Westlife Concert action in Jakarta

westlife concert
westlife concert

Yesterday Westlife concert in Jakarta was colored personnel Westlife strike. Shane, Mark, Kian and Nicky did not want to sing if the audience did not obey the committee. After a quiet, Westlife boyband return to the stage.

Westlife boyband continue their concert with the song 'My Love'. After that, Westlife singing the song 'Seasons in the Sun'. However, this concert was not complete, because of strike action Westlife, there are five songs that are not so brought the Irish boyband. The fifth song is "Beautiful Tonight", 'Viva la Vida', Only Girl in the World', 'Time of My Life', and 'Bad Romance'.

Should the fifth song was sung by Westlife before bringing 'Season in the Sun'. Nevertheless, spectators stay entertained and satisfied with the action stage Mark and his friends.

Moreover, after that, Westlife boyband continue to sing three songs in a row, 'You Raise Me Up', 'I Will Reach', and 'Flying Without Wings'.

After the song, Westlife leave the stage. Which was originally brightly lit stage went dark.

About 10 minutes there was no activity on stage. The audience fidgeted. They thought the concert was over. They called out for Westlife to sing again. And shortly afterwards, with different costumes, Westlife return to the stage. They were stomping through the song 'What About Now'.

Westlife audience more pleased when the song rhythmically upbeat 'Uptown Girl'. This song is one of the songs of the most eagerly awaited audience. So hear the music, the audience screamed hysterically. Shouts the audience to make Westlife boyband getting excited. The four personnel Westlife rocked on stage.

The audience did not want to lose. They come to dance and sing. After the song, which represented Westlife Shane and Mark apologized for the incident when they stopped singing about 30 minutes.

"We do not have any purpose. We just do not want to see you hurt," said Mark and Shane on stage.

The audience applauded. Especially when they say happy to be performing and entertaining fans of Westlife in Jakarta.

The song 'Uptown Girl' to be closing in a concert entitled 'Gravity Tour 2011'. Fans were satisfied and out of the arena concert with a face full of smiles as she is still singing the song by Westlife band.