Rihanna body appears in Man Magazine

American singer Rihanna is being happy to look sexy. Wherever she is, Rihanna is always showing off beautiful body. And most recently, the Rihanna body appears sexy in Esquire magazine.

Rihanna body
Rihanna body
The body singer of 'Umbrella' adorn the pages of particular man's magazine. Rihanna looks confident posing sexy. She sat on the floor without wearing any clothes. Her hair was loose.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, in the magazine, Rihanna also discussed romance with Chris Brown. Rihanna admits that she was no longer angry with his ex-boyfriend to save it. She has forgotten all the events that made ​​Brown's persecution against her two years ago. All are past for Rihanna.

In fact, she praised and pleased that Chris Brown return to success in his musical career after being tarnished because of the violence committed against Rihanna.

"I'm too excited to see he had a breakthrough in his career," said Rihanna.