Demi Moore not Desire to Eat because Ashton Kutcher affair

The fact, Ashton Kutcher affair with Sara Leal making Demi Moore so hit. The news of Kutcher affair was made ​​the actress was excited and also eliminates the appetite.

Demi Moore not desire to Eat
Demi Moore not desire to Eat

Since Ashton Kutcher affair with 21-year-old woman was exposed, Demi Moore did not desire to eat. She rarely ate and make her lose weight.

"She is a super thin, and hard looking at it like that," said one friend told USWeekly Moore, Friday, October 14, 2011.

However, there is also told Demi Moore chose to consume the juice to keep the intake of meals. She bought the juice from messages services.

However, another friend Moore Moore stated very frustrated and disappointed with infidelity Kutcher. It makes sense Moore suffered a lazy meal. She did not consume any food.

"She was very disappointed and would not eat," added another friend.

After news of infidelity Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore was never to comment directly. So also when the news about her divorce from the actor was widely discussed, Moore also showed no reaction.