Celebrities Christmas gifts given to their loved

Paris Hilton car
Paris Hilton car

Trade a special gift at Christmas actually be a tradition for some families who celebrate. This is also done a famous celebrities. Not just a regular Christmas gifts, a surprise be Christmas presents from famous celebrities can be regarded as the most luxurious gift.

As quoted from Hollyscoop pages, some famous celebrities really likes to do great things for themselves and their families be happy.

Such as Suri Cruise, Ben Affleck, Paris Hilton, Mariah Carey, Oprah Winfrey, they are willing to spend in order to give a special surprise gift that can say as luxury items. Here, celebrities Christmas gifts given to their loved:

Paris Hilton and Bentley Continental GT in pink
At Christmas event 2008 years ago, Paris Hilton ever wanted a luxury car pink Bentley Continental GT special. So, she ordered a Bentley with a diamond-encrusted dashboard worth U.S. $ 285,000. This hotel heiress bought herself a Bentley for Christmas 2008. Paris called her car as a gift for herself.

"I just always wanted a pink car. I started dreaming since a little girl when I have the Barbie Corvette." She continued, as a fan of Barbie, Paris wants all shades of pink, from sheetmetal, grille, wheels, and most of the interior.

Mariah Carey and Rolls Royce Phantom
Nick Canon, Mariah Carey's husband, wants to show signs of his love by giving a special Christmas gift for his wife last year. No half-hearted, a gift luxury car brand Rolls Royce worth U.S. $ 400 thousand, Nick Canon given to Mariah Carey who was pregnant at the time. Luxury cars are also equipped with a special license plate that read 'mommyMC'.

Mike Tyson and bathtubs U.S. $ 2 million
When Mike Tyson was married to Robin Givens, he spent U.S. $ 2 million for a holiday for one year. For the holiday, what items purchased about Tyson? You'll be surprised to hear that, because who purchased Tyson is not a luxury car or a diamond ring, Tyson actually buy luxury bathtub as well as a Christmas gift. For him, this is a good idea.

Suri Cruise gifts
Suri Cruise gifts

Victoria Beckham and Hermes handbags
As a Christmas gift for his beloved wife, famous soccer player David Beckham presents Victoria a Hermes bag valued at U.S. $ 129 thousand.

Oprah Winfrey and Mediterranean cruises
Oprah Winfrey spends her money worth U.S. $ 750 thousand as a Christmas gift to her staff. More than 100 employees are given time off during Christmas, 10 days to enjoy the luxury Mediterranean cruises.

Beyonce and Birkin bags U.S. $ 350 thousand
Beyonce is getting a special Christmas gift from her husband Jay-Z the Birkin bag for U.S. $ 350 thousand. Not only Birkin bag bought Jay-Z for his wife. Single Ladies hitmaker was also getting some other luxury gifts.

Not to be outdone, R & B singer Beyonce Knowles was a surprise to her husband rapper Jay-Z to give a gift worth U.S. $ 2 million.

This is a birthday gift to Jay-Z-41 (2010), her prize of a luxury car Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport. This super luxury car has a maximum speed of 407 km / h and accelerates from rest to a speed of 100 km / h in less than 2.7 seconds.

To get a sports car, the former personnel Destiny's Child birth Houston, Texas will have to wait up to one year. Beyonce's gift of the complete collection of luxury cars owned by Jay-Z.

Jennifer Garner and 7-carat diamond ring
As a Christmas gift, Ben Affleck gives her wife Jennifer Garner a special gift in the form of a 7-carat diamond ring. The prize was deliberately prepared for his wife because he has been a good mother.

Suri Cruise and Christmas gift of U.S. $ 130 thousand
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes reportedly spent U.S. $ 130 thousand to provide Christmas gifts for her only daughter, Suri Cruise. They buy all desired goods of Suri.

Suri Cruise has even made a list for Christmas presents. She wanted a pony horse. And Cruise has seen a pony around Beverly Hills. Not only that, Suri Cruise is also requested bought a gift of diamond earrings and expensive dress that will make a five-year-old girl was dressed like a princess in a fairy tale.