Hosni Mubarak said Not Guilty

Hoesni Mubarak former Egypt president, has denied all accusations addressed to him. He said he was not guilty and all charges on him are not true.

It is delivered Hosni Mubarak behind an iron cage in the courtroom the Police Academy in Cairo, Wednesday, August 3, 2011. Wear all-white clothing, Mubarak was lying helpless on a hospital bed in front of hundreds of pairs of eyes.

"I deny all accusations. All they say is not true," said Husni Mubarak, quoted by the news station Al Jazeera.

While lying in bed, he looked 83 years can answer all questions and was well aware he was being prosecuted. Previously, doctors who deal in Sharm el-Sheik said Hosni Mubarak too weak to go on trial, but the judge still ordered him present.

"Yes, I am here," Hoesni Mubarak said when asked about the presence of judges. The tribunal was attended by about 600 people and broadcast live all over the country.

Court presiding judge, Ahmed Refaat, decided the court was postponed until 15 August. The agenda remains, proving the allegations of corruption and murder more than 800 demonstrators last February in Tahrir Square, Cairo.

Hosni Mubarak presence in court was his first appearance since resigned as president on 11 February. He's not alone. Two sons, Gamal and Alaa Mubarak also on trial for corruption.

In addition, former Interior Minister Habib el-Adly and six senior Egyptian police also charged with murder and attempted murder of anti-regime demonstrators. If found guilty of murder and corruption, Hosni Mubarak could be under sentence of lifeless.