Train thrown from Tracks in Poland

Yesterday, a passenger was lifeless and 40 others injured after a train thrown from the tracks in Poland. Train with 280 people that departed from Warsaw to Katowice, southern Poland.

Authorities reported that four people died after a train plunged about 2:15 GMT. However, a police commander named Adam Kolasa confirmed that the accident took a life. There was no further explanation on the discrepancy of the victims, quoted from the Al Jazeera website.

"Fortunately, the death toll was as much as we anticipated," Prime Minister Donald Tusk said.

The train had pulled out of the rail around the village of Baby, close to downtown Piotrkow Trybunalski. The locomotive and three carriages no longer dwell on the rails.

Kamil Tchorek expressed his hunch told Al Jazeera: "Presumably, the railway system that has been worn so the cause of the accident." He continued that many railways in the country who have to be updated. However, many of the funds disbursed by the European Union to Poland yet again be utilized.

"People choose to travel by train to the entire region because it is safer than using the highway," he said.

A passenger said the train speed is reduced before the accident and he suddenly felt a shock.