Sara Leal had been pregnant with Ashton Kutcher?

sara leal pregnant
sara leal pregnant

Recently Ashton Kutcher affair, Sara Leal reportedly visiting a gynecologist. The arrival of Sara Leal to get checked and undergo a series of pregnancy tests. Is it true that Sara Leal had been pregnant with Ashton Kutcher?

Sara Leal undergo a pregnancy test because this blond woman feared she was pregnant. Because when dealing with Demi Moore's husband, she and Ashton Kutcher are not using security.

As quoted from the Examiner, after a pregnancy test, Sara Leal can be relieved because she was found not pregnant. She was very scared if her relationship with Kutcher will make it become a mother at a young age.

About her affair with Ashton Kutcher, Sara Leal has revealed all the details to the media. She started to tell from the initial introduction until their stay at a five-star hotel in San Diego.

Infidelity Kutcher and Leal made ​​his household with Demi Moore shaky. Their marriage is threatened divorce. Demi Moore has even met a lawyer to discuss divorce and property.

However, despite the news about their divorce was heating up, both Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore did not want to comment about their household.