Miley Cyrus vacation at beaches of Hawaii

Miley Cyrus tattoo
Miley Cyrus tattoo
When vacation at the beaches of Hawaii, Miley Cyrus wear bikini. While enjoying the beauty of the beach, singer 19-year-old look enjoy with her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth.

In the midst of a beautiful golden sand on the beaches of Hawaii, Miley Cyrus spent a sunny afternoon with the appearance of a red bikini. With her boyfriend, Hemsworth (21), Cyrus seen chatting without stopping. The camera had captured when Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth landed poses sticky hugs and kiss, as quoted from Dailymail.

Miley Cyrus bikini
Miley Cyrus bikini
Miley Cyrus is celebrating her birthday also enjoy the ocean waves splashing with joy. Occasionally, Cyrus looks running around the beaches are rocky terrain was accompanied by her boyfriend.

In the middle of the afternoon heat, Miley Cyrus looks beauty in two piece bikini she was wearing. Although simple, the appearance of Cyrus seductive eyes around to see it. The reason behind the appearance of hair rolled up and impress a mess, the Miley Cyrus tattoo that opens at the bottom of the chest (right side ribs) show tattoo sketch attached in her beautiful body.

Who are celebrities owner coolest hair in the world?

Rihanna hair height=
Rihanna hair
Fresh study found that part of a woman who noticed the man is the first time is HAIR. Naturally if these five celebrity get praise the coolest hair in the world. Who are celebrities owner coolest hair in the world?

Hairdo experts from Indonesia, Rudy Hadisuwarno mention five celebrities who have the charm of the world's foremost hair was singer Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Middleton.

"They were able to adjust hairstyles face shape, personality, and demeanor," Rudy said as quoted from (December 29, 2011).

Victoria Beckham hairstyle and Rihanna while singing "Umbrella", recognized Rudy, did influence hair trends of the world. Model of the classic short bob looks very proper stretcher and easily applied to anyone.

Victoria Beckham hair
Victoria Beckham hair

"Victoria's hair is not too extreme like Rihanna, who dared to dye her hair to red light despite their dark skin color. But both could have a big impact," said this hairdo expert.

Although the skin color of the singer of "California King Bed" is relatively dark, Rudy did not suggest an Asian woman to dye her hair red, too.

"Not to be followed. Because, to be adjusted first by profession, character, and how they respond to others' views of everyday life," he said.

In contrast to the Victoria Beckham and Rihanna, this friendly guy assess the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has always managed to steal the world's attention with a healthy shiny hair.

Kate Middleton hair
Kate Middleton hair

"Kate's hair always looks beautiful, without excessive effort. Kate Middleton did not try to be someone else with a hairstyle that, but the fall is good," said the man was wearing glasses.

Rudy did not deny, when Jennifer Aniston played Rachel in the television series "Friends" hairdo be booming. And Rachel's hair style is actually immortal, so it is still trendy even impressed a few years into the future.

"It deserves to be applied the next few years because the model long-lasting. Straight hair with slightly shaggy short trap," Rudy explained.

Talking about Sarah Jessica Parker, praise endlessly out of Rudy's lips when talking about hair Carrie Bradshaw character in the Television series.

"To me, she's unique. When someone else to straighten her hair, instead she has preserved her curly hair that is consistent with her personality. Sarah Jessica Parker can also customize hair with clothes and shoes to wear," said Rudy.

Celebrities of the most fashionable woman into this year

Kate Middleton fashionable
Kate Middleton fashionable
Who is best-dressed celebrities in this year? In 2011 is the names of women dressed in fashionable and trendy much scattered. Famous celebrities look nice with the advanced character of their own style. For example, Kate Middleton is one of the most fashionable woman into this year, as quoted from Femalefirst.

After the departure of Princess Diana, Kate Middleton is one of the royal family members who come up with the best fashion at every opportunity. Kate always looks elegant in an item of clothing that she wore. Interestingly, whatever the inherent harmony and always look stylish, ranging from hair to shoes. And its peak, she could sweep the world's attention, namely by serving Alexander McQueen gown worn during the Royal Wedding in April.

Apart from Kate Middleton, who occupied the name of the best clothing category this year is Florence Welch. The woman known as a singer with a unique style. Florence had seen "eccentric" by the display of red hair that contrasted with dress style a unique fashion. She has always experimented with clothes she wore, and different from the crowd.

Talking about Hollywood celebrities, the name Emma Stone also entered the ranks of the best fashion. Her name became a figure to be reckoned a matter of dress in public. Emma is one of the women who always look trendy and displays pieces of hair and dress styles. The time evolution through the display of hair color "blonde" mixed red.

Emma Stone dress
Emma Stone dress

Emma Stone best performance this year looks when she wore a lace dress, black Tom Ford, combined with the appearance of dramatic red lipstick while attending the premiere of "Crazy, Stupid, Love".

In addition to these three celebrities fashion, Kate Moss's name was entered in the row of best dressed celebrity in 2011. 37-year-old woman is seen through the sporty look rock and skinny jeans, leather boots are a wardrobe everyday. But this year, the supermodel who secretly married is performed through a vintage style gown by John Galliano who then took the line of celebrities to look good.

Predicted Fashion Trends in 2012

fashion trends 2012
fashion trends 2012

Every time, fashion trends was spinning with quickly. Then, what will be the trend in 2012 and what events will adorn the international fashion world?

Here's a summary of predicted A to Z from Clare Coulson, fashion freelance writer who often writes in the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, and Bazaar, to you keep fashionable.

A to Americana
While the style of Fifties Americana re-introduced by Prada at Milan Fashion Week 2012, you could fill your wardrobe with a sleeveless coat, cropped jacket, full skirt, and a frame bag. Fashion items are certain to back hits in 2012.


B to Belt
Use a big belt on the coat, boyish shirt, pencil skirt, and your shirt-dress safari.

C for Couture
Resurrection of fashion trends 50s era will continue with the silhouette of balloons, peplum skirt, and bold-shouldered jacket. But, choose which has a smoother silhouette than the clothes with wasp-waisted silhouette, like wearing a corset. Also try and match balloon-sleeved tunic with skinny jeans.

D for Demure
2012 is the year to look ultra-feminine and romantic. Choose a dress with puffed sleeves Lacy and demure ankle-length cut to enhance your romance.

E for Extraordinary Shoes
Say goodbye to the platform. Immediately switch and pamper your feet with floral print sandals, kitten heels, or chunky heel mini.

flapper dress
flapper dress

F for Flapper Dress
There is a trend revival era of the 20s fashion on the catwalk. Flapper dress, or dresses that fall waving from the waist look at the fashion show Gucci, Alberta Ferretti and Etro, and Ralph Lauren.

G for the Global Traveler
Tribal motifs, beads, woven or woven carrying bag mixing of cultures in a global fashion trends. Pair with a modern touch to your appearance.

H for Hitchcock Blonde
The designers of the world at this time to dress models with super-feminine style in the 50s. Tata 50s bob hair, black eyeliner, combined with hourglass dresses.

I for Italian Women
Surrealist works of influential Italian designer, Elsa Schiaparelli, will be exhibited in New York 2012. Elsa Schiaparelli and Coco Chanel is a competitor of one of the fashionista in the era of the 40s most influential.

J to J Crew
Fashion house beloved First Lady Michelle Obama will open its first outlet in London in 2012.

K to kooky
Collaboration H & M and the Italian brand, Marni, will create more graphic motifs, coats and dresses sleeves 3 / 4, as well as acrylic jewelry.

L for Lanvin
Designers Alberto Elbaz Lanvin celebrates a decade in 2012. We may have to thank this fashion house for bringing back dress with ballet flats and ribbons in the realm of the fashion world.

M to Macaroon
Soft colors such as pale pink, peach and lemon. 2012 is the year for pastel colors.

N for Neon
Neon-colored jeans like fluorescent green, yellow, orange, and pink will you meet a lot of decorating the windows of boutiques in the mall.

O for Outrageous Print
Almost all brands of fashion issue a collection of floral motifs, tropical, and the motives of digital engineering 'hyper-prints'. Patterned pants can be a fun option to hangout at the beginning of the year.

P for Peplum
On the jacket, skirt, or even attached separately. Peplum shape seen in some of McQueen's collection for 2012.

Q for Queen Victoria
Victoria Beckham has increasingly established itself as a reliable designer. February 2012, he will release a ready to wear boutique which is dominated by simple colorful dress.

R for Rucksack
Backpacks have a lot of funny vintage style you find in some fashion houses such as Topshop, Zara. The existence of these backpacks will continue to grow next year.

S for Sport Chic
The upcoming Olympic Games will provide inspiration for sporty style.

trench coat
trench coat

T for the Trench Coat
Still in winter, the beginning of the year will be colored with a beautiful coat from the plain to patterned. Sexy animal skin motifs could be an option on New Year's Eve.

U for Under Water
Aquatic theme will dominate next year's spring collection. Blue colors, motifs shift the waves will dominate color blocking trend that had interest in this year's spring-summer.

V for Vegetarian
Collections of Dolce & Gabbana cocktail dress with a variety of vegetables and fruit motifs.

W for White Shirt
Classic and will always be a favorite for all women. Use your plain white shirt in the spring of next year.


X for X Factor
The fashion house Christian Dior John Galliano is still looking for a replacement, most likely the choice will fall on Raf Simons. The Belgian designer is believed will bring a minimalist look that different at Dior.

Y for Yellow
Yellow color trend will still continue to survive until 2012.

Z for Zzzzzz
Complete your sleepwear collection with silk nightwear from Stella McCartney.

New Year tradition in other Countries

New Year
New Year

Every people around the World have their own customs and traditions when celebrate the New Year. If you are getting bored with the feast of so only, try to see the traditions in New Years of other countries.

Who knows, could be inspired to make the celebration a different and certainly impressive. Just peep the new year traditions in other countries, as quoted from the NY Daily News.

1. Australia
On December 31 in Australia is summer. Most of Australian people will spend New Year with a holiday at the beach and enjoy seafood.

2. Korea
Coming to the turn of the year, the Korean community held a special ceremony to honor his ancestors. Children will pray and hope that the parents in the new year will be happier. By performing the traditional reverence.

Australia New Year
Australia New Year

3. Spain and Portugal
When the clock is showing the middle of the night, the people of Portugal and Spain will eat grapes. They eat grapes amounted to 12. It has a philosophy, each month brings good luck.

4. Japan
When the new year changed, the Japanese people will laugh together. They believe in laughing a concern in previous years will be lost and happiness in welcoming the new year.

5. Burma
During traditional festival Thingyan, Burmese New Year, the people will flood it with each other. This is a clear sign to enter the new year.

6. Austria
Pigs in Austria is a symbol of good luck. So, in celebration of New Year parties are often held pigs. The tables were decorated cake shaped little pig made ​​of marzipan, maple syrup, fudge, and chocolate.

What's the New Year traditions in your area?

slim silhouette will dominate menswear collection in 2012


Fashion industry predict clothing with a slim silhouette will dominate menswear collection in 2012. The statement disclosed that WWD online site conducted a survey of retailers Menswear.

From WWD survey revealed that men are more fond of contemporary urban style clothing tailored with a sleek silhouette, long shift from previous years that a candidate trend breathing casual collection. WWD survey research results strengthened the American market research company, The NPD Group, which stated there was an increase over 2011 sales of tailored menswear or men clothing collection semiformal to formal style.

The annual report issued by The NPD Group said the increased sales by 11% for the tailored collection, including jackets and tuxedos. While formal shirt sales increased by 3%. Warehouse CEO Doug Ewert said, fashion trend complete with shirt and jacket will be increasingly strengthened in 2012.

"We've seen this trend since 2011, and I am sure that fashion trends will continue to strengthen next year," said Ewert, while adding a sleek silhouette despite most popular young people, those who are more mature also not refuse to perform with a more slick style. "Consumers clearly states that they would prefer a dress with a fitted cut," he added.

slim silhouette
slim silhouette

And, the offender replied the request mode, visible from a slim silhouette that dominate the collection of rows of famous labels such as Hugo Boss, Burberry London, and Ralph Lauren Black Label. The Warehouse was trying not to miss the trend by presenting a menswear collection that is not only sleeker than the mere clothing, accessories as well. "We even make the tie more slender than usual," said Ewert.

Meanwhile, male formal clothing label Brooks Brothers provide an alternative in terms of color. "Next year, in addition to a more streamlined silhouette, the trend is also true is a game of classic colors," said Lou Amendola, Brooks Brothers spokeswoman, adding classic color that will be popular in 2012 are navy, gray, black, and a simple line pattern .

Therefore, in 2012, Brooks Brothers, presenting a casual jacket collection of Cambridge stylish destined for youth. "Classic yet modern," said Amandola.

beauty body female artist in 2011

beauty body celebrity
beauty body celebrity

Here celebrities that was selected as the beauty body female artist in 2011 by This selected based from readers watching the celebrity article at fresh news in blog.

Be sexy and beauty body is the dream of all women around the world. Especially for the Hollywood celebrities. For female artists, has a beautiful body, sexy and plump is a must. Not surprisingly, the various ways they do to maintain her beauty.

Because the body slim, a number of celebrity earned the accolade as sexiest woman in the world. Not only that, there are also parts of their bodies are becoming a trend in society and made public in droves have a beautiful body like a celebrity.

Here's the celebrity that was selected as the owner of the beauty body female artist in 2011 by blognewsfresh:

Miranda Kerr body
Miranda Kerr body

1. Miranda Kerr
Gave birth to a baby could make the body model Victoria Secret are stretched. However, without the need for a long time, Miranda Kerr is able to restore her body into shape. In fact, she felt more plump than before.

"I'm a little more plump now, and I love it," Kerr said as quoted by the magazine Cleo.

Orlando Bloom's wife is happy with her body shape. And she felt more confident as a supermodel of the world. Miranda Kerr revealed the secret of slim. According to the Australian supermodel, lactating and pilates is a recipe in losing weight.

2. Beyonce
Beyonce Knowless is known as an artist who has a beautiful body and sexy. Her form is perfect. For Beyonce's body is the main capital to appear attractive. With her, the wife of Jay-Z is very confident in looking good on stage and off stage.

Sexy dresses tight and skimpy body shape emphasized the singer of 'Crazy In Love' this. In fact, when she was pregnant, she still looks sexy. Beyonce is a smart mix and match clothes so her pregnancy was even more featuring sexy aura.

Having a body like Beyonce became the target of the women in this world. In fact, many women tried hard to get the body style of this celebrity. Starting from the gym to plastic surgery.

Pippa Middleton body
Pippa Middleton body

3. Pippa Middleton
Pippa Middleton managed to steal the attention at the wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton in April. Pippa in the spotlight because of a British woman's body is considered perfect. Pippa appeared as a stunning bridesmaid dress with white satin Alexander McQueen design.

Pippa Middleton body shape raises the pros and cons. Many believe if it's not original but also a bit dubious. Even the experts think of beauty Pippa impressions when wearing a satin dress that uses special pads that make her backside look outstanding.

Regardless of whether or not fake, Pippa Middleton has made a beauty clinic in London flooded with patients who want plastic surgery to have a beauty body like Pippa.

4. Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston is one celebrity who is judged to have a sexy body. It does not look too skinny does not look fat. In fact, since undergoing a relationship with Justin Theroux, Aniston considered getting radiated beauty. It also affects the ideal body shape.

Rachel's body cast in the series 'Friends' is never look a little fuller. Jennifer Aniston does not matter. She felt comfortable with her body shape. And recently, the former wife of Brad Pitt's get the title as the sexiest woman of all time beating Angelina Jolie.

Kate Middleton body
Kate Middleton body

5. Kate Middleton
Since announcing her engagement to Prince William, Kate Middleton immediate popularity soared. This British woman into the spotlight, especially her slender form.

Kate Middleton body earned high praise. All are considered suitable clothing when worn 29-year-old woman. Kate Middleton the more sedate charm of public when she wore a wedding dress designer Alexander McQueen at his wedding last April. Simple cut dress that emphasized her slender body shape.

6. Jennifer Hudson
The singer who is also the actress began her career in the world of celebrity with a fat body shape. Initially, she was pretty confident with her huge body. She felt her body did not disturb her appearance on stage.

"I think my size is perfect," Hudson said as quoted from USmagazine.

Year change, the popularity of Jennifer Hudson also increasingly uphill. She began to realize the importance of appearance. Hudson began to think to lose weight. Her hard work succeeded, weighed down drastically. Hudson won her dream to get a beauty body that craved all along.

Body size from 16 to slim and proportional. Jennifer Hudson also lined up to be a spokesman for Weight Watchers.

Megan Fox body
Megan Fox body

7. Megan Fox
Who does not know Megan Fox? The actress received subscription predicate sexiest woman. Her beauty body made a number of women envious of this beautiful woman with long hair. However, Fox had appeared with a thin body and pale face.

New Megan Fox body no longer considered sexy aura. However, without the need for a long time, Fox returned to her shape back containing normal. She deliberately add weight and toning the body under the supervision of a personal trainer.

Megan Fox was showing off her body a sexy and healthy on the set of her latest film. By wearing a black and brown leather shorts, a former star of 'Transformers' looks more beautiful and sexy.

8. Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey's pregnancy make the body jumped dramatically. Especially after giving birth to twins. Excess body weight makes Nick Cannon's wife is not comfortable. Then Mariah Carey on a diet and regular exercise to restore her weight.

Mariah Carey worked hard to get back a slim body. All that is done famous singer is not in vain. Mariah Carey managed to lose body weight of 31.7 kilograms.

Sofia Vergara as the sexiest woman in the world at 40 years age

Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara

I believe if every women will proud if her named as one of the world's sexiest woman. This time, pride was felt by beautiful actress Sofia Vergara. Although she was already approached 40 years she was still always get ranked as the sexiest woman in the world.

Sofia Vergara even think Kim Kardashian should be "angry" if their body appearance compared. The beauty and elegance of this 39-year star bodies recognized a lot of people. Evidently, she also entered the top ten most beautiful women in the 2010 version of People magazine.

Sofia Vergara felt not believe in opinion polls repeatedly put her name on that list. Moreover, in the age approaching 40 years. "It's fantastic to be near the top of the most beautiful women. I'm almost 40 years, and I wonder if their crazy sometimes compare my body to Kim Kardashian body. She was 10 years younger than me, she should be angry and should not compete in this list.!" she told BANG Showbiz, as quoted from Female First page.

Sofia Vergara weight
Sofia Vergara weight

Later in June 2012, this Colombian woman has reached the age of 40 years, but all parts of her body recognized by her still 'sexy', even though Sofia Vergara ​​weight is now increasing.

"I have big chest, I have an exciting figure, and I like a lot of laughs, this show who I am," Sofia said.

"And I am proud to be considered as a sexy woman, especially now since I was almost 40. I do not want to look super skinny. And I think because I was almost 40 years, I was glad I had some extra weight." Sofia Vergara said.

Ashton Kutcher and Lorene Scafaria vacation in Europe

Ashton Kutcher and Lorene Scafaria
Ashton Kutcher and Lorene Scafaria

Ashton Kutcher seemed never out of beautiful women, hehehe. In Christmas holiday, Kutcher looks to spend vacation in Europe with a screenwriter, Lorene Scafaria, which was found love with actor Adam Brody.

Excerpted from the pages of Us Weekly, Ashton Kutcher and Lorene Scafaria vacation in Europe, seemed to enjoy the scenery in Italy, like the leaning tower, Pisa. Both get around by car Porsche Carrera Sport 2011. One witness, Alex Thrope said, they also held hands over lunch at Trattoria Toscana Pzzeria.

"Kutcher and Scafaria share a spaghetti and he (Ashton Kutcher) who pays," he said.

Ashton Kutcher vacation
Ashton Kutcher vacation

Ashton Kutcher who divorce with his wife, Demi Moore, last month, also share his photos vacation in Europe via Twitter. In the photo he is seen together with Lorene Scafaria and his business partner, Matt Mazzant.

However, Ashton Kutcher and Lorene Scafaria compact representation denied the news and said that the two are just friends.

David Beckham as coolest hairstyle in the world

David Beckham hairstyle
David Beckham hairstyle

David Beckham is not only known as famous soccer player, but also a fashion icon that is recognized in the fashion world. Now, the husband of Victoria Beckham reaping praise as a man with coolest hairstyle in the world.

For a career in the football, David Beckham 36-year experiment with a variety of regularly hairdo like smacking, bald, Mohawk, a little long-haired, and shiny hair.

Nevertheless, the chosen hair style always been to steal the attention of the world. Do not want to miss the David Beckham hairstyle, fans also stormed the beauty salon to be able to get the order like David Beckham's hair.

Recognized expert hair from Indonesia, Rudy Hadisuwarno, among other world celebrities, Victoria' husband quickly dubbed man with the coolest hairdo in the world. And the last hair style of David Beckham to looks very handsome and neat.

David Beckham hairdo
David Beckham hairdo

"Beckham hair is cool. Not strange actually, just the normal short cutting is made carefully. Whatever (hairdo) option, often successfully make it look fashionable," Rudi said as quoted from Okezone (December 29, 2011).

Rudy added, David Beckham is always possible to customize the hair with bringing order and form of his face.

"Carriage and shape facial hair he's making the order quick look," added this men.

Thus, the fabric David Beckham shiny hair can be applied to 2012?

BBC television station make controversy because Panda

Sweetie panda
Sweetie panda

BBC television station make controversy after releasing a list of 'People of Women Year 2011'. Cause the television station from British put a female panda named Sweetie as the December figures.

While the list is filled by another month of human figures such as singers Adele and Pippa Middleton. Controversy on the list the first time in the crowded social networking site Twitter with #pandagate.

Reporting from The Daily Telegraph, December 28, 2011, many users are asking why the BBC television station put the animal to the list of most women into the newspaper headlines this year.

BBC television station
BBC television station
"So the BBC could not find a woman to become Sports Personality of the Year, but they can make a panda as a Woman of the Year #pandagate," tweet former British Prime Minister John Prescott.

British congress member Stella Creasy also expressed surprise that the same tweet, "It is not intended to poke fun Sweetie - she panda sweet and classy - but the title list is only called 'woman', not 'female' this year ..."

Previously, the list of 'Sports Personality of Year 2011' which was released BBC television station also get criticism because votes do not appreciate the achievement of women athletes. As published daily the Guardian, the athletes entered in the list are all male, none of the female athlete.


Responding to this, television station from British, BBC spokesman said that the inclusion of nonhuman characters in the list of 'figures of this year's version of them is not the first time this has happened. "Earlier there was a giant fish Benton on the list 'Leaders Men of 2009' in August, as well as Peppa pig who became the face of April in the list of 'People of Women Year 2009'," he said.

Sweetie is the giant panda from Beijing who is now one of Edinburgh zoo collection together with a male panda named Sunshine earlier this month. Sweetie panda the entry in list of 'Woman of the Year' referred to the BBC television station as a pleasant addition.

Fresh rumors of Katy Perry and Russel Brand

Katy Perry vacation
Katy Perry vacation

Fresh rumors of Katy Perry and her husband, Russell Brand reportedly involved bitter disputes. Feuding celebrity couple makes Perry and Brand chose to celebrate the New Year holidays in a separate place.

Russel Brand chose to return to his home in London by private jet. Meanwhile, Katy Perry even fun vacation to Hawaii with her friends.

"They had a big fight. Katy Perry said 'I will do everything self'. And Russell replied 'okay'," said the source was quoted as saying of USMagazine, December 29, 2011.

This celebrity couple seemed to enjoy their vacation separately. Katy Perry played the waves on the beach in Hawaii, while Russel Brand was seen with his friends spent time at a nightclub.

katy perry on Hawaii
katy perry on Hawaii

Reportedly, the quarrel in married couple households in October 2010 and in India it is increasingly severe. Various sources of noise become a problem between them.

"They have not split up, but a lot of bad things happen. The argument is getting worse," said another source.

Last November, this celebrity couple had time to blow it rumored to be divorced. The issue is widely heard it directly contradicted Katy Perry and Russel Brand. They claim the household just fine.

Princess Diana fashion collection in Kensington Palace

Princess Diana fashion
Princess Diana fashion

In 2012, Kensington Palace will held a special exhibition of Princess Diana's fashion collection. Fashion show titled "Diana" is held in wings belong to the princess during her lifetime, and will be opened on March 26, 2012, with the aim of raising funds for the renovation of the residence of the Lady Di of the people.

The press statement released by Kensington Palace, the funds needed to renovate the apartment Lady Diana Spencer in Kensington Palace for $ 18, 8 million USD.

The exhibition of Lady Di fashion collection is a continuation of a previously disclosed plan of Princess Diana's two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, who planned to use the residence of Princess Diana as a reception center mobilize funds and charities.

Lady Di fashion
Lady Di fashion

Princess Diana's fashion collections are exhibited somewhat extraordinary, some clothes collections are often "captured" the paparazzi cameras, including a black taffeta gown Elizabeth Emmanuel design was wearing when appearing in public for the first time at the "Royal Opera House" in 1981. The dress has not been seen in public since sold at auction last year.

Why Louis Vuitton sue Warner Bros?

Louis Vuitton bag
Louis Vuitton bag

I believe you know the brand Louis Vuitton bag? Especially if you see the motif of the LV, everyone knows that these bags are designed by French fashion house.

However, this would facilitate the plagiarist manufacturers of branded goods as goods made in China. Obviously, the producers will do everything possible to defend the royalties to the design that has been created.

It also is the basis why Louis Vuitton sue Warner Bros, as the producer of the comedy The Hangover Part II. Because, in the sequel to the film there are scenes where the characters played by Zack Galifianakis role Alan Garner using the bags that are very similar to the LV, complete with icon signs.

At the scene, the character Zack said Stu, "Be careful, it is Louis Vuitton". However, LV bags that used to insist that Zack was a fake produced by Diophy, known as a manufacturer of copycat goods renowned designers.

Louis Vuitton is known to have filed a lawsuit against Diophy. And now back to Hollywood film production company sued on the grounds there is a chance the public will be confused whether LV bag sponsor or authorize the production of plagiarism by Diophy.

Warner Bros
Warner Bros

According to the lawsuit, Louis Vuitton objection if the Warner Bros show scene, while the film company has released a DVD movie Hangover Part II. The fashion house that often produces luxury fashion products are also asked Warner Bros to eliminate pirated handbags like LV in the film.

On the Warner Bros itself, this suit adds length sequel to the airing of the issue of insanity Zack Galifianakis and his friends.

Previously, Warner Bros sued by a tattoo artist, Victor Whitmill, which has made tattoo designs to face Mike Tyson. Admittedly, this Hangover sequel did not ask her permission to use Mike Tyson's tattoo designs on the face of the character Stu. But, Warner Bros finally pay compensation to the Whitmill.

Not only that, a stuntman also sue Warner Bros. after suffering a physical injury while filming the chase scene by car. The same was done by a screenwriter who claims that his ideas have been stolen and used in this screenplay.

Young designers who predicted will stand out in 2012 by Forbes

young designers
young designers

Recently, Forbes magazine presents a list of young talents in various fields who predicted the name will stand out in 2012. Eight of them are young designers.

The eight young designers are included in the "30 Under 30", a list name showing of 30 talented young players in the industry who achieved success before the age of 30 years. The first name on the list of "30 Under 30" is Joseph Altuzarra. 28-year-old designer was included in the Forbes list thanks to his success paved his personal fashion line, Altuzarra.

Over the past three years, since 2008, Joseph Altuzarra often touted as a talented young designers, and even bagging a degree CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund last November. Behind Altuzarra, there is the name of Alexander Wang is also the age of 28. Designers Taiwan-American of mixed blood were also included in the Forbes list thanks to praise continues to flow for each collection are shown in "New York Fashion Week".

Joseph Altuzarra
Joseph Altuzarra

Other names are also on the list of "30 Under 30" is a CFDA finalist Chris Benz. 29-year-old designer is the experience at Marc Jacobs and J Crew before releasing his personal line of games that focus on color and texture. Meanwhile, 29-year-old jewelry designer who often collaborated with Topshop and Marchesa, Pamela Love, do not miss the entry in the list.

Celebrity designer, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen also included in the Forbes list. At the age of 25 years, arguably the two leading "fashion empire" under their own label The Row. The hat designer (milliner) Yestadt Molly, 28, following behind the Olsen twins.

Meanwhile, 23-year-old designer, Zana Bayne who noted Lady Gaga and Katy Perry as a consumer, giving a sweet surprise by taking roost in the Forbes list. Likewise with unique jewelry designer Kiel Mead.

Celebrity hair styles most imitated

Justin Bieber hair style as Bieber swish
Justin Bieber hair style as Bieber swish

Who celebrities hair style is the most looking for and imitated in 2011? The answer is Justin Bieber hair style and Emma Watson hairstyle. Two celebrities are not just captivate their fans with talent, but also has great influence in the hair style trends.

Both hairdo get named by The Wall Street Journal as "Most Influential Haircut". Emma Watson with pixie style and Justin Bieber with hair bangs or known as Bieber swish.

Emma Watson hairstyle as pixie style
Emma Watson hairstyle as pixie style

"Hairdressers are inundated with requests to cut pixie style and Bieber swish. Enthusiasm is seen on the internet, ie with the highest level of search related celebrity hair styles in the Google, namely Ms. Watson and Mr. Bieber," wrote The Wall Street Journal, as quoted from

This, according to Wall Street Journal analysis, showed a difference for women than men. Namely short hair style ala pixie style has never trends like now, since the 90s.

Katy Perry spent vacation on island of Hawaii

Katy Perry swimming in the sea on island of Hawaii
Katy Perry swimming in the sea on island of Hawaii

Katy Perry spent celebrate Christmas and end of the year vacation with the sun-drenched in islands of Hawaii. Singer of 'Fireworks' was caught on camera was showing off her body while she was swimming in the sea and sunbathing on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. Katy Perry wear bikini two-piece black color.

This American singer spent her vacation with her husband, Russell Brand and some of their friends. Although Brand is not visible on the beach, but an eyewitness said that the celebrity couple recently divorced rumored that looked very happy.

Katy Perry vacation
Katy Perry vacation

"They looked very happy when it fell from private plane in Kauai before Christmas," an eyewitness said as quoted from the pages of People, December 27, 2011.

Some time ago, Katy Perry was exposed to various rumors. Starting from the issue of divorce with her husband until the rumors that Perry was two entities. But the news was immediately refuted by Katy Perry via Twitter account. "First I rumors to get pregnant and then divorce. Do I 'All My Children'?!" Perry said referring to an ABC television show.

Katy Perry applying makeup behind the making video clips

Katy Perry old
Katy Perry old

Do you ever seen the latest video clips Katy Perry, 'The One That Got Away'? American singer opened the visualization of old woman as someone who was so frail. Graying hair perfect, even skin wrinkles all over her body and face.

To strengthen the visual song that tells of lost love and regret it, Katy Perry deliberately did not use a replacement model.

Katy Perry polished face and her body with some dramatic makeup to play two contrasting figures: beautiful teenagers and women aged.

Katy Perry share the stories behind the making of the video clips it through special programs MTV: The Making Of 'The One That Got Away'.

Katy Perry singer
Katy Perry singer

It shows the stages when the team make-up artist applying makeup to her face. It took about seven hours to transform her face into a perfect old woman.

"You'll see when I look really young and really old," Perry said, as quoted from Daily Mail.

Katy Perry recruited a make-up expert from Los Angeles based in New Zealand, Dominie Till. He did not arbitrarily choose the makeup artist, because Till had proved his skill makeup art plays in the movie 'Lord of the Rings' and 'King Kong'.

American singer Katy Perry who came to fame with the song 'Fireworks' it says that the team should be flushed face and head, with blue-colored viscous liquid layer as desired mold the character's face. "The appearance of this involves so many people and requires so many steps," Perry said.

Special boots to support personnel SNSD has slim leg

SNSD boots
SNSD boots
Girl group music from Korea, Girl's Generation or often called SNSD successfully kicked off the South Korean music industry. Their action on stage is always eagerly awaited. In addition to endowed a pretty face, all member of SNSD also has a slim leg.

In the song 'Mr. Taxi', the nine SNSD personnel wearing boots until their legs are slender beauty did not escape from the glare of the camera.

What's the secret SNSD boots? Reportedly, this knee-high boots made ​​specifically and measuring 5 cm smaller than average boots. This means that most women's feet will not be able to enter into these boots.

"We received special boots measurement for SNSD. This boot shoe is 5 cm (about 2 inches) is more narrow in the calf," said a representative of the Perche, who designed the shoes for SNSD as quoted from page Soompi, December 27, 2011.

He added, "It's almost impossible for a person with a normal size to fit in these boots."

SNSD slim leg
SNSD slim leg

Special boots were certainly made ​​specifically to support SNSD's appearance so they look compact. After they revealed the secret boots, SNSD fans too much to provide comments.

"Wow, their feet similar to the size of an average arm. I do not even think whether my arm will go into the boots. It makes me want to try their diet program," said a fan of SNSD.

"How they dance in boots like that without falling?" comments of other fans.

SNSD was formed by SM Entertainment in 2007, SNSD members or personnel SNSD is Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun. At inception, the band from South Korea is carrying the song 'Gee' and 'Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)'.

Unique competition in World

unique competition
unique competition

A number of unique competition that was held in various parts of the world in 2011. This unique competition was followed by many of the participants with a gift that not a few.

The first is a unique competition Ba or ball game that was held in Orkney Island, Scotland. Competition has been held since the 1800's these two sides fight for the man from the north and south. Rules of the game similar to handball. The goal put the ball into the opponent's called ba.

In addition, there are cyclists from Spain who managed to break the world record by climbing 2700 stairs in a high tower in Barcelona. Andorra's region of origin cyclists managed to climb the building in 42 minutes. The plan, cyclists will also ride the world's tallest building, Burj Al Khalifa.

In Fingal, the island of Tasmania, Australia, also held a unique competition, ie competition dredge coal. Participants will win AU $ 1,500 first prize.

Unique competition this time does not require power. Competition that was held in Stuttgart, Germany, this fight for the beauty of art arranged beard and mustache. This competition with 133 participants from various countries.

unique competition in England
unique competition in England

In addition, at Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium, London, England, equalize the courage to overthrow the car. Participants who successfully toppled the best car will be chosen as a champion.

On the River Blackwater, England also held the dirtiest race in 2011. Approximately 250 participants race across the adult waist-deep mud as far as 457 meters.

Another unique competition is competition catch cockroaches. The annual competition held in Queensland, Australia, is to seek charitable funding. The rule is easy, to buy cockroaches for AU $ 10. Then, the most elusive cockroach will be crowned the winner.

Latter is a unique competition haul coal fast race. The participants were asked to carry a sack of coal as far as 1 mile in a race that was held in West Yorkshire, England. See the unique competition video at youtube.

best selling brand of nail polish in America at 2011

nail polish
nail polish

In fact, women in America seem to not only satisfied to notice the beauty appearance and the beauty of some parts of their bodies, but also from head to the nail. The fact, according to NPD Group, a consumer research organization in America, the American women proved to be very concerned about the beauty of finger nails.

The research company reported that sales of nail polish in America at 2011 increased by 59 percent. According to NPD, following several best selling brand of nail polish in America at 2011.

1. OPI Black Shatter Coat. This nail polish is a creation of the Katy Perry and Serena Williams who started in January 2011 and then marketed. Nail polish has a characteristic black color is elegant and can be integrated as a layer of green or other colors like bright red classic. Collaboration black with other colors also provide different display effects, by using this nail polish you can easily form a leopard motif more easily on the nail.

2. Chanel Le Varnish Nail Colour in Quartz. This nail polish is a type of classic yet become a trend because the nail was successfully described the 'shadow' of the glamor of the runway in Paris. This nail polish has a silver alloy paint color and beige so that it becomes a trend in autumn.

finger nails
finger nails

3. Sally Hansen Salon Nail Polish Strips Real Effects. This product was successfully won Allure Breaktrought awards 2011. Actually this is not including nail polish products, but more like a sticker attached to a patterned nail polish, but the sticker is still made from natural nail polish. So, from this innovation Sally Hansen nail polish strips looks no different from the type that use nail polish. The most popular products are products with wild-child motif and bold zebra stripe.

4. Essie Nail Polish in Ballet Slippers. Issued by the color of nail polish is still playing in a safe area that is pink or pink sweet since 1984. However, this nail polish is still a lot of consumer choice because this color looks suitable for all skin types.

5. Varnish in Dior Gris Montaigne. The color is a play on the gray area of ​​this edgy does look very funny. However, this color has the power because the color of nail polish can be used for any occasion and any color shirt collection.
source: MSN