Kim Jong-un as fashion icon because hairstyle

Kim Jong un
Kim Jong un

The fact, Kim Jong-un who succeeded his father, Kim Jong-il, also known as fashion icon because his hairstyle. When Kim Jong-il praised as a fashion icon fashion observers for consistency khaki tunic suit, his youngest son, Kim Jong-un as icon by the hair style.

28-year-old young general was starting a new trend among the youth of North Korea through a slick haircut by shaving high on both sides of the head above the ear. Kim Jong-un haircut instantly became a favorite of young people of North Korea.

This is evident from the many young people queue at the barber in Pyongyang, who asked a similar haircut the new leader. Kim Jong-un own style apparently took inspiration from his grandfather, Kim Il-sung. Similarly, Mao-style suit that is very similar to the clothing that is often used his grandfather.

In interviews with North Korean news agency, KCNA, hairdressers An Su-gil said, Kim Jong un hairstyle is now a popular trend of young people.

"Hair style Kim Jong-Un be loved because it illustrates the spirit of youth and ambition," he said.

Kim Jong-un hairstyle
Kim Jong-un hairstyle

It is also revealed North Korea's national newspaper, Rodong Sunmun, which states that Kim Jong-un haairstyle as a reflection of breath the young of North Korea, which also gives a positive feel in the transition government.

Outside of positive breath sown Kim Jong-un through the haircut, the analysts argue that the inspiration Kim Il-sung style that carried Jong-un is a strategic approach to captivate the hearts of the people.

In fact, rumors said that Kim Jong-un even plastic surgery to look like his grandfather. Telegraph wrote that the youngest member of the Kim dynasty is very similar to Kim Il-sung.

"He has a chubby face shape just like his grandfather, as well as the form of the chin and mouth similar lines. Far different from the photo Kim Jong un teens who did not like Kim Il-sung," as quoted from the Telegraph, which will help ensure rumors that North Korea wanted to ensure the position of Kim Jong-un as his successor government to be the reincarnation of the founder of North Korea.

But beyond the rumors associated with her position as the "Dear Leader" new in North Korea, Kim Jong-un is the youth with the desire and the same hobby with hundreds of other young men in the world.

Before being called back to North Korea, Kim Jong-un was educated in Bern, Switzerland and is a basketball fan. Even some of his friends testified that Kim Jong Un often draw sketches Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan.

Kim Jong-un also has a photo of himself with a couple of basketball player Kobe Bryant and Toni Kukoc. Not only that, Jong-un also has its own love of sneakers. It says a source, Kim Jong un has a large collection Nike shoes of valuable $200 USD.