Libyan citizens in Abroad claim Rejoice to overthrow Gaddafi regime

The entry of rebel forces into Tripoli, Libya, inviting reactions the Libyan people in abroad. Most of them claim to rejoice in the efforts to overthrow Gaddafi regime.

As happened in the Libyan citizens in Ottawa, Canada. Quoted from page Ottawa Citizen, Monday, August 22, 2011, the Libyan expatriates gathered at the Parliament building of Canada at 23:00 local time, waving a big red flag, black, green and white became the color of the rebel forces.

"I many times feel the emotional changes of very excited to be so scared, then excited again. I really do not know the details of events there," said Enas Misellati, one of the Libyans are also drawn to the joy. Family of 25-year-old woman is entirely in Tripoli.

New Misellati get news about the details of the incident from his uncle. "He said everyone took to the streets and rejoice. No fear, Khadafi troops had left the city," he said.

This woman felt the need to thank Canadians who have helped take intervention action.

"Canada has been kind enough to listen to all of our complaints. They want to shut down the Libyan Embassy and help through NATO. So it is important to thank this country. Thank you Canada!"

In the United Kingdom, Libyan citizens filled the streets of London, especially in the Edgware Road which is the 'Arab village'. Reporting from the Daily Mail, they felt the day that the rebels control of Tripoli is a very emotional day.

"My father was shaking and crying happy, do not think this is finally happening. We've talked with family in Libya and are usually never able to poke fun at Gaddafi. However, to hear their cries, I knew we were really free," said Ahmad Hmeid , Libyans who live in Britain.

Together with other Libyans, he helped raise the flag of the rebel forces with distinctive colors.

The father, Mehdi Hmeid, who had also moved from Tripoli said, "We live as slaves Gaddafi for 42 years and now we are free. Previously our society has a compact, but this event makes us even more compact."