Kate dress worth $ 115

Kate dress

In fact, everything related to Kate Middleton has always been the center of attention. Including clothing that is worn wife of Prince William. Kate dress will be discussed starting from the model until the price.

And that's what happens when she attended a charity event with the royal family. In the event, Kate which was accompanied by William wore a dark colored mini dress. The dress is straight into the spotlight so she got out of the car.

Kate dress Zara output worth U.S. $ 115. Kate dress complement wore a jacket made ​​by Ralph Lauren. She was smiling and talking to her husband.

Kate Middleton dress

The royal couple sitting next line with both parents of William, Prince Charles and Camila. In the show, Camila also took her daughter from a previous marriage, Laura Lopes and Sara Parker Bowles.

Before the event started, Prince William took time to talk seemed to Gary Barlow. Barlow is known as a singer who joined the British pop group, Take That. Kate dress worth $ 115 look classic style but she more elegance and beautiful.