Gothia hairstyle Irwan Team Hairdesign

Gothia hairstyle
Gothia hairstyle

People has the unique character, needs also tastes different in appearance. Included in the choice of hairstyle. For this reason, Irwan Team Hairdesign create a collection of latest hairdo, with 12 pieces of style options and different styling.

Is adolescent women from 80 countries who gathered in the 2011 opening of the Gothia Cup in Sweden as a source of inspiration. Irwan Team Hairdesign create diversity of styles inspired hair trend of young people from various countries in the arena of world-level sports tournaments. Women who look pretty natural, freely and happily gave birth to the idea of ​​hair styling trends of 2012.

Shown with a refreshing hairstyle may not be the first time presented. However, collections hairdos that provides more choice cuts and the creation of hair coloring, become a major different from Gothia hair trends from Irwan Team Hairdesign.

Irwan Rovani, founder of Irwan Team Hairdesign said, every woman can look younger with a customized clipping shape face shape. A fresh and youthful appearance of hair styles do not just rely on the piece, but also the type of clipping.

"This type of short cutout in the back layer, and the longer the face frame can be used as a solution to give a natural effect and face lifting," said Irwan in a press release.

hair style
hair style

In addition to cutting hair style, Gothia appearance can also be applied to different tastes in women through staining. Irwan explained, the young can be produced memorable performances from hair coloring with a selection of basic colors. "Choose a base color, one or two younger than the original hair color. Give a touch of color light golden highlights or brown, to give the look more chic and stylish," he explained.

You can choose the style hair cuts and styling for short to long, according to taste, character, lifestyle as well, from 12 collections of Gothia hairstyle Irwan Team Hairdesign:

1. Angelic Fairy
Short pixie style cut-out cup is suitable for a more dynamic appearance. The impression gained from the young and stylish blend of brown color with lighter highlights.

2. Dazzling Fairy
Messy hairdo can be applied to the style of Angelic Fairy pieces. Only with the help of styling wax and finger style, the look of your hair more volume.

3. Flaming Lady
You are still loyal to cut long hair? This collection can be chosen. Flaming Lady hairstyle suitable for long-haired woman with hair texture is not too much volume. If you like the appearance of dramatic effect, give a touch of reddish hair color.

4. Red Princess
Long hair with high cutout layers can be easily arranged with a mild curly style.

5. Exotic Fairy
This time, Irwan Team Hairdesign creative with hair cut short, still showing the girly but funky. This impression arises from the model not only haircuts, but also from staining. Applications silvery color with pink shade effect on each strand of hair produces a beautiful exotic appearance.

6. Blooming Rose
Memorable neat short haircut but this dynamic into recommendations Hairdesign Irwan Team for women with high confidence. Cutting and coloring hair style with a unique technique also makes a reddish appearance and hair style is attracting attention. So, do not be surprised if many eyes fixed on you.

7. Immortal Star
Medium haircut is fairly simple but special. Staining technique and a haircut gave the appearance of different total tub famous star. A touch of purple and blue highlights with dark ambience, providing a unique hair style for those who dare to be different.

8. The Lady
Medium length haircuts tend to accentuate this impression of elegance with a touch screen highlights. Paired bold color that is applied to give the impression of warmth.

9. The Lunar
Bob haircut would also favored 2012. Bob cut is simple with a touch of golden color gives the appearance of chic and stylish.

10. Classic Fairy
Bob cut with volume arrangement gives a feel of fun and refreshing in style short hair tends to this medium.

11. Snow Fairy
Model length haircut can be styled a la Snow Fairy to give the impression of glamor to the simple clipping.

12. Queen of Gothia
Women who want to look elegant with minimal clipping for long hair can choose this style. Unique shades of brown to give a dramatic impression.