Jerry Yan and Chi Ling re-establish love?

Jerry Yan
Jerry Yan

The relationship Jerry Yan and Lin Chi Ling has been broken since some time ago, but their name was still often associated with one another. Taiwan public to believe the two people that ever love each other will again establish love.

The fans sure, Jerry Yan and Chi Ling still harbored feelings of love in their hearts. So that their beliefs are very large if the two stars will be back to being lovers.

Moreover, many of which provide input to the Chi Ling to return to the embrace of 'Mr. Right'. Is Kevin Tsai, Chi Ling's best friend. Kevin suggested that beautiful model to re-establish love with someone who really loves.

"Time can change a person. If you fall in love before, several years later you still care about the other party (former boyfriend). Maybe he will give a different feeling," Kevin said as quoted by MayDaily, Monday, October 24, 2011.

Chi Ling
Chi Ling

Kevin did not give a clear whom "Mr. Right 'in question. However, the public has been assessed, the man in question is Jerry Yan. The news about the return of Jerry into the arms of a famous model in Taiwan were more widely heard.

Moreover, Chi Ling also revealed she had no problem if have to re-establish in love with ex-boyfriend.

So also with Jerry Yan. Actor known for his role as the Tao Ming Tse in the series 'Meteor Garden' also admitted that he had made a mistake so that romance has to end.

Jerry Yan felt guilty for having wasted and dumped the model. He regretted his boyish far. And he promised to change the nature and behavior.

Not only that, Jerry Yan also had to leave the cake in a Kevin apartment that no other friend Chi Ling. Jerry Yan is know, Kevin is the door for him to return to the heart Chi Ling. Many a judge, what do Jerry Yan is a smart move.