Jennifer Aniston wanted have Children

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

The fact relationship Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend, Justin Theroux, entering a more serious level. To ELLE magazine November issue, Aniston said she wanted to have children soon. But she also did not want to push herself and depressed because of it.

"There is no despair," says the star of 'Horrible Boss' this. Jennifer Aniston 42 years old actress started dating with actor Justin Theroux since late last spring. Celebrity couple who are deeply in love as inseparable and spend holidays together in LA, Hawaii and New York.

"If it was meant to happen, it will happen," said Jennifer Aniston who is also the former wife of Brad Pitt. "I'm at peace with all of the plan."

One topic that Jennifer Aniston did not want discussed is whether the lover, Justin Theroux, 40, is the potential for prospective father her child. With a teasing tone, she said, "Are you going to hate me if I told you not want to talk about my relationship?" she said as quoted by U.S. Magazine.