How to treat leather bag

leather bag
leather bag

Genuine leather bags, especially those made from reptile skins like snakes, monitor lizards and crocodiles, are usually sold at expensive prices. But you need to be careful, because the expensive price is not necessarily legal. Leather bag that is legal that has the logo "CITES" on the back of brand handbags. CITES (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is an international agreement between governments. The goal is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival. With these certifications mean bag manufacturer has received official permission from the government to produce bag from genuine leather. The use of leather is considered not to break the rules of the raw materials that are environmentally friendly, with respect to reptiles (or other animal) whose skin is used for raw materials such purse. Not all entrepreneurs have leather handbags official permission from the government.

Therefore, the least knowledge of the legal manufacture of bags you can make the handle to select a quality leather bag. In addition to checking the CITES certification, you also can choose a leather bag from its aroma. "If the leather bag smells fishy, it is definitely less than perfect process. That means less quality products," said Anto Suroto, owner of Exotic Scano Indonesia, one of the local leather manufacturers that use a lot of reptile skin as a raw material. Leather bag made of reptile skin also needs to be treated to make it more durable.
leather handbags
leather handbags

Anto gives a few tips on how to treat leather bag:
The first thing you should do is save in the flannel bag or plastic. This is to keep the color and material of the bags that are not easily damaged. For bags made from hard, you should always be stored into the the box.

Second, when not in use, fill the bag with paper bag fillers so you do not change shape. Better not use newspaper because it will effect color bag. Use parchment paper or plastic instead.

Tips third, if your bags have details or accessories such as crystals or stones, should be wrapped with bubble wrap (plastic with bubbles) before input into the box. This is so the accessories are protected from impact or pressure of other objects.

Fourth, you have to do when your bag is stained, clean with a dry cloth so the stain does not absorb the material the bag. If the stain is difficult to lose, do not try to experiment. Immediately brought to the bag that has been a professional repairman.

Tips five is to not waste the usual silica gel you get when purchasing a handbag. Silica gel bags to keep moisture and not easy to mold. Always store silica gel in your bag.

Sixth, remove the bag periodically to get fresh air to avoid mildew and musty odors. Take out at least once a week and winds. Keep a bag of exposure to direct sunlight or light colors so that no faded.