Pros and Cons Kids Salon

Salon for children
Salon for children

I believe you ever seen special salon for children that offers haircut services in the middle of the room full of games and entertainment typical of the children. But, have you ever seen the kids salon that offers services of beauty treatments like old people style?

In the middle of the pros and cons, kids salon that provides beauty care facilities like mature women increasingly proliferated in several countries.

In the United States of AMerica, salons with a child client, who has not even stepped on secondary schools, such mushroomed in almost all corners of the city. The treatment is offered not just scissors or shampoo, but also blow out, cream bath, manicure, until the bikini wax.

Disturbingly, many parents are not concerned with that phenomenon. They even support kids are still undergoing treatment under the style of women.

With a number of painful procedures, Rose Gallagher actually saw such care as a necessity for her daughter, who turned 11 years old. "I think it's part of hygiene. It is better done early," she said on the show 'Good Morning America'.

kids salon
kids salon

Problem of pain will be felt her daughter, she calmly said, "I do not worry if she feels okay with the pain."

Beehives and Buzzcuts salon owner, Karolyn Massey, said on ABC, ever give one year old clients a hairdressing, facials, and even a manicure. "There's always a market for little girls who need special time and love."

New York City's Sothys Spa, which also took the children market, no doubt provides a variety of treatments, like facials head with a lemon, as well as hair relaxing, is kids favorite.

No matter the psychological side, a number of salons for children that also did not feel guilty about giving chemical-based treatments for kids clients. Of course, this sparked criticism from many people who see it as early mature of little girls.

"If you tell your daughter that Saturday will spend six hours to care for head to toe, it is important what will she catch?" said Dana Edell, founder of Spark, as quoted from the Daily Mail.

They'll think, she adds, it is important for them to spend time and money just to make them beautiful and more beautiful. This danger because it can affect their personality is only concerned with appearance soon. And, even they can grow as a spendthrift kids.

Kids salons like this is not yet widely in Asia. But, for you who have small children should be alert because it is not impossible that cultural currents of foreign will strong influence beauty trends and child care businesses in your country.