Julia Schneider body too skinny into spotlight in fashion industry

Julia Schneider
Julia Schneider

Julia Schneider into the spotlight on her victory in the prestigious model contest 'Elite Model Look', in Shanghai, China. Not because of her achievements, but because of Julia Schneider body too skinny.

Beat dozens of fashion models from various countries, its emergence as the winner of criticism about the image of a beautiful model in the fashion industry. Its emergence is feared encourage deviant behaviors such as anorexia and bulimia.

As the winner, Julia Schneider would have appeared in numerous fashion campaigns. No wonder, if the number of people worried about the model 15 years from Gavle, Sweden, will provoke a lot of women to be people with eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia.

"Julia Schneider more than the anorexic model look like a model of stylish, fashion industry should have a standard," said a critic in The Montreal Gazette, as quoted from the Daily Mail.

Julia Schneider model
Julia Schneider model

Professor Nada Stotland, psychologists at Rush Medical College, Chicago, who is also Vice President of the American Psychiatric Association says, the emergence of skinny models in the media would affect people with eating disorders.

Image of a beautiful woman who displayed Julia Schneider feared trigger anorexia. The image that will provoke picture skinny model as the ideal body shape. "We know that the skinny model play a role in triggering the case of anorexia," said Stotland as quoted from USA Today.

Prohibition Model Squash
Julia Schneider case is nothing new in the world of fashion. The Australian Government has warned the perpetrators of the fashion industry for not showing skinny models in public. The fashion designer requested product is no longer using the services of female models with body mass index (BMI) is very low.

The Australian government issued a number of criteria agreed upon ideal body is also the country's Heart Foundation. This criterion will be the reference for designers, as well as magazines and advertising industries. Models are too thin may not appear on the catwalks or the women's lifestyle magazine.

The local government concerned, the appearance of the models with body weight well below the ideal body mass index will provoke a surge of patients with eating disorders.

Body Mass Index was calculated from body weight (kilograms) divided by height squared (square meters). As an illustration, a person weighing 70 kilograms and 160 centimeters in height has a body mass index of 27.4 kilograms per square meter. Figures that sets it in the obese category came after dividing the number 70 kilograms to 2.56 square meters.