Daryl Hannah Arrested in White House

Daryl Hannah arrested
Daryl Hannah arrested

Daryl Hannah a Hollywood actress was arrested in front of the White House along with other environmental protesters who opposed construction of an oil pipeline from Canada into the U.S. Gulf Coast.

The protest lounging on Tuesday local time, August 30, 2011, was followed by dozens of demonstrators protesting the Keystone XL Pipeline. This pipeline would stretch through Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas to refineries in Texas.

Before the arrest, Daryl Hannah is famous with her ​​role as a mermaid in the movie "Splash" was told the Associated Press that the protesters wanted to be free from dependence on fossil fuels from. The group is demanding investment in clean energy. Daryl Hannah said they hope President Barack Obama will not bow to the oil lobbyists.

Daryl Hannah
sat on the sidewalk of the White House and refused orders U.S. Park Police to move.
Previously, Daryl Hannah was also arrested for demonstrating environmental concerns.

Bird Flu warning by United Nations

Bird flu is dangerous epidemic. and long after the world became anxious because of bird flu, the United Nations (UN) released a warning that a new instance of the spread of viruses carried by birds migration in Asia.

Derivative virus spread in China and Vietnam, and presumably is a way to survive the latest variant of the vaccine, the United Nations Food and Agriculture FAO states such as news agencies quoted from CBSNews.

Last week, the World Health Organization reported that a national Cambodian boy lifeless of bird flu in mid-August. In Cambodia, he was the sixth victim who was powerless against the strength of the bird flu virus.

In Vietnam, most of northern and central regions are now beginning to be haunted by a new derivative of bird flu virus.

Beat on high viral power makes a lot of countries that were previously considered to be clean on home for developing new such as Israel, Palestine, Bulgaria, Romania, Nepal and Mongolia.

Since it was first detected in 2003, the world's 331 recorded lifeless of around 565 cases of bird flu positive.

Most countries from about 63 countries infected with bird flu, with 2006 as the peak of the outbreak, the virus has destroyed. But, still, some countries such as Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia and Vietnam is endemic.

In humans, bird flu cause eye infections, symptoms of common colds and respiratory distress.

Arsene Wenger will Buy new Player

After losing by Manchester United 8-2 in Premier League, Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger claims will immediately strengthen his squad by bringing in a new player.

Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger should leave Old Trafford with a bowed sluggish after Arsenal were slaughtered Manchester United, Sunday, August 28, 2011. This is the first time since the 1896 of the Gunners collapse goal eight times.

Inevitably one of the causes of poor Arsenal game is the lack of experienced players following the departure of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri. In addition Arsene Wenger can not playing seven best players against Manchester United because of sanctions and injury.

After losing by Manchester United, Arsene Wenger, who claimed not to resign, insisting will immediately make a player purchase. Wenger must do it quickly before the summer transfer window closed, 31 August.

With fresh funds from the sale of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri in the pocket, Arsene Wenger reportedly will soon bring the AS Monaco striker from South Korea, Park Chu-Young. The Coach from French will also buy midfielder and defender.

"We work hard to buy new players. If we get the right players, we'll buy it. We had money to buy. We've got 20 people to monitor the players," Arsene Wenger said as quoted Yahoosports.

"We were a little longer to get a striker, but we're still looking for a defender and midfielder. I must make the right decisions for the Arsenal club, and I will continue to do that," Arsene Wenger said previously known allergies poured money to buy players.

Hurricane Irene hit New York make Subway System closed

Largest subway system in the U.S. began to be closed on Saturday, after Hurricane Irene began to hit Manhattan, New York.

Hurricane Irene hit New York
Hurricane Irene hit New York

New York City who normally frenetic now deserted. Roads and bridges was almost empty. Broadway shows were canceled. Offices closed and subway passengers scurrying to catch their last trains. More than 370 thousand New York residents have been asked to evacuate out of town - the first time this has happened in the history of this metropolis city.

The city government has asked residents not to wait until the last minute, and offers transportation to transport them to get out of dangerous areas. Hospitals and orphanages have to evacuate since Thursday.

This was the first New York subway system shut down all those natural disasters.

A number of landmarks in New York are in evacuation zones, including ferry boats used to transport tourists to the Statue of Liberty. Development projects were stopped throughout the city, and workers at the World Trade Center area unload their heavy equipment.

On Wall Street, sandbags placed around the entrance to the subway near the East River, which is expected to overflow so hurricane approaching New York.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned residents who decided to stay, that the elevators in public apartments will be stopped in operation. Something similar will be done in other high buildings, to prevent the people trapped inside if the power failure. The biggest electric company in town said they would probably turn off the electricity to their customers 6500 in Lower Manhattan and Wall Street if the flood so deteriorated.

Subway system
will not open until at least next Monday, after the flood is pumped out. Even when not flooded, 49 to 57 million liters of water must be regularly pumped out of the halls of the subway.

New York subway transports
an average of about 5 million passengers each weekday.

Five airports in New York City area were also closed on Saturday afternoon local time for all domestic and international flight arrival. In fact, three of these airports - Kennedy, LaGuardia, and Newark Liberty - are the most busy airports across the U.S.

In the last 200 years, New York's only major hurricane ever hit a few times.
Source: associated press

Tony Tan was Elected President of Singapore

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, Tony Tan, 71, finally was elected President of Singapore after narrowly won from another candidate, Tan Cheng Bock.

Tony Tan getting 35.19 percent of the vote (744 397) while Tan Cheng Bock to be satisfied with 34.85 percent (737 128). Total valid votes that go in the presidential election reached 2 million, as quoted by the BBC page.

Department of Elections ordered a recount after seeing the initial results obtained showed differences in voice and Tony Tan to within about two percent.

Interestingly, the four presidential candidates have the same last name, namely Tan.

Thin vote margin earned Tony Tan is a blow to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong who support the candidate before the election.

In the General Election three months ago, the People's Action Party won 81 of 87 seats. Although the opposition parties get only six seats, but it is regarded as encouraging results. The voters could show their anger over immigration issues, cost of living and high salaries of government officials.

Singapore start enforcing the presidency in 1965 since the country became a republic. Presidential candidates stand on behalf of myself as head of state of Singapore must be a non-partisan.

Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung officially divorced

Some times ago after going through the divorce process is difficult, eventually the couple Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung officially divorced. As quoted from page Xin.msn, both issued formal statements about their divorce earlier this week.

Cecilia Cheung
Cecilia Cheung

In a statement, Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung agreed to raise their child together. "We will share custody of our children and our children's happiness is a top priority. We expect everyone to give our families and our children a little space for them to grow healthy and happy," said Tse and Cheung.

Earlier the couple reportedly met twice to discuss their divorce. Nicholas Tse manager, Mani Fok said the couple married five years have been discussing their divorce quietly. Both Tse and Cheung are very concerned with the future of their baby.

Mani also revealed, Nicholas Tse very calm in the face of all the issues about the divorce and will not return to Hong Kong in the near future because it is tied to the job.

Leonardo diCaprio trying to ingratiate Blake Lively family

Famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively getting showed signs of the seriousness of their relationship. Movie stars 'Inception' it began trying to ingratiate Blake Lively family, especially future in law.

Blake Lively
Blake Lively

As quoted from page Usmagazine, Leonardo DiCaprio was no time to accompany the lovers to celebrate the birthday-24 because it was undergoing the filming of 'The Great Gatsby' in Australia. However, he made another surprise by attending birthday Lively's father, Ernie, in Los Angeles, Sunday, August 14, 2011.

Not only the present, opposite Kate Winslet in the movie 'Titanic' was also awarded prizes to the future in-laws. "Blake's father liked it," said one source.

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio
first seen together in Monte Carlo, on May 17 last. Since then, they often spent vacations together to places such as Italy and California.

Had reportedly not received the blessing from DiCaprio's mother, the couple actually looks more sticky. The last time they caught on camera are witnessing the Stevie Wonder concert and ride together.

Tottenham Hotspur have officially get a striker Emmanuel Adebayor

English football team Tottenham Hotspur have officially get a striker Emmanuel Adebayor. the Spurs bring Adebayor from Manchester City on loan.

Emmanuel Adebyor

"We are very pleased to announce the recruitment of Emmanuel Adebayor as a player on loan from Manchester City for one season," read an official statement Tottenham Hotspur's official website.

Tottenham Hotspur coach, Harry Redknapp recently was aggressively seeking additional striker for his team. This step was taken after the Spurs striker like Peter Crouch, Jermain Defoe, and Roman Pavlyuchenko can not look up last season.

Emmanuel Adebayor leaves the club Monaco and joined the Premier League in January 2006. Together with two previous clubs, Arsenal and Manchester City, 27-year player has scored 81 goals in 186 matches.

Roberto Mancini's presence in the team's Manchester City make Adebayor rarely got the lead role. The Italian is more to put players with £ 25 million is on the bench.

Adebayor was loaned out to Real Madrid in the second round last season. Together with Los Galacticos, the spirit back up and Adebayor scored two goals against Spurs in the Champions League quarter-finals last season.

Despite not getting the core position, Emmanuel Adebayor felt at home at the Santiago Bernabeu. Unfortunately his intention to stay there only one hand clapping.

Steve Jobs paid $1 per Month

Apple CEO and founder, Steve Jobs resigned on Wednesday, August 24, 2011, due to the declining health condition. His role is vital in encouraging Apple to become one of the world-class companies. However, who would have thought, Steve Jobs paid only $1 per month.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs
Reporting from the Associated Press, The Steve Jobs history of pioneering Apple Computer started with his high school friend in a garage in Silicon Valley in 1976. He had come out 10 years later and went back to join in when Apple dropped. He then rebuilt it into one of the most advanced technology companies in the world.

Steve Jobs is famous for his idea to create as well as market trends world-changing technology, from computers to iPods and iPhones. Technology while maintaining the ideals of a minimalist design and break all the existing benchmark. Even when he was caught with pancreatic cancer in 2004, Steve Jobs was able to create a new work.

iPod music player is probably one of Apple products that most affect the pace of music technology in the world. During the 10 years since created in 2001, the iPod is still the most sought after item at this time.

In 2007, Apple developed the iPhone, which is a combination between mobile phones and other devices such as store photos, games and web browsers. In 2010, Steve Jobs introduced the iPad, a touch-screen computers are selling well in the market, although analysts said it was useless.

Due to large sales, the value of the Apple company even beat the U.S. oil giant, Exxon Mobil, at the beginning of this month. However, behind the success of Apple, Steve Jobs was paid only U.S. $ 1 per month.

The biggest income comes from sharing the benefits of Apple and Disney. Steve Jobs has Apple's 5.4 billion shares and 138 million shares of Disney. Of the two, he got a profit of about U.S. $ 578 million.

In 2004, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had undergone treatment. He once declared cured until in 2009 the disease recurred.

These millionaires did not graduate from college. Steve Jobs decided to get out of Reed University in Portland, Oregon, at the beginning of the semester because he thought college would not make it successful. "I do not know what I wanted to do in life and do not know what to do in college will help me find a purpose in life," he said.

List 10 Celebrity most photogenic of all time

These celebrities most photogenic of all time not only famous for luxury and beauty, Elizabeth Taylor even won the Celebrity most photogenic of all time. This title is given to the legendary actress is based on the results of a study by a leading photo book site.

Studies conducted by the polling method is put in order of Elizabeth Taylor's first as the most photogenic celebrity of all time, followed by Jennifer Anniston and David Beckham in second and third.

As quoted from the pages of The Telegraph, the respondents are involved in the poll are shown photographs of celebrities. They were allowed to choose more than one celebrity.

"Photos are a big part of our relationship with celebrity, and with this research we were interested to see who the British celebrity who looks confident and the best behind the lens," he said MyMemory.com founder, Rebecca Huggler.

"It's very interesting to know the members of Hollywood, Elizabeth Taylor won the top spot as the most photogenic celebrity of all time. But I think this proves that he will forever be remembered for her beauty is timeless," he said.

Here are List 10 Celebrity most photogenic of all time:
- Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor

- Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston

- David Beckham
David Beckham

- Megan Fox
Megan Fox

- Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn

- Marlon Brando
Marlon Brando

- Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

- Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe

- James Dean
James Dean

- Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren

That is photos celebrities most photogenic of all time.

Valentino Rossi: Indianapolis is a difficult circuit

Actually Indianapolis is not a favorite circuit Valentino Rossi. Ducati's rider is preparing and the Desmosedici GP11.1 steed, to perform optimally in the United States MotoGP, this week.
Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi
admitted that he had difficulty to conquer along the 4.216 km circuit is. Although he could reach the podium one in 2008 while still carrying the flag of the Yamaha team. Now, the Italian rider must use Desmosedici GP11.1 that is still under development.

"Indianapolis is a difficult circuit and of course, not one of my favorites. So, let's see how our performance there with the Ducati," Rossi said as reported by Crash, Wednesday, August 24, 2011.

In the 11 series in Brno, 14 Agutus, drivers who are familiar nicknamed The Doctor started the race from the sixth starting position and finish in the same order. Reflecting the results, the holder of seven-times MotoGP world champion continued to do some repairs on the bike.

"We did a slight improvement in Desmosedici GP11.1 throughout the race at Brno, so we see how the results on the next race. Although it is difficult, but I am always happy to race in America and I enjoy the atmosphere and the fans there, which is always enthusiastic," said team co-host driver, Nicky Hayden.

Throughout this season, Valentino Rossi was recorded only once on the podium at Le Mans Circuit, France, on May 15, after finishing at number three. Now, drivers 32 years was ranked fourth standings with 118 points, or just 8 points ahead of Repsol Honda rider Dani Pedrosa, who is one rank below.

Nick Heidfeld fire from Renault F1 team

Nick Heidfield
Nick Heidfield

Nick Heidfeld fire from Renault F1 team. Whereas the Belgian Grand Prix is in sight.

As reported by the BBC, growing speculation about who replaces Nick Heidfeld at Renault. Brazilian rider Bruno Senna is known as a strong candidate.

If all goes smoothly, Bruno Senna will duet with Vitaly Petrov. Senna's last season on the HRT and the team failed to win a point. Bruno Senna definite than Nick Heidfeld was that he would bring in more sponsors.

It is believed to be the cause why Heidfeld was sacked. Nick Heidfeld received a salary while Senna actually bring in money.

At Renault, Nick Heidfeld into the early season with the task of replacing Robert Kubica who suffered severe injuries in a rally. In F1, Heidfeld is a veteran racer. He has ten years experience and was chosen because of his skills Lotus wash points.

This is demonstrated by perched in eighth position with 34 points. With 34 points, he was 2 points ahead of Petrov. It could be that the decision to fire Heidfeld Renault is gambling big on the achievements since Senna's better known as 'the nephew of Ayrton Senna' rather than a great racer.

Some Celebrity who often Cast the Lawsuit in an Advertising Company


Many Hollywood celebrities have a high income and has many valuable assets of his hard work. So it makes sense if they wanted to protect his prized asset. Including protecting themselves from everything that can be defamed as a public figure who has always been a highlight of many people.

There are even some celebrity who often cast the lawsuit in an advertising company, because felt good name defamed. Ranging from Lindsay Lohan to Lady Gaga. They are touted as a top artist of the most frequently filed suit. The following information is quoted Hollyscoop page:

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian demanded clothing brand Old Navy and its parent company, The Gap Inc. to the Federal Court in Los Angeles. As quoted by news agency Associated Press (AP), Old Navy has been accused of violating the rights of publicity because it features women who like Kim Kardashian in her ads. Therefore, Kim asked for the clothing brand stop using the models in their advertising.

In the video uploaded Old Navy ad on YouTube, it does look dark-haired figure of a woman whose face was almost like Kim. Since uploaded February 17, 2011, ad with the headline 'Super CUTE' has been viewed more than 2 million people.

In her complaint, Kim claims, consumers likely confused and mistook that existing models in the video is her. As is known, Kim Kardashiaan herself has many fans. She was noted to have eight million followers in Twitter, and more than 5 million fans on Facebook. Kim also managed to occupy the first rank as the celebrity most sought-after people on the internet.

Lindsay Lohan
In 2010, Lindsay Lohan filed for U.S. $ 100 million to the company E-Trade. She filed the lawsuit over the ads using her name to their advantage.

In the ad, E-Trade depicts a woman's baby is called a thief boyfriend and milk enthusiast.

Commercials featuring a baby boy who plays the stock market, and apologized to his girlfriend, because they do not call her yesterday evening. Then, the baby girl suspecting her rival, then came the words "that Linsday, milk enthusiast".

Feeling scorned, a lawyer suing E-Trade uses Lindsay's name and her character for not paying or asking permission. She felt her rights had been violated. She also revealed, with this ad company has gained an advantage, as the ad watched by millions of people who watched the Super Bowl.

However, the E-Trade lawyers rejected the claim made Lindsay Lohan. They claim Lindsay randomly chose the name. "We only use the most popular baby names who happened cooperatively with others," said E-Trade spokesman, Chris Brown.

Bette Midler
Bette Midler is known to have a big voice. Apparently, he thought, others with a great voice has been imitating him. In 1989, Midler sued an advertising agency that produced an ad featuring one of his hits. He claimed the song was sung by someone who was ordered to imitate his vocal inflections.

Tara Reid
American artist, Tara Reid sued the Sky Las Vegas Condominiums for publishing the ad reads, "Dear Tara Reid, come and let it all go hang out." Because of this ad statement, Reid sued the company for allegedly exploit her name and create the impression obscene.

Lady Gaga
In March, Lady Gaga sued the ice cream company in London who introduced ice cream named "Baby Gaga". Lady Gaga has threatened to sue the owner of an ice cream parlor that produce merchandise with the mother's milk.

Lawyers representing the controversial singer has sent a subpoena to the ice cream shop. In the letter, ice cream parlor was asked to change its brand name.

In a warning letter, the lawyer accused shopkeeper Gaga, Matt O'Connor, promoting a product in a provocative manner with allow name Lady Gaga.

The letter also noted, product names using the name Lady Gaga deliberately for the sake of profit. Moreover, the name is deliberately used for the promotion of ice cream products.

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen filed for U.S. $ 100 million to Warner Brothers. Sheen sued the makers hit sit-com on TV's "Two and a Half Men" because it has decided contract unilaterally.

Men 45 years of this, demanding to be paid for eight episodes from the show that was canceled in January. He also demanded to get unpaid fees. Sheen in the opening session of naming the show's producer, Chuck Lorre, as a defendant.

Sheen's lawyer wrote: "Chuck Lorre, one of the richest people in television that is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Believe in yourself for so rich and powerful that it may unilaterally decide to take money from players who are dedicated and crew from the popular television series, Two and Half Men, in order to serve his own ego and self-interest," he said. The lawsuit was initiated in Sheen in court in Los Angeles.

Libyan citizens in Abroad claim Rejoice to overthrow Gaddafi regime

The entry of rebel forces into Tripoli, Libya, inviting reactions the Libyan people in abroad. Most of them claim to rejoice in the efforts to overthrow Gaddafi regime.

As happened in the Libyan citizens in Ottawa, Canada. Quoted from page Ottawa Citizen, Monday, August 22, 2011, the Libyan expatriates gathered at the Parliament building of Canada at 23:00 local time, waving a big red flag, black, green and white became the color of the rebel forces.

"I many times feel the emotional changes of very excited to be so scared, then excited again. I really do not know the details of events there," said Enas Misellati, one of the Libyans are also drawn to the joy. Family of 25-year-old woman is entirely in Tripoli.

New Misellati get news about the details of the incident from his uncle. "He said everyone took to the streets and rejoice. No fear, Khadafi troops had left the city," he said.

This woman felt the need to thank Canadians who have helped take intervention action.

"Canada has been kind enough to listen to all of our complaints. They want to shut down the Libyan Embassy and help through NATO. So it is important to thank this country. Thank you Canada!"

In the United Kingdom, Libyan citizens filled the streets of London, especially in the Edgware Road which is the 'Arab village'. Reporting from the Daily Mail, they felt the day that the rebels control of Tripoli is a very emotional day.

"My father was shaking and crying happy, do not think this is finally happening. We've talked with family in Libya and are usually never able to poke fun at Gaddafi. However, to hear their cries, I knew we were really free," said Ahmad Hmeid , Libyans who live in Britain.

Together with other Libyans, he helped raise the flag of the rebel forces with distinctive colors.

The father, Mehdi Hmeid, who had also moved from Tripoli said, "We live as slaves Gaddafi for 42 years and now we are free. Previously our society has a compact, but this event makes us even more compact."

Kim Kardashian officially married to Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
Actress reality show Kim Kardashian officially married to NBA basketball player, Kris Humphries on Saturday night, August 20, 2011 local time. As quoted by news agency Associated Press (AP), Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries tie wedding vows in an exclusive ceremony held at the Santa Barbara, California.

Wedding ceremony will be broadcast in a television show on channel E! in October. This is the first marriage for Kris Humphries and the second marriage for Kim Kardashian. Previously, Kim Kardashian was married to music producer Damon Thomas in 2000. However, their marriage foundered four years later.

People and E! reported, Kim Kardashian wore ivory-colored wedding gown designer Vera Wang design. Kardashian's stepfather, Bruce Jenner looks took Kardashian goes to altar. Among the 440 invited guests seem present, there are Hollywood celebrities, like Demi Lovato, Mario Lopez, Eva Longoria, Sugar Ray Leonard, Alan Thicke, and Lindsay Lohan.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries began dating late last year. Soon, the they announced their engagement in May 2011. At that time, Kris Humphries apply Kim Kardashian with 20.5-carat ring.

Kim Clijsters absent at U.S. Open

Kim Clijsters
Kim Clijsters

Tennis player Kim Clijsters certainly absent at the U.S. Open to be held from 19 August. Defending champion two times can not be performed after experiencing abdominal muscle injury.

Kim Clijsters was injured while performing in Toronto some time ago. Woman tennis player who was also absent due to ankle injury at Wimbeldon are claiming needs a rest more than two weeks to heal.

"Obviously, I am very disappointed," she said as quoted by yahoo.com. "This summer I practiced very hard and feel very ready to perform at the U.S. Open," said 28-year-old tennis player.

Kim Clijsters also said it will not appear on the tournament in Japan and China September.

Absence Kim Clijsters makes the greatest opportunity to win the U.S. Open women's singles are now in the hands of Serena, Venus Williams and Maria Sharapova. Serena has just won the title in Toronto, but absent in Cincinnati this week due to heel injury.

Kim Clijsters won the title of U.S. Open 2009. Tennis player from Belgian did not think it's actually able to enter the final because she had just returned to the field after a two year absence to take care of her daughter.

Kim Clijsters is a non-seeded players who won the U.S. Open. She also became the first mother who successfully won an important victory since Evonne Goolagong Cawley won the same title in 1980 then.

Kim Clijsters to repeat his success of last year at Flushing Meadows. Last year, Clijsters managed to win the Australian Open which is the fourth Grand Slam title.

SNSD as an ambassador for Visit Korea Year


Korean Band Girls Generation or called SNSD back incised achievement. Female music group consisting of nine persons was appointed as an ambassador for 'Visit Korea Year'. SNSD was officially appointed as an ambassador for 'Visit Korea Year' by the Chairman of the Committee on Visit Korea, Shin Dong-bin in Seoul, South Korea, Friday, August 19, 2011 local time.

As quoted from page Visitkoreayear, a musical group consisting of Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyu is considered one of the leading musicians who bring the Hallyu fever throughout the world.

As is known, SNSD fever penetrated even to Europe. One proof is the success of the event 'SM Town Live World Tour' which was held in Paris, on June 10 to 11 last.

SNSD along with actor Bae Yong Joon, Kim Yuna ice skating athletes will promote the campaign 'Visit Korea Year' 2010-2012 is progressive. Secretary General of the Committee on Visit Korea, Hong Ju-Min said, SNSD appointment as an ambassador for Korean tourism will strengthen.

"As global popularity K-POP, Girls Generation or SNSD appointment as honorary ambassador, leading artists, will strengthen Korea's tourism brand value and maximize the promotional effect of Visit Korea Year," said Ju-Hong Min.

Anna Hazare anti-corruption campaign in Cyberspace

Anna Hazare
Anna Hazare

In fact Anna Hazare anti-corruption campaign is also echoed in cyberspace. Various social media sites to be a place to voice and information about the hunger strike undertaken Anna Hazare with dozens of followers.

Quoted from the pages of the Times of India, anti-corruption movement by means of Facebook and Twitter in delivering its agenda. In addition, information and agenda are also conveyed through the pages Indiaagainstcorruption.org.

On Facebook accounts are followed by tens thousands of people, the supporters of Anna Hazare submit their comments about the hunger strike. Campaign on Facebook has also called his supporters to deliver anti-corruption message and its action agenda to their friends via SMS chain.

Anna Hazare received the most support when detained by police on August 16. Within hours after the arrest, the hash tag #isupportannahazare a topic of trends in twitter in India. Some supporters of the action and even changing their account images into photo Anna Hazare.

"We're going on a hunger strike until you're released. All Indian youth along with you. Who said that Mahatma Gandhi had died. He's still alive and the world support him," commented a man named Jashan Joshi in the account.

Anna Hazare
also had to use the YouTube service to deliver his message. Shortly after his arrest, Hazare calls through Youtube so that his supporters do not be goaded by opponents of their actions. He also said that the action is peaceful, without violence.

"Dear compatriots, the struggle for the freedom of the two has begun. I was detained. Is this fight going to stop? Of course not. Do not let it happen," said Anna Hazare on Youtube.

Arsene Wenger: Samir Nasri as Arsenal Player

Samir Nasri
Samir Nasri

Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger is planned to be lowered Samir Nasri when his team meet Liverpool, Saturday, August 20, 2011. Wenger requested that fans of the Reds did not question the loyalty Samir Nasri in action later.

Samir Nasri reportedly was almost a deal with Manchester City for a fee of £ 22 million. However, Arsene Wenger still thinks Nasri as an Arsenal player. He also assesses the condition of Nasri is fit enough to drop back down when meet Liverpool.

"Every day since he arrived here, every day in pre-season, he (Samir Nasri) has been working with the spirit of the fantastic in training," Wenger said as quoted by the Emirates 24 / 7.

"One thing I need no doubt is a commitment Nasri to this club," added Wenger.

Arsene Wenger wants Arsenal fans understand that the club wants to win. French coach is still confident the fans will still support it.

"Fans want Arsenal to play well and win the game. They do not make an individual assessment of each player in each position. They want good players to win the game," he said.

"The majority of our fans are behind our players and I think they will show you tomorrow," he concluded.

Rio Ferdinand Suffered a Hamstring Injury

Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand a Manchester United defender, had confessed fear. He can not strengthen the Manchester United versus Tottenham Hotspur Monday, August 22, 2011.

As reported by The Sun, Rio Ferdinand previously suffered a hamstring injury while strengthening the Manchester United Premier League in the opening match of the season against West Brom last week. He was anxious to be absent for 10 weeks.

However, this 32-year-old players are surprisingly able to recover faster. He most likely could be lowered in the face Tottenham.

Restoration of Ferdinand to be good news for manager Fabio Capello. Rio Ferdinand will be back to strengthen the England team in Euro 2012 qualifiers to face Bulgaria in September.

Amid good news about the restoration of Rio Ferdinand, manager Sir Alex Ferguson also had bad news. Defender Nemanja Vidic had not recovered from his injury. Nemanja Vidic was injured in the groin. He is expected to still be undergoing treatment for six weeks.

Kobe Bryant was accused of the persecution against Thomas Hagos

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant

This time San Diego Police Department does not check for the Los Angeles Lakers player, Kobe Bryant, on charges of abuse to the victim, Thomas Hagos, agreed to speak to the police.

Kobe Bryant was accused of the persecution against Thomas Hagos in a church in San Diego, California, Tuesday, August 16, 2011. The incident began when a young man, Thomas Hagos (20), holding a mobile phone near Bryant in the church.

Kobe Bryant was angry because he thought Thomas Hagos was taking pictures of himself using a mobile phone. 32-year shooting guard, stole a mobile phone with a rough Hagos. After learning there was no picture of him on mobile phone Hagos, Bryant was back.

Thomas Hagos then reported the incident to the San Diego Police Department after the earlier to the hospital because of his experience pain from the grip of Kobe Bryant. However, until now the San Diego Police Department has not planned to check out Bryant for the incident.

Los Angeles Times, Wednesday, August 17, 2011 local time, launch a new San Diego Police Department will check for Kobe Bryant after receiving complete information from Thomas Hagos. Meanwhile, through its representative, Hagos new information will be given after 24 August.

Meanwhile Kobe Bryant, through his legal counsel, Mark Campbell, ready to undergo the examination. "Mr. Bryant aware of the accusations directed at him, and ready to defend," said Campbell.

Rihanna Favorite Food


Thinking of chocolate ice cream melt on the tongue, who is not tempted. This snack also appeared to be a favorite food and sedatives for Rihanna. For Rihanna's life will feel empty without chocolate ice cream.

Unlike the other top singers, Rihanna became the artist who was busy attending various diet to maintain ideal weight. Even his personal trainer, Ary Nunez does not prohibit Rihanna eating her favorite foods that contain high calories.

"Ice cream chocolate is the favorite food. Rihanna said to me, if it does not touch the chocolate ice cream could be catastrophic for her. So I do not forbid to eat her favorite food," Ary said as quoted by page omgwire.

Ari said, unlike other singers who are too strict a diet for the sake of keeping up appearances. Rihanna just does not follow the diet even though she tried to always eat healthy foods regularly while touring her music.

"She likes to protein foods, foods contain lots of water, olives and other fruits. She was able to reconcile how the body reacts to different foods. "

The experts also reveal Rihanna active fitness exercise. Including the training of martial arts, like karate, tae kwon do and kung fu. This martial art believed to be able to help maintain an ideal body shape.

Theo Walcott goal make Arsenal have big advantage

Theo Walcott

Theo Walcott became a hero when Arsenal versus Udinese 1-0 in the first leg of the Champions League playoffs, today. But a single Arsenal goalscorer is actually praised the Arsenal defense.

With Walcott goals scored when the game was barely four minutes, Arsenal will come to the Friuli Stadium with a big advantage. The draw is enough to get Arsenal into the main round of the Champions League.

"Yes of course (happy), but the most important thing we re not being broken and a solid defense like we were back last weekend (when the draw against Newcastle United in the Premier League)," said Theo Walcott told Sky Sports, Wednesday, August 17, 2011.

"It's nice to score goals but they are a strong team and we have trouble most of the game. But we also believe if we play like this we'll get great results," said Theo Walcott.

On that occasion, also cast a praise for Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey colleagues who appear attractive throughout the game. Goal Theo Walcott was born because a captivating cross from Aaron Ramsey.

Valentino Rossi not Want to Race in Japan

Valentino Rossi
Valentino Rossi

Japanese MotoGP in the season will be held on October 2, 2011 in danger without the presence of several famous MotoGP rider. After Jorge Lorenzo and Casey Stoner claimed not want to race in Japan, this time Valentino Rossi also said the same thing.

All three riders are equally groundless fear of the radiation that hit Japan. This radiation itself is the impact of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Sakura, March 11, 2011 last.

"I do not think I'll go to Japan. I hope that the championship committee made ​​the right decision," Valentino Rossi said as quoted by The Independent, Tuesday, August 16, 2011.

Jorge Lorenzo has expressed reluctance drop in Motegi circuit, Japan, since a month ago. The threat of boycott was made ​​Yamaha as Lorenzo's team owners worried because it means that Lorenzo would have violated the contract.

However, Managing Director of Yamaha Motor Racing Lin Jarvis was not to blame Lorenzo's decision. "We need to ascertain whether the environment there (Japan) is stable or not so that every individual can take individual decisions," Jarvis said some time ago.

Radioactive from Japan detected to California

Effects radioactive sulfur from nuclear reactors Fukushima, Japan damaged by the tsunami is detected to California, United States last March. However, the researchers stated that radioactivity has not endanger human health.

According to researchers from the University of California, San Diego, Mark Thiemens, concentrations of radioactivity in the region of California has risen higher than normal levels.

"Levels of record is not a problem for human health. In fact, it takes sensitive instruments for measuring radioactive decay for hours after the collection of particles to determine the exact amount of radiation," said Thiemens, as reported by foxnews.com page, Monday, August 15, 2011.

Fukushima nuclear reactors used for nuclear power plants (NPP) damaged by the tsunami last March 11, 2011.

The researchers found the samples of milk in California, Colorado, Connecticut, and Massachusetts contaminated with iodine active despite the low levels. According to American protection agency officials, the level of radiation is very small. Active sulfur level research conducted at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, California, March 28 to April 2010.

Gold price will Decline

To investors, Gold prices are rising at the time of global stock turmoil is predicted to decline within one to two weeks.

According to Standard Chartered Bank economist Fauzi Ichsan, one to two weeks the market is still volatile. But after the economic data came out and the certainty of the world economy, the price of gold can be corrected.
"The share price could rise again," said Fauzi as quoted from VIVAnews.com

Gold prices rise due to declining investor confidence in the dollar. This is due to decline in America's long-term credit rating by Standard & Poor's from AAA to AA +.

"But if this seems a temporary increase, later, if for example the market has calmed down, then gold prices could begin to fall again, corrected," he said.

For the time being, said Fauzi, the market is more likely to choose gold investment compared with stocks and U.S. dollars. "If the panic is over, it's the market still panicked, still full of uncertainty," he concluded.

Not only hunted abroad, a number of investors in Indonesia are also hunting gold, especially gold bullion. It was seen in the Business Unit Precious Metals Processing and Purification of PT Aneka Tambang (Antam), Pulogadung more crowded than usual days. 1 gram gold price in the range of 500 thousand.

Cesc Fabregas be Barcelona player

Cesc Fabregas
Cesc Fabregas

The hunt for Barcelona to get the Cesc Fabregas, sweet ending. Cesc Fabregas officially released by Arsenal and be player of Barcelona, ​​Sunday, August 14, 2011 (Monday morning GMT).

Certainty is announced Barca against Real Madrid in Spanish Super Cup first leg early this morning. As reported by yahoo sports, Barca obtained Cesc Fabregas with the transfer of funds between 36-40 million euros.

"We clearly state does not want Cesc Fabregas to leave. However, we understand the desire Cesc to return home and we have accepted an offer from Barcelona," said Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

"We are grateful for the contribution ever given to Cesc Fabregas and wish him all the best in the future."

Arsenal has previously announced that Cesc Fabregas will undergo a medical examination at the Barcelona headquarters, on Monday local time today. After that, Fabregas who ever left Barca at the age of 16 years, will be introduced in the mass media.

Cesc Fabregas arrival instantly get a warm welcome from the Barca camp. "It feels like a homecoming boy alone," said Barca president Sandro Rossell.

Welcome had previously spoken two players Barca, Carlos Puyol and Gerard Pique, via Twitter account of each. "Welcome, glad to see you here @cesc4official," said Puyol in the time line Twitter.

Casey Stoner champion at MotoGP series Czech

Casey Stoner
Casey Stoner

Casey Stoner be champion at the MotoGP series Czech Republic, Sunday, August 14, 2011. Unfortunately, his teammate, Dani Pedrosa suffered just unlucky in the race that was held at the Brno circuit this.

Dani Pedrosa, who started from pole position to leave the race after skidding on the third lap. Had the lead on early lap the Spanish rider steps should be stopped after a slip on the fourth bend.

Casey Stoner immediately took charge of the race. Behind him followed Yamaha rider Jorge Lorenzo followed by Repsol Honda rider Andrea Dovizioso and Honda Gresini rider, Marco Simoncelli in fourth position.

Entering the fifth lap, Andrea Dovizioso who before was in third position ahead of Jorge Lorenzo had managed to make a small mistake. But last season's world champion managed to regain second place on lap nine.

Lorenzo and Dovizioso continued to press managed to grab second place on lap 12. Jorge Lorenzo then dropped down to fourth position after Marco Simoncelli got through it before long. While Stoner farther ahead.

In the remaining laps there, competition is fierce exactly happened between Dovizioso and Simoncelli. Marco Simoncelli in fourth position continued to press Dovizioso.

But until the checkered flag was unfurled, Dovizioso remains in second place followed by Simoncelli in third place. Meanwhile, Lorenzo had to settle for fourth position followed by Ben Spies and Valentino Rossi.

Casey Stoner on pole position and won his sixth title this season. Due to this victory, Casey Stoner became more firmly on top of the rider standings with 218 points followed by collection of Lorenzo with a collection of 186 points.

This Results MotoGP series Czech Republic.
1. Stoner
2. Dovizioso
3. Simoncelli
4. Lorenzo
5. Spies
6. Rossi
7. Hayden
8. Edwards
9. Aoyama
10. Barbera
11. Elias
12. de Puniet
13. Capirossi

T-ara vocal group kiss Stroy

T-ara Girl band
T-ara Girl band

First Kiss and First Love is difficult forgotten. At least that's what happened to personnel of T-ara vocal group from South Korea. They openly about their first kiss story.

This was disclosed girl band who is promoting the song 'Roly Poly' is currently attending the 'A Best Friend is Necessary' on SBS. When DJ Choi Hwa Jung wondered to the pretty girl on their first kiss. T-ara happy to share their experiences.

T-ara personnel, Eujung directly answered with enthusiasm. She told the kiss happened in a cafe.

"My first kiss happened with my boyfriend before my debut (as the artist). I went to the cafe with my boyfriend, they (the waiter) puts us in a special section mate," Eujung said as quoted from allkpop, Monday, August 15, 2011 .

Recognized Eujung, kiss it just happens without planned by them. And the kiss made ​​her cry.

"The atmosphere is so natural. However, I was very surprised and I shed tears. My boyfriend feel sorry," she said sheepishly.

Of course the recognition Eujung received it directly from the T-ara other personnel. They were happy to poke fun at and bombed Eujung with a number of questions.

"Why are you crying," said T-ara personnel. The question was immediately invited a lot of laughter in studiuo.

After Eujung, the other personnel not to be outdone. Each personnel share stories about their first kiss. Jiyeon first admitted kissing in front of her house.

Then, Soyeon has the first kiss while on a date at an amusement park. And Qri, doing her first kiss in the car.

Meanwhile, Hwayoung, T-ara personnel youngest said she was kissing in front of the school. Recognition Hwayoung make the other members Hwayoung stunned and stared without blinking.

Kim Hyun Joong talking about Women

Kim Hyun Joong
Kim Hyun Joong

Korean actor Kim Hyun Joong more confident expressing his personal life in public. After being openly about the love affair and also the type of woman of his dreams, Kim Hyun Joong talking about women.

This time, the singer of 'Break Down' discusses how the method in get the women hearts. This was disclosed Hyun Joong when attending 'Lee Sora's 2nd Proposal' event on cable channel KBS.

In the event, Kim Hyun Joong was given a question related to love life. He also said about his love story.

"Actually there are many women that I like. The longest was when I was dating and relationships for 3-4 years. However, we broke up," Kim Hyun Joong said as quoted from Soompi, Sunday, August 14, 2011.

Then, he continued with how he expresses himself as being in love. If some men prefer to show a sense of joy to women when in love, not so with Kim Hyun Joong.

He has another way to show a sense of joy to a woman who fancied.

"If I like someone, I do not generally greet and pretend not to know her. I purposely avoid them," said Hyun Joong.

Hyun Joong purposely did it because he was waiting for the right moment to express love to a woman adored. "I will reveal the true feelings when he spoke to me," he said.

Not only that, the romantic side will also be shown Kim Hyun Joong in order to gain the hearts of women who are being fancied. "When I went to karaoke with a group of women, I will always sing a song. I want to sing to her," he said with a laugh.

RC212V bike Casey Stoner have trouble

casey stoner

Actually Casey Stoner admitted having trouble riding his RC212V bike at Brno Circuit. Repsol Honda rider had to settle for being third in the MotoGP qualifying round of the Czech Republic, Saturday, August 13, 2011.

Casey Stoner had to settle for starting the race in Brno, Sunday, August 14, 2011, from the third position after losing faster than Dani Pedrosa (Repsol Honda) and Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha) in qualifying. Though Stoner had become the third-fastest in free practice.

Casey Stoner had problems with motorcycle riding. 2011 MotoGP standings leader pleaded not happy with the balance of the RC212V bike.

"We're a little trouble. We are not happy with the condition of the motor. We can not feel the front of the bike and have no grip on the rear tires. The faster I drove, the more I feel the shake in the front," Casey Stoner said as quoted by Autosport.

Although not pleased with the condition of his bike, Casey Stoner said they were optimistic Honda is able to overcome the problem before the race.

"In entirety, can be in the front row is a great position. We're pretty happy. We knew the race would be long, and we still have time before the race tomorrow (Sunday)," said Casey Stoner.

Casey Stoner entered the race at Brno as the leader of the drivers standings with 193 points. 2007 MotoGP world champion is 20 points ahead of Jorge Lorenzo.

Dani Pedrosa failed to wipe out the MotoGP free practice session

Dani Pedrosa
Dani Pedrosa

MotoGP rider from Honda, Dani Pedrosa failed to wipe out the MotoGP free practice session in the Czech Republic, Saturday, August 13, 2011. Casey Stoner managed to be the fastest in final free practice session after the two previous sessions Dani Pedrosa look mighty.

As reported by Autosport, at Brno Circuit track, Casey Stoner, who had fallen at the beginning of the exercise is able to get up and recorded the fastest time with 2 minutes 7.321 seconds.

Casey Stoner was able to perform faster than Yamaha rider Jorge Lorenzo is just 0.005 seconds adrift. In position three, Ducati rider, Valentino Rossi is able to occupy the top three ahead of Dani Pedrosa, who had to settle down in fourth position.

While the other drivers are able to enter the top five co-Rossi on the Ducati, Nicky Hayden.

MotoGP Free Practice III Czech Republic:

1. Casey Stoner Honda 2m07.321s 13
2. Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha 2m07.326s 16 0005 +
3. Valentino Rossi 0122 Ducati 2m07.443s + 16
4. Dani Pedrosa Honda 2m07.652s 18 0331 +
5. Nicky Hayden Ducati 2m07.695s 17 0374 +
6. Hiroshi Aoyama Honda Gresini 2m07.743s 18 0422 +
7. Cal Crutchlow Tech 3 Yamaha 2m07.806s 15 0485 +
8. Andrea Dovizioso Honda 2m07.877s 17 0556 +
9. Marco Simoncelli Honda Gresini 2m07.944s 16 0623 +
10. Ben Spies to Yamaha 2m08.089s 17 0768 +
11. Karel Abraham Cardion AB 1139 18 + Ducati 2m08.460s
12. Colin Edwards Tech 3 Yamaha 2m08.516s 17 1195 +
13. Alvaro Bautista Suzuki 2m08.644s 17 1323 +
14. Loris Capirossi Ducati 2m08.881s Pramac 1560 + 17
15. Toni Elias LCR Honda 2m08.936s 17 1615 +
16. Randy de Puniet Pramac Ducati 2m08.985s 18 1664 +
17. Hector Barbera Aspar Ducati 2m10.046s 16 2725 +
18. John Hopkins Suzuki 2m13.479s 5 + 6158

Train thrown from Tracks in Poland

Yesterday, a passenger was lifeless and 40 others injured after a train thrown from the tracks in Poland. Train with 280 people that departed from Warsaw to Katowice, southern Poland.

Authorities reported that four people died after a train plunged about 2:15 GMT. However, a police commander named Adam Kolasa confirmed that the accident took a life. There was no further explanation on the discrepancy of the victims, quoted from the Al Jazeera website.

"Fortunately, the death toll was as much as we anticipated," Prime Minister Donald Tusk said.

The train had pulled out of the rail around the village of Baby, close to downtown Piotrkow Trybunalski. The locomotive and three carriages no longer dwell on the rails.

Kamil Tchorek expressed his hunch told Al Jazeera: "Presumably, the railway system that has been worn so the cause of the accident." He continued that many railways in the country who have to be updated. However, many of the funds disbursed by the European Union to Poland yet again be utilized.

"People choose to travel by train to the entire region because it is safer than using the highway," he said.

A passenger said the train speed is reduced before the accident and he suddenly felt a shock.

Buffalo HD-PNTU3 with USB 3.0

Recently Buffalo Technology, a provider of design and manufacture of storage networking solutions unveiled its newest product, the Buffalo Seri Ministation HD-PNTU3. This product uses USB 3.0 technology and Turbo Copy and Turbo PC.

Buffalo HD-PNTU3 offers high performance in a slim and lightweight with 3.5-inch size and 175 gr. With USB 3.0 support is also suitable fit with USB 2.0, transfer rate three times that of USB usual.

"With USB 3.0, data transfer rates three times more fast. If using a regular USB data transfer reached 30-40 minutes, with USB 3.0, just within a minute," said Hendry Oto, Product Specialist, PT. ECS Indo Jaya, Jakarta.

In addition to about the speed of data transfer, this product is equipped with 3 elements absorsing shock chassis, which is up chassis, HDD, and low chassis, which helps protect the user's hard drive from shock and impact. In one occasion, demonstrated how this product was slammed several times, but when connected to a PC, there is no problem of data loss or undetectable.

To protect data from unwanted access, this product is equipped with 256-bit AES Encryption Full Disk. Easily, in the menu Hardware Encryption to stay updated, and written in the desired password, your data can certainly be safe from the hands of ignorant. "Our experience, when the password is forgotten, the restore still will not be able, for it not to forget the password," added Henry.

Overall, Buffalo HD-PNTU3 with USB 3.0, Turbo PC, as well as Turbo Copy, offers to its devotees with 3 advantages of speed, Anti-shock, and Hardware Encryption. "The trend forward the hard drive it like this yes, hardware encryption and anti-shock," said Henry.

For Buffalo HD-PNTU3 warranty, PT. ECS Indo Jaya as the distributor provides after-sales service and 3 years. "Warranty 3 Year, full replacement, we replace its hardware," said Hendra.

Tribute Concert to Michael Jackson

Beauty singer Christina Aguilera confirmed as one of the filler concert tribute to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, at the Millennium Stadium, Wales, 8 October.

According to news agency Associated Press (AP), organizers of a concert entitled 'Michael Forever-The Tribute Concert' was announced, Christina Aguilera singer of 'Genie in a Bottle' will be present along with Michael's family, singer Cee Lo Green, Leona Lewis and the band Alien Ant Farm.

As is known, the tribute concert that was held by Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson, and the fourth brother - La Toya Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Jackie Jackson, Tito Jackson - is not supported by the two brothers Michael.

Jermaine and Randy Jackson said, they oppose the concert because the concert was held in conjunction with the trial accused of physicians who are involved in the death of Michael Jackson.

"While we wholeheartedly support the spirit held a tribute to our brother, we see it is impossible to support an event that is scheduled to take place during the criminal trial surrounding the death of Michael," said Jermaine and Randy in their joint statement, written in micro-blogging site Twitter.

Daniele de Rossi denied Join Manchester City

Daniele de Rossi
Daniele de Rossi

Fresh news of AS Roma midfielder Daniele de Rossi was touted to be joining Manchester City in the transfer market this summer. However, hearing the news Daniele de Rossi firmly denied this.

"Every day I read the information is incorrect or false, absurd story," said De Rossi told Sky Sport Italia.

Daniele De Rossi confirmed, the news that developed around him is just rumors. He hoped, the news was soon subside because it does not correspond to the truth.

"This situation is important, many people are waiting to see what the results and correct, I am really calm response," said Rossi.

Therefore, he ignored all the news that descend on him about his future. Daniele de Rossi just wanted to follow up if the news was really there.

"Do I like the manager Roberto Mancini? Ask me to him. I have talked to anyone or heard from anyone," said Rossi.

Previously, two months ago the news that developed in the mass media, 27-year-old player will be brought by the Citizens. In fact, Manchester City reportedly willing to pay for De Rossi's salary package of 7.9 pounds.

This figure is greater Rp53 billion from the salary received by Daniele De Rossi in Roma. However, Goal.com reported a smaller number which is equal to 5.3 pounds per year.

Michael Jackson children attend in the Launch of Artwork

Michael Jackson is King of Pop may have lifeless more than two years ago. However, Michael Jackson still lives in the memories of his children, Prince, 14, Paris, 13, and Blanket, 9. As quoted from page Dailymail, Jackson's three children attend with their grandmother, Katherine, and their aunt, LaToya in the launch of the artwork singer of 'Billie Jean' was in Los Angeles, earlier this week.

Works of art that has the signature and photograph Michael Jackson was donated to a children's hospital in Los Angeles. As for the artwork, including sketches of Mickey Mouse, crowns, and Peter Pan. In addition there is also a very famous moonwalk picture.

The artwork was donated by a friend of Michael Jackson, Brett Livingstone-Strong. "I think if Michael here, today, he would be happy," said Brett. "I believe his talent flow to be an exceptional artist. He used to dream of an exhibition," he said.

Jackson's children who have always appeared shrouded in public, the public face looks relaxed. Prince looks much more mature by wearing black clothes and sunglasses. While Paris was wearing a peach and white vest.

They also write personal messages in a sketch that made ​​his father. The youngest Blanket for example, writes, "The work of art and music my dad always makes people happy. I love you dad."

Lee Min Ho dating after filming Personal Taste

Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho

Latest news about Lee Min Ho with Yoona SNSD personnel, star of 'City Hunter' is rumored to have a lover. Women who for six months in a relationship with Min Ho is known status as a student. Who are these women?

As quoted from the Iilkan Sports, Lee Min Ho started dating a mystery woman after he finished filming the series 'Personal Taste' some time ago.

"After 'Personal Taste' I have free time. And one day, over lunch I met a girl who is not related to the entertainment industry. For some reason, I was very nervous," said Lee Min Ho as quoted from Ningin.com, Wednesday, August 10, 2011.

25-year-old man was admitted romance is done quietly and without the knowledge of artist management. However, the story is just a short walk. "We broke up because of personal differences," Min Ho said.

Responding to the reports, artist management, which overshadow Lee Min Ho denied. Artist management representative explained what is disclosed Lee Min Ho mere joke. "They did meet for a short time but they are not dating. During the interview Min Ho interpreted as a joke but the truth."

Riots in England still Continue

Riots in London and Tottenham, England, still continue to occur causing dozens of people injured. Reportedly, in the event, no citizen of Indonesia who have contributed to the victim or participating in riots.

It is delivered by the Information Section of Social and Cultural Embassy of the Republic Indonesia in London, Billy Wibisono, quoted from VIVAnews, Tuesday, August 9, 2011. He said the embassy has worked with the police and the UK hospital to monitor citizens.

"Thank God, until now there has been no reports of casualties," said Billy.

In addition to monitoring, Billy said the Embassy has also sent an appeal to the citizens of Indonesia who live in London. Appeal delivered through the London Embassy website, mailing lists residents, fuel and SMS.

"First we called for increased vigilance and avoid crowds. Second, we urge residents comply with applicable law and does not contribute to a riot," said Billy.

Billy says there are between 10000-11000 citizens across the United Kingdom. In areas prone now numbering tens of points, Billy said, few citizens in that place. Some citizens in Tottenham have also been evacuated to relatives or friends.

"The action was originally a protest against the shooting of Mark Duggan, now completely become a criminal act," Billy said.

The riots began on Saturday evening last week and continues until now. The riots that initially occurs only at Tottenham now spread to Liverpool and Birmingham, and even more widely reported. Dozens of business premises and vehicles were reported burned, hundreds of people arrested for alleged provocateurs.

Angelina Jolie began working behind the Camera

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

Beauty actress Angelina Jolie as known sexy lipped artist who has become movie player since child, admitted intending to stop acting. Angelina Jolie revealed that she and Brad Pitt want to gradually withdraw from the world that has raised her name is.

"When I and Brad Pitt grow older, we would be acting in fewer movies," said Angelina Jolie was quoted Hollyscoop.

According to her, Angelina Jolie and her husband have been doing this a long time and do not want to do this forever. "There are many things we do," Jolie said.

She also admitted that she did not like the movie business as they should. "I love being a mom," Angelina Jolie said.

If it does not become an actress, will switch where the artist famous for role as Lara Croft this?

Not a movie player, does not mean she was retreat from the world that has raised her name is. Angelina Jolie began working behind the camera. Jolie made ​​her debut as a director on the film 'In the Land of Blood and Honey'. Angelina Jolie said she learned from her own experience with the directors who ever worked with.

"I think I've learned a lot from them all, even the I do not like though," said Jolie.

A source also revealed that not only tired of acting, she was also tired of seeing Brad Pitt acting. No wonder indeed, the family could not help but be left at their homes, while Brad Pitt has to work.

In fact, Angelina Jolie often brings with it six children to accompany Brad Pitt to work during the filming of World War Z in Malta.

"She does not like being at home when Brad Pitt went for a long time filming made ​​make Angelina Jolie and their children without the many things they can do," the source said.

Hugo Chavez returned to Treatment of Cancer

Hugo Chavez
Hugo Chavez

President Hugo Chavez, should be returned to Cuba to resume treatment of cancer. This information is presented by Venezuelan media on Sunday, August 7, 2011. This again raises doubts whether Hugo Chavez could continue his leadership in Venezuela.

Based on information reported by the news station CNN on August 7, 2011, the second session of chemotherapy Chavez begins on Sunday. Upon arrival at the airport in Havana on Saturday midnight, Hugo Chavez met by Cuban President Raul Castro.

The members of the Venezuelan parliament held an important meeting session on Saturday to discuss the way the president is expected to last for several days. This information is obtained from the website of the National Assembly.

In June, Hugo Chavez announced that doctors in Cuba has managed to dispose of dangerous tumors from his body. However, he did not specify the type of cancer. Hugo Chavez, who now appear bald returned to Venezuela last month after a week undergoing treatment in Cuba.

This cancer is triggered questions about the possibility of his candidacy back in 2012 Venezuela presidential election. But Hugo Chavez said that he was trying to achieve greatness, and that the treatment goes smoothly.

Speaking to supporters in Caracas before traveling to Cuba, Hugo Chavez stated that he is ready to undergo the treatment again. "I went in a healthy state, and the second session of chemotherapy is my situation will be even better," he said, as quoted by the BBC page.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh left the Hospital

Ali Abdullah Saleh
Ali Abdullah Saleh

President Ali Abdullah Saleh, finally out of hospital after being treated for a long time since severely injured in the attack in his palace last June. However, Ali Abdullah Saleh will still continue the healing process in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, so it could not be immediately returned to Yemen.

"President Ali Abdullah Saleh has left the hospital to undergo a recovery process that accommodated the Saudi government for a few days," said Abdul Hafid Al-Nihari from Yemen's ruling party, the operator, such as Xinhua News Agency, August 7, 2011.

Al-Nihari not mention exactly when President Ali Abdullah Saleh returns to Yemen. He only mentioned that the government of his country is currently run by interim president Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

"Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Mujawar and other officials who were also injured in the bombing along with the president last June has also left the hospital. They will be staying while in Riyadh for the recovery," continued Al-Nihari. "Spokesman Yahya al-Raiee parliament and other officials will also leave the hospital soon."

He said the investigation into the attempted murder in a mosque in Yemen's presidential palace is still ongoing. The ruling party will announce the results of the investigation to the public.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh and 87 top officials rushed to a hospital in Riyadh a day after a incident that killed 12 presidential guards and a government official. When the attack occurred, the president and officials are conducting Friday prayers.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh had faced a seven-month wave of protests that demanded an immediate end to the leadership that has been running for 33 years. But he said it would return to lead to a national peace dialogue with the opposition.

Clashes between Mass with Police in London

Some riots between the mass with the police in Tottenham, north London, on Saturday night, August 7, 2011. Resulted in violent clashes that led to the burned two police cars and damaged several buildings around the area.

Quoted from page Associated Press Sunday, August 8, 2011, riots occurred right in front of Tottenham police station. In addition to two police cars, mass burn bus and destroy the glass buildings in the area.

Reportedly, as many as 100 policemen and riot troops overwhelmed by the approximately 500 people angry. Mass threw stones at police and Molotov. Mass also reported looting in some shops in the area.

The young men who wear facial coverings are also destroying the Barclay bank window and fired several rounds at police. There are no reports of injured in the clashes yesterday.

"It's terrible. There were two police cars were burned, I felt insecure," said one eyewitness, David Akinsanya, 46.

The unrest was triggered by the death of a resident, Mark Duggan, 29, allegedly a member of the gangster, after engaging in a shootout with police last Thursday. The masses who are mostly friends Duggan angry and attacked the police station.

For capturing and burning spirit of the masses, friends and family of Duggan's messages on their Twitter page. A photo of burning police cars have reportedly re-tweet more than a hundred times.

"It all comes down and attacked 50 policemen in Tottenham. I hope one of the policemen have died," wrote someone with the name of Classic Frank on Twitter, reported by the Daily Mail.

Tottenham, a city with nearly half its citizens live below the poverty line make this city one of the most vulnerable across the United Kingdom. Worst riots occurred in 1985 in settlement Broadwater Farm, Tottenham. A policeman was killed at the time, and more than 60 officers were injured.