Demi Moore dinner with Eric Butterbaugh

Demi Moore normal
Demi Moore normal

Several times ago, Ashton Kutcher was busy partying with several women while on vacation in Iowa, Demi Moore did not want to lose. She was spotted having dinner with a mystery man last weekend.

Men who know named Eric Butterbaugh was rumored as dating with Demi Moore. The couple was seen dining at a fancy restaurant in Hollywood. The closeness they both make the public suspect Moore and Butterbaugh is a new lover.

But, a source of convincing them not to date as reported. "They are old friends. It is a reunion dinner and they both became good dinners. No drama whatsoever," said a source, as quoted from Hollywood Life.

Demi Moore did look familiar and not rush too much to spend time with men who have a business interest.

"They are constantly talking and joking. They do not make a fuss at all," said another source.