Kapersky software in Mobile Phone Protection

After launching the internet software protection, Kaspersky will explore the software in mobile phone protection. Russia's antivirus manufacturers will release products Kaspersky Mobile Security (KMS).

Kaspersky was exploring it, seeing that the threat of malware is now up on the BlackBerry and Android.

"Malware's already well on the BlackBerry and Android," said Rio Yotto, IT Manager of PT Nusantara Key Technology, Main Distributor Kaspersky, after launch new products of Kaspersky in Jakarta, August 4, 2011. "To that end, Kaspersky will provide protection in mobile products," he said.

Rio said that the possibility of later Kaspersky Mobile Security will use technologies such as Cluod also used in the product Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Anti Virus 2012.

"It seems to lead to it, because the ease with which distributed data," said Rio. "With Cloud technology, the reputation of the software and information about the threat can be directly known by the user," he said.

Cloud, said the Rio, will provide information about current threats that can be directly known by the user because of the centralized in Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) and distributed to all users.

Currently, Rio said, the actual mobile protection products already exist, but in Asia has not been officially launched. "While waiting for the launch of the product in Indonesia, the user can look through it on the Kaspersky website. Please download and try it, "he said.