Makeup techniques make younger and older

Kim Kardashian makeup

Hello friends... the fact make up can be made you more youthful appearance by applying some makeup techniques. Vice versa, when you look older when using certain make up techniques.

Consider some makeup techniques that magically makes you look younger, and be careful of some of the techniques that make you looks older, as quoted from Genius Beauty.

Dark shades on cheekbones make you look older. Daub blush with darker tones aim to make the face smoother and hide very prominent cheekbones. But unfortunately, this would make you look older. Take a look at Victoria Beckham is stuck in this technique.

Meanwhile, fresh blush of pink or peach can make you much younger. Young face that always looks fresh and flushed. Choose shades of pink and peach cheek bone pad, then apply the above to coarse powder shimmering glow. This technique is often used by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Let your attention to makeup frequently used Kim Kardashian. With the heavy makeup, beauty experts predict women will look 20 years older.

If you want a younger looking skin, use a liquid foundation that gives light to your skin. Apply foundation with your fingers. If you have very dry skin, apply using a moisturizer, such as those conducted by Sharon Stone.

Jennifer Aniston makeup

Lipstick and eyeshadow
Matte texture and a darker color will add life to your appearance. Meanwhile, with bright colored lipstick and eyeshadow with shimmer effect will smooth fine lines on your face and look more fresh.

Lip Gloss
Lip gloss is a potent weapon to make your lips look fuller, sexy, and humid. But, you must, but be careful in use it. Do not let your fate like Miley Cyrus who apply lip gloss to the entire lip to lip gloss visible light in the corner of her mouth. In the old woman, who apply to the entire lip gloss will only make the frown lines on the lips appear more clearly.

Instead, use a lip gloss application techniques like Angelina Jolie. Apply lip gloss just in the middle of the lower lip to make lips look sexy and fresh.

In addition to the makeup techniques, make sure you always remember the following techniques. Makeup that can make you more like the old brown lipstick, pale face, black eyeliner and blue eyeshadow. While makeup can make you younger is bright eyeshadow in the corner of the eye in and under the eyebrows, golden bronze to apply to the jaw and neck, and curl lashes.

Techniques smokey eyes will certainly make you look dramatic and different. But on the other hand, this makeup technique will make your older because dark colors can press the red color on the eyes, as happened on Milla Jovovich.

In contrast, white or silver eyeliner on the bottom eye line to make eyes look whiter, clearer and even larger. For instance, conducted by Jennifer Aniston.