guest list. This could be a question because these musicians have a big name in England. Not only that, McCartney also one of the musicians who get title Sir from the kingdom. Legendary band The Beatles are just unable to compete with soul singer, Josh Stone who was invited to the wedding William and Kate.

Daniel Craig
Starring James Bond is also regarded as a celebrity who was lucky because he did not get a wedding invitation William-Kate. In fact, Craig has a great name as a successful British actor in Hollywood. He is also regarded as a meritorious person who made England increasingly popular. It turns out, Craig did not make a big name British royal interested to invite him as a guest.

Chinese Seized about 26 tons of Milk containing Melamine

Chinese police seized about 26 tons of milk containing melamine at a factory in Chongqing city. The plan, the milk will be used as material for ice cream and cake

Reporting from the CNN page, Wednesday, April 27, 2011, Chinese Public Security Bureau said the milk was stored in the warehouse stock of plants. At that time, the factory temporarily closed for maintenance of production machinery.

Because of this closure, milk contaminated with melamine have not been used for food and spread in the community. At the factory also found old stock that should have been discarded, but it seems to still be marketed.

Five suspects detained by police, including the manager of the company. All five are likely to face criminal charges.

China's food sector has long been overwritten and the contamination of food poisoning scandal. In 2008, at least six children were killed and 300,000 others are ill from drinking milk containing melamine.

Melamine is used in the milk to deceive inspectors food. Adding melamine to milk products and foods can increase the level of protein, but the lead is high in melamine can damage the kidneys and cause other health problems.

In this year alone, the Chinese government has found levels of toxic and harmful additives in pork, bean sprouts, and bread. To date, 21 persons have been sentenced from pollution, two of them were sentenced to death.

U.S. Announced New Money Design 100 Dollar

A year ago, the Government of the United States (U.S.) announced the issuance of new paper money denominations of $ 100. The money was widely circulated in February 2011.

Embassy U.S.A in Jakarta, Wednesday, April 28, 2010, revealed that the new design was designed by the Ministry of Finance in cooperation with the Central Bank (the Fed) and Secret Service. Equipped with advanced technology to prevent counterfeiting, the new $ 100 denomination design retains the traditional appearance of U.S. currency.

"As in the designs of the U.S. currency earlier, these new fragments using best current technology to ensure we stay ahead of counterfeiters," said Finance Minister Tim Geithner.

Fragments of 100 dollar with a new design is starting issued on February 10, 2011. However, approximately 6.5 billion pieces of 100 dollars with the old design that is in circulation at this time can still be used as legal tender.

"The U.S. currency users should know that they do not have to exchange their old $ 100 denominations, when the new denomination began circulated," said Governor of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke.

The new money design of 100 dollar has various security features, including two new features of the Ribbon Security Three Dimensions and features Bell in the Inkwell. Both are easy for consumers and traders to ensure the authenticity of a floating currency.

Although only 1/100 of 1 percent of the total amount of U.S. currency in circulation is reported as counterfeit money, a sheet of 100 dollars is a fraction of the most widely used and most frequently counterfeited outside the U.S.

Chicago Bulls to Eastern Semi Finals after Beat Indiana Pacers

Chicago Bulls made ​​it to the Eastern semi-finals after the fifth game managed to bend the Indiana Pacers 116-89. In the semi-finals, the Chicago Bulls will wait for the winner of the duel between the Atlanta Hawks vs. Orlando Magic. Currently, the Atlanta Hawks had led 3-2 over the Orlando Magics.

In game 5, which was held in his cage, United Center, Chicago, Wednesday, April 27, 2011, the Chicago Bulls did appear dominant. Chicago Bulls guard who had just returned from injury to Derrick Rose scored the highest points with 25 points.

Rose glorious appearance is also supported by the action forward Luol Deng charming who scored 24 points. With this victory, the Chicago Bulls 4-1 in a best of seven.

Since the opening quarter, the Chicago Bulls are directly aggressive before finally closing with a score of 36-25. Indiana Pacers had tried to get up in the second quarter. But in the two remaining quarter, the Chicago Bulls returned to the show mighty before finally closed the game with a 116-89.

In the stronghold Indiana Pacers, forward Danny Granger to the printer the highest points for the team with 20 points. While Tyler Hansbrough scored a double with 14 points and 11 rebounds.

Chicago Bulls vs Indiana Pacers Complete Results:
- Game 1: Indiana Pacers 99, Chicago Bulls 104 in Chicago
- Game 2: Indiana Pacers 90, Chicago Bulls 96 in Chicago
- Game 3: Chicago Bulls 88, Indiana Pacers 84 in Indiana
- Game 4: Chicago Bulls 84, Indiana Pacers 89 in Indiana
- Game 5: Indiana Pacers 89, Chicago Bulls 116 in Chicago

Last Typewriter Factory in the World Stop Production

Manual typewriter that was popular in the 20th century to become extinct. The reason, only the last typewriter factory in the world have decided to stop production.

Reporting from page PC Mag, Tuesday, April 26, 2011, the last factory typewriter maker Godrej&Boyce in Mumbai, India, decided to stop production since this machine is eroded by the sophistication of computer technology.

"Since early 2000 on, the computer began to dominate. All of a typewriter factory stopped production, except us. Until 2009, we still produce 10,000 to 12,000 per year typewriter," said operations manager Godrej & Boyce, Milind Dukle.

The amount was too little and forced the company to stop producing typewriter.

When it opened in 1950, the company produces more than 50,000 per year typewriter. In 2009, the company halted production typewriter alphabet and replace them with the production of Arabic-language typewriter.

The first typewriter known as the 'ball type' is produced in Europe in 1870. The company started producing mass Remington typewriter that had been developed three years later with a QWERTY format are still valid today.

Until the early 1900s, typewriter appeared in numerous variations. But in 1910, all typewriters follow a predetermined standardization globally, including the laying of the shift key and the key symbol.