Manipulation of the model for advertising

face of model
face of model

In fact, beauty care take advantage of facial beautiful model for advertising. In order to stimulate consumer interest, they often face desperate manipulation of the model that seems pretty perfect thanks to the product being marketed.

Such as advertising NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara, which claims to be able to curl lashes and add volume to twice its normal condition. The ad featuring beauty models with flawless appearance eyelashes according to the claim.

Those who saw the ad might think thanks to the appearance of the eye of the model NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara. In fact, at the bottom of the ad contained the statement in a small box that lashes the models created in Photoshop digital image of the game.

Blatant manipulation, as the manufacturer of the product, has got a warning not to publish advertisements that circulated in England.

The National Advertising Division of the UK has taken firm steps to limit the misleading image manipulation in advertising of cosmetic products. Not only NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara ads, but also advertising to manipulate the skin smoothing, beauty product applications, up to an unreal body slimming.

"You can not use pictures to demonstrate how a customer can enhance your beauty products, then later said that, this is actually not real," said Head of the Division of Advertising English, Andrea Levine, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

beauty model
beauty model

Last July, authorities in Britain also Trustees Ad banned antiaging cream ad starring Julia Roberts Lancome and Maybelline stain cover cream ad with model Christy Turlington.

Producers who take shelter under the big names featuring the face of L'Oreal was 'fake' Julia Roberts in a two-page ads in several magazines. Advertising team desperate to do digital correction in such a way to erase wrinkles, which is actually visible on the face of the star.

While Maybelline ad team deliberately manipulate the face of the model with the intention of showing the comparison between the wear and do not use the product. Parts that wear products are made smooth, while those not wearing visible wrinkles.

The ban issued after the protest emerged from people who think it as a public lie. The bad effects, it will obsess on the false beauty of women and youth to pursue an unrealistic thing.

L'Oreal claims management perform certain techniques to perfect celebrity face of the star product advertising. However, they insist that the techniques do not come out of the grip natural beauty of the stars, as well as an accurate reflection of the benefits of the product.

UK Equality Minister, Lynne Featherstone, ask the beauty care manufacturer to be honest in advertising products. He criticized the ad a number of beauty products that tend not reflect reality, as the picture smooth skin and a super-slim body.