Hilary Duff pregnancy of her first child

Beauty actress Hilary Duff was happy with the pregnancy of her first child with her husband, Mike Comrie. In the midst of her happiness, Hilary Duff apprise herself was expecting a baby boy.

Hilary Duff pregnancy
Hilary Duff pregnancy
In a talk show on one TV station she preached, "I have not told anyone. And I want you the first time I heard what I just knew. My son is boy, I could feel it from the beginning," Hilary Duff said as quoted from Female First.

Hilary Duff a star television series the age of 24 years, is now entering four months of pregnancy. Duff said, she and her husband cried when discovered the pregnancy after one year of their marriage. "My husband jokes that I think a pregnant 12 times a year."

"When it actually happened, he was in the shower. I ran up to him and show the results of the test. He said 'My God' and we began to cry even if soaked. This is really exciting!" she said.

Hilary Duff as stars 'Lizzie McGuire' express having a healthy pregnancy and enjoyable. "I felt fine. It's really easy pregnancy."