Unique competition in World

unique competition
unique competition

A number of unique competition that was held in various parts of the world in 2011. This unique competition was followed by many of the participants with a gift that not a few.

The first is a unique competition Ba or ball game that was held in Orkney Island, Scotland. Competition has been held since the 1800's these two sides fight for the man from the north and south. Rules of the game similar to handball. The goal put the ball into the opponent's called ba.

In addition, there are cyclists from Spain who managed to break the world record by climbing 2700 stairs in a high tower in Barcelona. Andorra's region of origin cyclists managed to climb the building in 42 minutes. The plan, cyclists will also ride the world's tallest building, Burj Al Khalifa.

In Fingal, the island of Tasmania, Australia, also held a unique competition, ie competition dredge coal. Participants will win AU $ 1,500 first prize.

Unique competition this time does not require power. Competition that was held in Stuttgart, Germany, this fight for the beauty of art arranged beard and mustache. This competition with 133 participants from various countries.

unique competition in England
unique competition in England

In addition, at Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium, London, England, equalize the courage to overthrow the car. Participants who successfully toppled the best car will be chosen as a champion.

On the River Blackwater, England also held the dirtiest race in 2011. Approximately 250 participants race across the adult waist-deep mud as far as 457 meters.

Another unique competition is competition catch cockroaches. The annual competition held in Queensland, Australia, is to seek charitable funding. The rule is easy, to buy cockroaches for AU $ 10. Then, the most elusive cockroach will be crowned the winner.

Latter is a unique competition haul coal fast race. The participants were asked to carry a sack of coal as far as 1 mile in a race that was held in West Yorkshire, England. See the unique competition video at youtube.