Baby room for Beyonce child

Beyonce pregnancy
Beyonce pregnancy

Although Beyonce pregnancy is still a controversy, Beyonce Knowless did not want to bother. As is known, many people doubt about the sexy singer is pregnant. In the midst of public doubt, Beyonce actually planning to make luxury rooms and majestic for prospective baby.

Beyonce and her husband will build a baby room with an area of ​​2,200 square meters in an apartment in New York City. They want the baby room was completed before the first child born in February.

Unfortunately, not all of her friends agree with the idea of ​​the couple Beyonce and Jay Z. They find it too much.

"Some people say 'you will feel afraid to leave the baby in a large room," the source quoted by Femalefirst, Friday, October 21, 2011.

Beyonce still do not care. She feels confident with her choice. She also said was ready to become a mother and undergo pregnancy.

"It will be fine. I am very happy. I'm not nervous because I knew what was happening at this time. I feel we have a baby at the right time," Beyonce said excitedly.