Brad Pitt stop Smoking for Children

Brad Pitt smoke
Brad Pitt smoke

This time Brad Pitt trying to set a good example to his children. He was even willing to stop smoking, for the sake of the kids not to imitate healthy behavior.

Brad Pitt is now establishing themselves to stop smoking after he was caught smoking cigarettes by two daughters Zahara, 6, and Shiloh, 5. Hollywood celebrity this feels guilty at being caught smoking while in the garden at his rented home in Budapest.

"They followed Pitt out and saw Brad Pitt smoke. They do not believe it, his father always said that smoking is bad for health," said a source at the Sun newspaper, as quoted by Female First.

Brad Pitt smoking
Brad Pitt smoking

Brad Pitt was admitted when he was young he used to enjoy smoking. But he has long abandoned the bad habits in order to be a responsible parent. For the sake of the child and his wife, Pitt also had undergone hypnotherapy sessions and take the nicotine lollipops and try to resist that desire.

The American actor was recently admitted, he always makes the kids and their families as a priority. Although children often do mischief, Brad Pitt felt very happy and love with the six children.

"We are a normal family, complete a mother and father, and children who are unruly. The children are fantastic and they often do the funniest things I've ever seen".

"But the most important for us is to make sure I carve out time and Jolie always for them. So I guess the only thing I can say is that a father is my first assignment. Families become a top priority and new jobs into the next priority". Brad Pitt explained.

Behind movie Titanic 3D versions

Titanic 3D
Titanic 3D

I believe you ever watch Titanic movie. The love story between Jack Dawson played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and Rose DeWitt Bukater played by Kate Winslet will be re-aired in theaters. This time, Titanic movie in 3D format.

James Cameron is an initiative to bring back the very popular movie in 1997 into a 3D format. With the help of Oscar-winning director, Jon Landau, they try to change the original film format 2D into 3D version under Paramount production houses in Los Angeles.

"There are many films that were brought back to the movies because there are several generations who have not seen the film at all," said Cameron, quoted from Aceshowbiz.

Not just because of that reason, James Cameron also felt very amazed with the development of film technology industries. "I think this is very spectacular. If I have a 3D camera at that time and the theaters was able to show 3D movies, I will definitely make the Titanic with the 3D format."

But unfortunately, the Titanic as a whole will not be made in the 3D version because this movie is not intentionally created by making a 3D movie. There are some scenes that will be converted into 3D, like, the scene where Jack and Rose met in the grand staircase, dancing on the deck, and the romantic scenes are phenomenal at the bow of the ship, and not behind the scenes when the ship struck an iceberg in the northwest Atlantic Ocean .

Titanic 3D versions cost up to $ 18 million USD to reproduce movies and hire 300 artists with a target completion at week 60. The plan, Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox will re-releasing the film on April 6, 2012, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the RMS Titanic's inaugural voyage on April 10, 1912.

Best Way to Promote

Having a great company can not be separated from the previous events what have already happened for years ago. Big companies need long process to reach that rank whereas the companies itself will face so many actions whether it is a benefit for them or it makes them down. In a company, there will certain that is so special in it and it can be the main product of the company itself, so it is needed to do certain promotion or it can be said as the more promotion to make the products of the company well known at least many people and all over the world.

There is an efficient way for people who want to promote their companies to other people that is using pen because pen is multi-functional thing for people. People always use it to write the important information that they get and they cannot keep it in their mind for long time, so they write it in the paper. But now, it is developed into the promotional notepads that can be the complement of the pen when a company wants to make promotion about their company and they can put their name on it.

Easy to be made and cheap cost, that can be got from pen as the best way for people o promote their companies to the public people.

Demi Moore emotions to Photographer

Demi Moore emotions
Demi Moore emotions

When heard news of the affair Ashton Kutcher, make Demi Moore weight loss. Now American celebrity Demi Moore reportedly more depressed returned with the news media that publish her personal problems too. Even this made ​​her furious and could no longer restrain emotions.

Demi Moore heightened emotions because a photographer X-17 has recently accused the ex-wife of Bruce Willis is doing the attack and saying dirty words are not proper to say to the photographer. At that time, Demi Moore was leaving the nail beauty salon in West Hollywood.

According to eyewitnesses, Demi Moore looks pissed off because a paparazzi forced perpetuate Moore's activities with his camera. A witness also said, when it is, Moore could get rough treatment. Demi Moore encouraged so that she could not run from the pursuing paparazzi.

Demi Moore weight loss
Demi Moore weight loss

Because upset, Demi Moore finally issued harsh words on the papparazi.

"He jumped in front of Moore, pushing his body and his camera blocking Demi Moore to get into the car," said the eyewitness, quoted Acceshowbiz.

Because harsh words expressed by Demi Moore, X17 site reports that actress Demi Moore has condemned a photographer when out of the Jessica Nail Clinic in West Hollywood. In news that is written in the site was also explained that Demi Moore shouting obscenities and pushed the camera.

A photographer who was disappointed not to get a picture Demi Moore also quotes a statement that came out of his mouth, he says, "Moore crazy! I stood on the sidewalk, trying to get a picture and she's really angry. She tried to jump at me and dropped my camera. "

Jennifer Lopez would cover love affair

Jennifer Lopez love
Jennifer Lopez love
Jennifer Lopez career as woman singer and America actress went smoothly. But not so with the her love. This beautiful celebrity experienced many failures in life romance with a man who also celebrity.

Departing from her experience, the J Lo said it would cover love affair from the public range.

This decision she took after Jennifer Lopez divorce from her husband Marc Anthony at the beginning of the year. Now, spread the news J Lo in a relationship with the star of 'The Hangover' Bradley Cooper.

Jennifer Lopez actress
Jennifer Lopez actress

Jennifer Lopez, who previously engaged to actor Ben Affleck, a date with rapper Sean 'Diddy' Combs and actor Chris Judd, said she would keep her private life from public scrutiny and curiosity. She hopes so, she can maintain the success of the relationship.

Told Glamour magazine, the star known as J-Lo says, "I think I gained a valuable lesson after all. You must love yourself before you try loving other people," she said.

Jennifer Lopez added, "If you want to know someone more closely, stay away from public view. Sometimes they want to do everything in a hurry."

Jennifer Lopez a mother of twins is stated, one must respect themselves so it is worth having a healthy relationship.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart valid as Married Couple

robert pattinson and kristen stewart
robert pattinson and kristen stewart
Famous celebrity Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were lovers who also plays the couple character in the sequel to the movie 'Twilight'. In Breaking Dawn-Part 1, the two engaged in a wedding scene.

Robert Pattinson revealed, they might have been valid as a married couple. Therefore, the priest who married them in the film is a real pastor.

"Wedding scene was funny, because the preacher is really a priest. So, technically we're married because he did all the things you would do in a marriage generally," he said as quoted by U.S. Weekly.

Pattinson added, "We did not have a marriage that is recorded in a civil ceremony, but I think the church we were really married," he said.

 Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart married
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart married
Robert Pattinson said, both he and Kristen feeling romantic couple scenes difficult. Not only them, the crew felt the same.

"The scene is very costly, because it must describe the softness and sentimental. It's not a scene from the novel so everyone nervous about doing it."

Justin Timberlake captivated to the charm Pippa Middleton

charm Pippa Middleton
charm Pippa Middleton

British woman charm Pippa Middleton has attracted Hollywood celebrities, Justin Timberlake. Timberlake, who had affair with actress, Cameron Diaz was admitted in an interview in a magazine.

Quoted from page Aceshowbiz, Justin Timberlake said that he is a fan of Pippa. "We, the American man is a fan of Pippa Middleton," says the singer of 'Cry Me a River' is.

In addition captivated to the charm Pippa Middleton, Justin Timberlake also admired figure sister Pippa, namely Kate Middleton. "We are very fond of Middleton," he said.

Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake
Pippa Middleton was highlighted as a bridesmaid of honor her sister, Kate. Pippa figure who wore a white dress designs instantly seized the attention of Sarah Burton. Pippa rated sexy body.

Since then, news about Pippa Middleton always decorate the headlines in the world of entertainment media. Not only that, many women all over the world want to have a slim body as Pippa.

Justin Bieber took Kanye West in Bieber New Album 'Believe'

Justin Bieber believe
Justin Bieber believe
After success with the first album 'My World 2.0', Canadian teen singer, Justin Bieber, will again kicked off the world music industry by launching the new album in 2012. On Bieber new album, titled 'Believe' is, Justin Bieber took two renowned musicians from the United States and Canada.

As quoted from page Aceshowbiz, the two musicians are Kanye West and Drake. "I worked with a lot of cool people. I worked with Kanye West. Drake (too) will work on the album with me," Justin Bieber said.

Statement Selena Gomez boyfriend was dismissed rumors that mention that the 17-year-old singer was reluctant to cooperate with the Kanye West. Justin Bieber reportedly reluctant to cooperate with Kanye West because of fear it will damage the rapper's good image.

Justin Bieber and kanye west
Justin Bieber and kanye west
Meanwhile, singer Drake's name has long been associated with Justin Bieber because they both come from Canada. Both Justin Bieber and Drake are also often cast compliment each other and often say that they are very happy if one day could work together.

Although the album title was revealed to the public, but there has been no official announcement regarding the release date. Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, just revealed, the album 'Believe' will be out in the summer of 2012. On the other hand, Justin Bieber will launch a new Christmas album titled 'Under the Mistletoe' end of the year 2011.

Lindsay Lohan is ready to look sexy in Playboy for 1Million USD

Lindsay Lohan sexy
Lindsay Lohan sexy

Entertainment news about Lindsay Lohan is ready to look sexy in men's magazines, Playboy, it has long been widely heard. Reportedly, the artist is willing to pose exciting because it will be paid in a number of tantalizing. Lindsay Lohan reportedly offered $ 1 million USD.

But Lindsay Lohan and Playboy photo shoot concept has not been willing to tell. At that time, Lohan reportedly not willing to appear sexyness in Hugh Hefner's magazine.

In 2005, strongly star of 'Mean Girls' was declared not willing to accept the offer to appear no clothes. "You will not see me do a scene with no clothes," says Lindsay Lohan told Access Hollywood, as quoted from Zimbio, Thursday, October 27, 2011.

Lindsay Lohan photos
Lindsay Lohan photos

According to Lohan when it is, poses sexy will break the chances of getting an Academy Award. Lindsay Lohan was always ambitious to become an Oscar-winning actress.

However, now the latest rumors are shocking: 25-year-old artist's ready to perform open-aperture in frontal pose. Lindsay Lohan and Playboy has signed an agreement including the price according to demand Lohan photo shoot.

Satisfied with the fee that would be received, Lindsay Lohan is now ready to perform exciting for Playboy magazine, without a stitch on anything inherent in the body.

This decision is not too surprising many people. Lindsay Lohan's life has changed drastically since the last few years. She often throw tantrums and get drunk that often makes dealing with law enforcement agencies.

Robert Pattinson auction the Latest Movie Twilight Saga

Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson
Twilight actor Robert Pattinson has set up a plan to auction off the show the latest movie 'Twilight Saga'. The results of the auction will he submit for charitable purposes.

Starring Edward Cullen was immediately opened the bidding for the chance to watch premiere of 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' part one, in Los Angeles, 17 November 2011.

As quoted by Showbiz Spy, this special show was held a day before the official schedule of the film's premiere.

Robert Pattinson said that the money collected will be submitted to the GO Campaign, a guerrilla movement that is raising funds to build permanent houses for PAGE, educational organizations that focus on helping young girls in Cambodia.

soul Social
Concern Robert Pattinson against social institutions seems quite large. Last year, a crazy cult star many women, it also held a similar event to raise funds to reach U.S. $ 80 thousand.

Robert Pattinson twilight saga
Robert Pattinson twilight saga
With his popularity, he was often involved working with a charitable foundation to do fundraising. November last year, he allowed himself to 'sold' to the fans of $ 30 thousand USD through the auction site

Not only can perch on the arms of Robert Pattinson, the winning bidder also gets a chance to spend the day on the set of 'The Twillight Saga: Breaking Dawn' in Vancouver with the idol.

Exclusive auction package that includes the facility to stay for two nights at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver and shuttle service with VIP limousine for two days. Bonus, meet with other Twillight stars like Taylor Lauther, Dakota Fanning, and lover Pattinson, Kristen Stewart.

Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez hide their pregnancy

Jessica Simpson pregnancy
Jessica Simpson pregnancy
Hollywood celebrities life is interesting to heard, especially their personal lives. Reporting on celebrity life has become an expensive commodity. So anything done by famous celebrity will always have a sale value.

Things like that, make some Hollywood celebrity feel uncomfortable. They chose to seal away from the media. Includes about their pregnancy. Various reasons for the consideration of this celebrities to hide their pregnancies.

Jessica Simpson
Indeed pregnancy Jessica Simpson is still confusing. However, the more days, abdominal actress and singer continues to grow. And she could no longer hide the belly.

However, Jessica Simpson was not interested in making a confession about her pregnancy. Reportedly, Jessica was deliberately secretive about her pregnancy because she intends to sell her pregnancy news with an expensive price.

Jessica Simpson is rumored to be forthright about the pregnancy if it paid $ 500 thousand USD. Unfortunately, value is considered too expensive. And unfortunately, there's nothing the media who wish to pay. Jessica's popularity continues to fall into one of the reasons the media is not interested to pay a costly matter.

Jennifer Lopez pregnancy
Jennifer Lopez pregnancy
Jennifer Lopez
Early in pregnancy Jennifer Lopez did not want to tell the happy news. She was very secretive about her pregnancy. However, Lopez's ex-husband, Chris Judd dismantle the secret.

Chris Judd who announced the pregnancy Jennifer Lopez. Judd claimed Lopez is very happy and hope the pregnancy. Of course, it then becomes excited. Since it is not Lopez or Marc Anthony to announce about the pregnancy but her ex-husband.

Same with other celebrities, Pink is also not willing to share her pregnancy news to the public. The singer's pregnancy began to smell the media when the presenter Jillian Barberie Reynolds reveals pregnancy Pink via Twitter account. "Hey, Pink, I am very happy for your girl! Congratulations on your baby!

Reynolds acknowledged the pregnancy from husband the singer Pink. And after that, Pink then make a confession that she was pregnant.

Angelina Jolie and Mariah Carey hide their Pregnancy

Angelina Jolie pregnancy
Angelina Jolie pregnancy
The fact pregnancy is a happiness for the couple who missed having a baby. However, some of the celebrities reacts differently about their pregnancy. Some of Hollywood celebrity actually choose to hide the pregnancy.

Hollywood celebrity life never deserted from the news, especially their personal lives. Reporting on celebrity life has become an expensive commodity on United States. So whatever was done by American celebrities will always have a sale value and charm.

Seeing things like that, make some celebrities feel uncomfortable. They chose to seal away from the media. Includes about their pregnancy. A number of celebrity women choose to cover meetings of the public about their pregnancies. Various reasons for the consideration of this celebrities to hide their pregnancies.

Angelina Jolie
It is undeniable, romance Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are always interesting to observe. They became one of the couple who has always been the target media. And that's what happens when heard the news of Angelina Jolie are pregnant. Rumors began to emerge in 2008.

Direct media machination to find out the truth of the news. However, Angelina Jolie chose to silence a thousand languages. The public and the media more curious when Jolie wore big clothes when attending events intersect the SAG Awards.

However, Angelina Jolie could not linger to save her pregnancy. Her stomach continued to swell. And when promoting the movie Kung Fu Panda with Jack Black, the actress finally gave up. She revealed her pregnancy. Jolie told she was pregnant with twins.

Mariah Carey pregnancy
Mariah Carey pregnancy
Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey is so careful about her first pregnancy. She sealed the matter of her pregnancy. One of the world diva is trying hard to cover up her pregnancy from the public.

Various ways he did so a growing belly does not look as she gig. In fact, Mariah Carey was willing to wear high heels when pregnant so people are not suspicious of him.

However, Mariah Carey pregnancy began to leak when the actress Thandie Newton making a confession. He claimed to have a role in 'For Colored Girls' because Carey was pregnant. Mariah Carey gave birth to twins some time ago.

Lindsay Lohan pose on Playboy get paid $1 Million USD

Lindsay Lohan smoke
Lindsay Lohan smoke

American actress Lindsay Lohan back controversy. But now no longer dealing with courts and probation. More recently, Lohan 25 year old star willingly appeared no clothes on the cover of Playboy magazine.

Lindsay Lohan reportedly get paid nearly $ 1 million USD to pose sexy on the cover of Hugh Hefner's magazine. As quoted by page TMZ, Lindsay Lohan initially refused to appear no clothes because it is only offered for a fee of $ 750 thousand USD. She asked to Hefner, the pay rate should be close to a figure of $ 1 million USD.

Regarding the news, Lindsay Lohan and Playboy party spokesman could not confirm nor deny.

"I can not confirm nor deny at this time," spokeswoman Lindsay said in a statement. While the Playboy says, "We do not comment on rumors about who might and might not appear to magazines (Playboy). If there are changes, we will definitely tell."

This is not Lindsay's first time posing sexy. In 2008, the actress 'Mean Girls' also once posed no clothing to imitate the style of Marilyn Monroe on the cover of New York magazine spring issue, published on February 25, 2008.

Lindsay Lohan pose Marlyn Monroe
Lindsay Lohan pose Marlyn Monroe

Not only the style and the pose that made similar to Monroe's last photo shoot before she gone, Lindsay Lohan shooting for the magazine 'New York' is also performed by the veteran photographers who make pictures when it's Monroe, Bert Stern.

Bert Stern is a photographer who photographed Monroe at the Hotel Bel-Air California in 1962, six weeks before Monroe was found dead due to over dosage. The photos were made for the magazine 'Vogue' which would include interviews with Monroe.

Monroe Lindsay Lohan pose

When posing a la Monroe, Lindsay Lohan admitted feeling uncomfortable with appearing sexy plain.

Lindsay Lohan said, "I do not have to think long, working with Bert Stern who photographed Marilyn Monroe. This is truly an honor. I want to describe the appearance of truly living. I feel comfortable with it, the art and everything .."

Katy Perry unique way to celebrate a wedding anniversary

Katy Perry cycling
Katy Perry cycling

Yesterday, Hollywood couple Katy Perry and Russell Brand celebrates the first anniversary. Nothing fancy party that was held this celebrity couple. They have a unique way to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

After marriage, this Hollywood couple just past the honeymoon period for a moment. After that, they split up because more of each other's work. Katy Perry was busy with her world music tour schedule. While Russel Brand had to undergo filming some new movie.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, it did not reduce the couple's happiness and romance. Evidently, when the anniversary of their first wedding, Russel Brand looks fun cycling. He was not alone. Katy Perry accompanied her husband to ride it. The couple enjoys their cycling activities along the street in New York.

Russel Brand and Katy Perry
Russel Brand and Katy Perry

Katy Perry accidentally took off over the weekend in order to celebrate her wedding anniversary. After that, the Hollywood couple will have a short time for a vacation to Ireland. Later, Katy Perry will perform a concert in Belfast.

And Russel Brand will wait Katy Perry in Los Angeles. British actors and comedians that will make a special date at a restaurant in LA next week.

Katy Perry and Russel Brand were married on October 23, 2010 and then with a Hindu ceremony in India. The place was chosen because in India Russel Brand proposed to the singer 'Last Friday Night'.

Justin Bieber hire Studion Cinema for Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Famous singer from Canada, Justin Bieber incessant fire of jealousy thousands of fanatical fans. Like emphasized taste and choice, he continued indulgence in relationship with his ​​lover, Selena Gomez.

Like last weekend, Justin Bieber desperate to hire a studio cinema for a special date with Selena Gomez. In one of the theater space SilverCity Polo Park, Winnipeg, Canada, which has been empty, he took the idol of the heart to watch the latest movies Hugh Jackman 'Real Steel'.

Romanticism special date make it increasingly jealous after a pizza pan warm the atmosphere is present. "They (Bieber and Gomez) requested that all privacy maintained during the movie is playing, and both are very grateful for before leaving the cinema," said an officer of cinema, as reported by Showbiz Spy.

Bieber and Gomez
Bieber and Gomez

In the midst of busy life, Justin Bieber seems to always take the time to create the quality of relationship with Selena Gomez. Shortly after watching the movie, they were also seen enjoying the vacation while playing ice hockey. They were wrapped in silk screening t-shirts with the name of both twins are exchanged.

Renting a public performance space for a romantic date this is not just done Justin Bieber. Last September, he also asked the manager to take care of emptying permission Staples Centre with a capacity of 20 thousand seats for watching the movie 'Titanic' with Selena Gomez.

Jerry Yan and Chi Ling re-establish love?

Jerry Yan
Jerry Yan

The relationship Jerry Yan and Lin Chi Ling has been broken since some time ago, but their name was still often associated with one another. Taiwan public to believe the two people that ever love each other will again establish love.

The fans sure, Jerry Yan and Chi Ling still harbored feelings of love in their hearts. So that their beliefs are very large if the two stars will be back to being lovers.

Moreover, many of which provide input to the Chi Ling to return to the embrace of 'Mr. Right'. Is Kevin Tsai, Chi Ling's best friend. Kevin suggested that beautiful model to re-establish love with someone who really loves.

"Time can change a person. If you fall in love before, several years later you still care about the other party (former boyfriend). Maybe he will give a different feeling," Kevin said as quoted by MayDaily, Monday, October 24, 2011.

Chi Ling
Chi Ling

Kevin did not give a clear whom "Mr. Right 'in question. However, the public has been assessed, the man in question is Jerry Yan. The news about the return of Jerry into the arms of a famous model in Taiwan were more widely heard.

Moreover, Chi Ling also revealed she had no problem if have to re-establish in love with ex-boyfriend.

So also with Jerry Yan. Actor known for his role as the Tao Ming Tse in the series 'Meteor Garden' also admitted that he had made a mistake so that romance has to end.

Jerry Yan felt guilty for having wasted and dumped the model. He regretted his boyish far. And he promised to change the nature and behavior.

Not only that, Jerry Yan also had to leave the cake in a Kevin apartment that no other friend Chi Ling. Jerry Yan is know, Kevin is the door for him to return to the heart Chi Ling. Many a judge, what do Jerry Yan is a smart move.

Ashton Kutcher reaction about his infidelity news in Media

Ashton Kutcher infidelity
Ashton Kutcher infidelity
Since one month ago, the story of Ashton Kutcher's infidelity with a woman named Sara Leal has not subsided as well. Reporting on it was still crowded discussed in U.S. media. Kutcher had to choose silence, finally started to react.

Ashton Kutcher
felt cornered the media for a variety of bad news about him. In a video, Demi Moore's husband is spoke. Kutcher did not discuss the affair, but a matter of local entertainment media lunge. He views the media as a bad and full of lies.

Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher
"I just want to open a small dialog with honesty, and in truth. Status of truth as it pertains to literature and the media. When the structure of the printing costs decline, the level of honesty of literature began to decline," Ashton Kutcher said in the video as quoted from Hollyscoop, Monday, October 24, 2011 .

Media incessant preaching about Kutcher's infidelity, it seems unacceptable that male. He shows his anger over the video.

"I started thinking about it in relation to media and social media today, where the threshold for actually have literature printed and distributed is zero dollars. Thus there is no gatekeeper for the truth," Kutcher said again.

Ashton Kutcher affair
Ashton Kutcher affair
Since infidelity Kutcher with Sara Leal revealed in the media, Ashton Kutcher was never responded at all. Indeed, Leal, which expose all the actress infidelity stretcher in the media.

Sara Leal outspoken about her relationship with Ashton Kutcher in a five-star hotel in San Diego on 23 September.

Marco Simoncelli figure in the Team

Marco Simoncelli incident

Yesterday, tragic incident that claimed the lives of Marco Simoncelli still leaves a deep trauma for the manager, Carlo Pernat. Mentor Super Sic at Gresini Honda, admits sadly because their goals were not reached.

Marco Simoncelli last breath in the circuit where he began his career in the MotoGP class, namely Sepang in Malaysia MotoGP title on Sunday. Racers are identical to the hair lost control on the front tires, while trying to devour the corner 11 on the second lap.

Tragic, when dropped from the motor, the body mounts Simoncelli hit with Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi who was right behind her fight. As a result, 24 year old driver suffered serious injuries in the chest, neck and head as his helmet was released during the accident. Motorcycle riders with the number '58 'is any last breath at 16:56 pm local time, after it was receiving treatment at medical centers and hospitals.

Marco Simoncelli in Sepang
This is the second tragic incident after the Daijiro Kato in 2003, it also makes the whole world mourned. Parties to the San Carlo Honda Gresini and Marco Simoncelli families so the hardest hit by this incident. Simoncelli's mother could only weep, while his father tried to brave and calm the mother.

In the stronghold Gresini, Pernat very close to Simoncelli admits he still can not believe the incident. With a dreamy view, Pernat also share memories and dreams of both the past two seasons working with the drivers who are known to have this aggressive driving style.

"Marco Simoncelli is a jovial teenager, smiling. He is the type of person who liked all of his friends," said Pernat told a Simoncelli figure in the team, as quoted Yahoosports, Monday (24/10/2011).

"He has high expectations and dreams. He is a young man from the past, of family harmony that has always taught noble values," he continued as he states that Marco Simoncelli is a figure very close to her family.

"It is sad and makes us unable to speak what's what. Everyone is in mourning. Because he has the potential to be world champion one day," added Pernat.

Marco Simoncelli

"Marco Simoncelli has a strong desire to be at the top. From his heart of hearts, he has the desire to succeed, because he knew he could reach his dream," lid Pernat.

Kris reportedly left Kim Kardashian

Kris Humphries left Kim Krdashian
Kris Humphries left Kim Krdashian

Since married two months ago, the relationship Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries reportedly cracked. Not long ago, Kris Humphries looked out the hotel room in New York without Kim's side. He came out while bringing the goods in a box. When carrying out the box shown also that in the ring finger was no longer attached Kris wedding ring.

Kris reportedly left Kim Kardashian, after filming together for a show Kourtney & Kim Take New York this week, 20 October. Did they really split?

A source told Hollywood Life, Kris out of Kim's hotel room without his decisions not because they are separated. After filming finished, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were out of the hotel together. They both go to Kim's birthday party to a 31 in Vegas.

Kim Kardashian also denied, Kris Humphries had left. Kim also wrote something in the twitter account of how they were filming in New York. Thus, the release of Kris unaccompanied Kim, carrying a box, not because Kris will leave Kim.

"Can not believe We Are done w New York! 3 months went by so fast! Boxes everywhere in our hotel! All ready to go home! #BeenFunNY" writes Kim.

Some time ago, the news was pleasant about relationships Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are rife discussed. Many media reported their relationship had been completed. Others say they have separate beds.

Kim Kardasahian also attended the two events could be seen without the red carpet accompanied by her husband. Kris also had mentioned only married to Kim for the money. Moreover, this time Kris is no longer a member of the basketball club after marriage to Kim.

However, some time ago, when shooting at a restaurant in New York, October 18, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries had seen no talking to each other when the camera off. They even look like a stranger.

Baby room for Beyonce child

Beyonce pregnancy
Beyonce pregnancy

Although Beyonce pregnancy is still a controversy, Beyonce Knowless did not want to bother. As is known, many people doubt about the sexy singer is pregnant. In the midst of public doubt, Beyonce actually planning to make luxury rooms and majestic for prospective baby.

Beyonce and her husband will build a baby room with an area of ​​2,200 square meters in an apartment in New York City. They want the baby room was completed before the first child born in February.

Unfortunately, not all of her friends agree with the idea of ​​the couple Beyonce and Jay Z. They find it too much.

"Some people say 'you will feel afraid to leave the baby in a large room," the source quoted by Femalefirst, Friday, October 21, 2011.

Beyonce still do not care. She feels confident with her choice. She also said was ready to become a mother and undergo pregnancy.

"It will be fine. I am very happy. I'm not nervous because I knew what was happening at this time. I feel we have a baby at the right time," Beyonce said excitedly.

Kim Kardashian left Kris Humphries, they will Divorce?

Kim Kardashian left Kris Humphries
Kim Kardashian left Kris Humphries

Happiness of celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries at the beginning of their marriage, has now ended. The famous couple is still considered newlyweds no longer harmonious.

Kim Kardashian household who was just two months, was in the balance. The news circulating, Kim was not happy with her ​​marriage with Humphries. She wanted a break.

"I do not know if they've announced the breakup but they're done. They will get divorced," said the source.

Kim Kardashian left Humphries and chose to stay in a hotel in New York. Kim Kardashian avoids Humphries. Actress and socialite refused to meet her husband.

"They're not together anymore about a month. Kim settled in New York and stayed at the Hotel. Kris Humphries failed to meet with Kim," another source said.

Reality show star was rumored to have shut her heart from Humphries. When she travels, Kris Humphries no longer included in the list.

"Kim has made plans for 2012, including for vacation, there are no names Humphries," said another source.

Early rift households Kim Kardashian and Humphries started when she was worried her husband were married just because of money. Moreover, after officially became husband Kim, Humphries decided to quit as basketball athletes.

"Kim is very sad. They always fight," another source said as quoted by Life Style.

Kim felt sad that her dream to settle down and have children do not walk after her plans. She felt sorry for being so easy to decide immediately committed marriage with Kris Humphries.

"Kim Kardashian felt this would happen, she did not have much time to get to know Kris Humphries. She is very shy and now she felt trapped," said a different source.

Yoona and Won Bin was the most desirable Celebrity


Korean celebrity Won Bin and personnel SNSD, Yoona, was named the most desirable celebrity as a date in autumn. This was revealed in a poll held by one household care products company in South Korea.

As quoted from page allkpop, the poll followed by about 12,000 people. Opinion polls put Won Bin as the most desirable celebrity male netizens (Internet users) as the date they wish to take hold hands during the autumn. With a fairly high popularity in Korea, the film stars 'Taegukgi' is a success scored by 12 percent with the acquisition of 1402 votes.

In the second place there is an actor, presenter, singer, Lee Seung Gi, who won 11 percent (1360 votes), followed by So Ji Sub is 8 percent (908 votes).

In the female category, Yoona in ranks first as the most ideal woman flings with the percentage of 26 percent (3161 votes), followed by Kim Tae Hee with 7 percent (842 votes), then IU at 5 percent (546 votes).
won bin
won bin

Sara Leal had been pregnant with Ashton Kutcher?

sara leal pregnant
sara leal pregnant

Recently Ashton Kutcher affair, Sara Leal reportedly visiting a gynecologist. The arrival of Sara Leal to get checked and undergo a series of pregnancy tests. Is it true that Sara Leal had been pregnant with Ashton Kutcher?

Sara Leal undergo a pregnancy test because this blond woman feared she was pregnant. Because when dealing with Demi Moore's husband, she and Ashton Kutcher are not using security.

As quoted from the Examiner, after a pregnancy test, Sara Leal can be relieved because she was found not pregnant. She was very scared if her relationship with Kutcher will make it become a mother at a young age.

About her affair with Ashton Kutcher, Sara Leal has revealed all the details to the media. She started to tell from the initial introduction until their stay at a five-star hotel in San Diego.

Infidelity Kutcher and Leal made ​​his household with Demi Moore shaky. Their marriage is threatened divorce. Demi Moore has even met a lawyer to discuss divorce and property.

However, despite the news about their divorce was heating up, both Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore did not want to comment about their household.

David Fincher prefers Rooney Mara than Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson actress
Scarlett Johansson actress

Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson ever received the title as the sexiest woman. But the point is not to be ogled her more than any other Hollywood actress. Johansson did not appeal to director David Fincher.

David Fincher who will gush movie 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' choose another actress as the main star than Scarlett Johansson. He chose the actress, Rooney Mara to portray the character of Lisbeth Salander.

"Look, we have an amazing person. Scarlett Johansson is great. But, think about Johansson, people will not be able to wait to see her take off clothing," David Fincher said as quoted Xin.Msn, Tuesday, October 18, 2011.

David Fincher was finally explained why he prefers Rooney Mara than Scarlett Johansson.

Rooney Mara
Rooney Mara

Before meeting with Rooney Mara, Fincher pleaded not feel calm. Directed 'The Social Network' is worried he will not be able to find the right actress to play the main character in the film. Once the casting away of Mara he felt relieved.

"I've seen a lot of actresses. I want to start at which point I started thinking, maybe you are talking about people that conceptually there is no'," he said again. David Fincher believes Rooney Mara capable of playing the character Salander.

Animation Movie Cars 2 story

Cars 2 movie
Cars 2 movie

You know ... Movie 'Cars 2' opens with a scene interesting :) Espionage and chases the first treat in this animation movie. Pixar's animated film made ​​is then directed his story on Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson), the mainstay of Radiator Springs racing cars. After the match, Lightning McQueen returned to the area to rest.

The return of Lightning McQueen certainly received a warm welcome from his friends. No exception friend, Mater (Larry the Cable Guy), the tow truck full of rust.

Movie 'Cars 2' story revolving until Lightning McQueen must return to the racecourse. This time, McQueen had to deal with Francesco Bernoulli (John Turturro). While Mater, for an event, suddenly targeted by the enemy because they have become a spy.

Animation movie made by Pixar no doubt. The emergence of movie 'Cars 2' accidentally released on the 25th anniversary of Pixar. The film is feast for the eyes as well as ears. Especially for lovers of traveling since there are some exotic city to be a place to race McQueen.

Yes, this time as Lightning McQueen's adventure around the world to Japan, Italy, Paris, to London. Unfortunately, the text of the Cars 2 story no less prominent, perhaps not as strong as the other Pixar films such as the story of 'Toy Story'.

In addition to some hilarious dialogue, stories of friendships still exist in this film made ​​by John Lasseter. Make no mistake, despite all the characters in 'Cars 2' is the car, but through this film we will also learn to be more environmentally friendly. Maybe the movie Cars 2 is suitable for families as well as for you lovers of racing cars.

Why Jennifer Aniston crying?

crying Jennifer Aniston
crying Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston journey of love is not as smooth as her career in entertainment. In fact, she also had cornered with spicy sentences Brad Pitt, who admitted to not be happy while undergoing a household with Jennifer Aniston. She always looks tough and never appeared sad face.

Then, why is Jenni seen shed a tear while in Washington DC some time ago?

The pictures Jennifer Aniston was crying and trying to wipe away the tears widely circulated. In the photos it looks at all these women are so emotional and sad. Investigate a crying Aniston has nothing to do with her love story that always ends sadly.

As quoted by OK! Magazine, Jennifer Aniston was crying because she was moved by the experience of one of breast cancer patients in the fight against the disease. Jenni then hugged her and was very impressed with the stretcher.

Tears were dripping wet cheeks and Jennifer Aniston really had to make some people by surprise. Especially people who are close to this lover Justin Theroux.

"The flip side of her that he rarely showed that side of this is. But, what she show the tears really showed she was very concerned," said the source.

Still according to sources, during this time Jennifer Aniston was always trying to cover her grief in public. However, since the presence of Theroux in her life, Jenni undergone many changes. She began to express what he felt in public.

Victoria and David Beckham will leave Hollywood?

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham's popularity more shine when they decided to move from London to Los Angeles. Beckham played in one of the local football club while Victoria Posh developed a career as a designer.

Victoria and David Beckham
Victoria and David Beckham
Victoria and David Beckham succeeded in Hollywood. Not only that, this celebrity couple also entered the ranks of famous celebrities in Hollywood. They are good friends with the local actors and actresses.

However, it seems the couple will soon leave the glamorous life of Hollywood. Famous husband and wife who have had four children is planning to settle in France. Reportedly, David Beckham plans to end a football career at the club Paris St Germain.

For that, he had already hired a real estate agent to find a luxury apartment in France. According to information, Victoria Beckham wanted to buy a house in the prestigious and historic place in the Rive Gauche.

According to sources quoted from Showbizspy, Victoria Beckham was pleased with the atmosphere at the venue. She often came to Paris for a fashion show, and former Spice Girls were always visiting her favorite places.

Nintendo 3DS sales in United States

Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS

The fact Nintendo is a pioneer in the manufacture of portable game consoles. No wonder that until now sales are still higher than its closest competitor such as Sony.

Do you remember with the Game Boy that are still using 8-bit resolution? It is the first portable console Nintendo successful in the global marketplace. So do not be surprised if this time is the newest Nintendo DS as a console still dominate the market and become number one in the United States.

As quoted Ubergizmodo, Sunday (October 16, 2011), until now the Nintendo DS sales in the U.S. alone has reached 50 million units, which means it's outselling Sony's PlayStation 2 (PS2) console which is the mainstay of Sonny in the region and become the most successful console up to now.

According to NPD, since the initial launch of the Nintendo DS in 2004, around 273 million games have been sold on U.S. soil. This success will also be expected to occur on Nintendo's latest portable devices, the Nintendo 3DS. In fact, this device has experienced significant price cuts to boost sales higher.

Not only that, the release of Nintendo's Mario Kart and Super Mario Land 7 3D for Nintendo 3DS later this year will be a game killer that will help push forward in terms of console sales.

Hopefully the launch of two titles from Nintendo's latest game, including Mario Kart and Super Mario Land 7 3D able to push higher sales to the Nintendo 3DS.