Darren Webster discovered silver jewelry a relic of Viking King

Darren Webster
Darren Webster

Darren Webster, recently discovered a box containing about 200 silver jewelry. Allegedly, it is artifacts a relic of Viking King in the 10th century.

Silver jewelry including coins, bracelets and other jewelry belonging to a luxury in that time.

The process of the invention these objects are not accidental. Darren Webster is a fan of metal detectors is a walk. He then stopped in a field near Conforth, northern England. He then tried the tool he was carrying a metal detector.

Unexpectedly, a tool that shows a metal detector in the basement. It shows there is a metal tool that is embedded at a depth of three feet or 0.9 meters below ground.

Silver Jewelry
Silver Jewelry

"The machine told me to find some kind of silver," Darren Webster said as quoted by foxnews. "I was a little disappointed, as I only saw the pot. Then I picked it up, that's when the pieces of silver began to fall."

A total of 201 silver consist of 27 coins, 10 bracelets, two rings, a series of subtle, and 14 bars. The objects were then exhibited at the British Museum.

These objects is estimated to have been buried since 900 AD or when the Vikings expelled from Dublin and was involved with the Anglo-Saxon battle for control of northern England.

On the coins contained Harthacnut name, crosses, and inscriptions which indicate that the Vikings had converted to Christianity. "I have not found anything that big before, so this truly remarkable discovery," Webster said as quoted from metro.co.uk.

Meanwhile, the curator of medieval coins, Dr Gareth Williams said this was the first discovery of Viking King of the objects since 1840.

"It may be buried in a hurry to keep it safe. Then there must be a reason why the owner did not take it back. The possibility of the owner was killed in battle," said William.