Hugo Chavez returned to Treatment of Cancer

Hugo Chavez
Hugo Chavez

President Hugo Chavez, should be returned to Cuba to resume treatment of cancer. This information is presented by Venezuelan media on Sunday, August 7, 2011. This again raises doubts whether Hugo Chavez could continue his leadership in Venezuela.

Based on information reported by the news station CNN on August 7, 2011, the second session of chemotherapy Chavez begins on Sunday. Upon arrival at the airport in Havana on Saturday midnight, Hugo Chavez met by Cuban President Raul Castro.

The members of the Venezuelan parliament held an important meeting session on Saturday to discuss the way the president is expected to last for several days. This information is obtained from the website of the National Assembly.

In June, Hugo Chavez announced that doctors in Cuba has managed to dispose of dangerous tumors from his body. However, he did not specify the type of cancer. Hugo Chavez, who now appear bald returned to Venezuela last month after a week undergoing treatment in Cuba.

This cancer is triggered questions about the possibility of his candidacy back in 2012 Venezuela presidential election. But Hugo Chavez said that he was trying to achieve greatness, and that the treatment goes smoothly.

Speaking to supporters in Caracas before traveling to Cuba, Hugo Chavez stated that he is ready to undergo the treatment again. "I went in a healthy state, and the second session of chemotherapy is my situation will be even better," he said, as quoted by the BBC page.