Chicago Bulls to Eastern Semi Finals after Beat Indiana Pacers

Chicago Bulls made ​​it to the Eastern semi-finals after the fifth game managed to bend the Indiana Pacers 116-89. In the semi-finals, the Chicago Bulls will wait for the winner of the duel between the Atlanta Hawks vs. Orlando Magic. Currently, the Atlanta Hawks had led 3-2 over the Orlando Magics.

In game 5, which was held in his cage, United Center, Chicago, Wednesday, April 27, 2011, the Chicago Bulls did appear dominant. Chicago Bulls guard who had just returned from injury to Derrick Rose scored the highest points with 25 points.

Rose glorious appearance is also supported by the action forward Luol Deng charming who scored 24 points. With this victory, the Chicago Bulls 4-1 in a best of seven.

Since the opening quarter, the Chicago Bulls are directly aggressive before finally closing with a score of 36-25. Indiana Pacers had tried to get up in the second quarter. But in the two remaining quarter, the Chicago Bulls returned to the show mighty before finally closed the game with a 116-89.

In the stronghold Indiana Pacers, forward Danny Granger to the printer the highest points for the team with 20 points. While Tyler Hansbrough scored a double with 14 points and 11 rebounds.

Chicago Bulls vs Indiana Pacers Complete Results:
- Game 1: Indiana Pacers 99, Chicago Bulls 104 in Chicago
- Game 2: Indiana Pacers 90, Chicago Bulls 96 in Chicago
- Game 3: Chicago Bulls 88, Indiana Pacers 84 in Indiana
- Game 4: Chicago Bulls 84, Indiana Pacers 89 in Indiana
- Game 5: Indiana Pacers 89, Chicago Bulls 116 in Chicago