Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez hide their pregnancy

Jessica Simpson pregnancy
Jessica Simpson pregnancy
Hollywood celebrities life is interesting to heard, especially their personal lives. Reporting on celebrity life has become an expensive commodity. So anything done by famous celebrity will always have a sale value.

Things like that, make some Hollywood celebrity feel uncomfortable. They chose to seal away from the media. Includes about their pregnancy. Various reasons for the consideration of this celebrities to hide their pregnancies.

Jessica Simpson
Indeed pregnancy Jessica Simpson is still confusing. However, the more days, abdominal actress and singer continues to grow. And she could no longer hide the belly.

However, Jessica Simpson was not interested in making a confession about her pregnancy. Reportedly, Jessica was deliberately secretive about her pregnancy because she intends to sell her pregnancy news with an expensive price.

Jessica Simpson is rumored to be forthright about the pregnancy if it paid $ 500 thousand USD. Unfortunately, value is considered too expensive. And unfortunately, there's nothing the media who wish to pay. Jessica's popularity continues to fall into one of the reasons the media is not interested to pay a costly matter.

Jennifer Lopez pregnancy
Jennifer Lopez pregnancy
Jennifer Lopez
Early in pregnancy Jennifer Lopez did not want to tell the happy news. She was very secretive about her pregnancy. However, Lopez's ex-husband, Chris Judd dismantle the secret.

Chris Judd who announced the pregnancy Jennifer Lopez. Judd claimed Lopez is very happy and hope the pregnancy. Of course, it then becomes excited. Since it is not Lopez or Marc Anthony to announce about the pregnancy but her ex-husband.

Same with other celebrities, Pink is also not willing to share her pregnancy news to the public. The singer's pregnancy began to smell the media when the presenter Jillian Barberie Reynolds reveals pregnancy Pink via Twitter account. "Hey, Pink, I am very happy for your girl! Congratulations on your baby!

Reynolds acknowledged the pregnancy from husband the singer Pink. And after that, Pink then make a confession that she was pregnant.