10 worst trends of 2011

bandage dresses
bandage dresses

Fashion trends do not always make fashion followers look pretty. Some of them even make the user look weird or excessive.

Here's a list of 10 worst trends of 2011 by Kwala Mandel, a beauty editor of Yahoo, Shine, and several times to write for InStyle Magazine.

1. Heavy eye makeup
Who would not want to be born with thick lashes and tapering. Because not everyone is born so perfect, eye makeup such as eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara invented. But, many of which misrepresented the beauty of eye makeup. Mean heart makes the eye more talk, the artists are actually making the overall appearance is very dramatic.

Call it Kim Kardahsian and Nicki Minaj. "Humans have a more beautiful lashes than false eyelashes. This trend looks like there are beings in their eyes," says Chanel makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin, who once worked for Lea Michele, and Emma Stone.

2. Diet occupation
Diet occupation surged in popularity this year, when Kate Middleton and her family lost body mass before the Royal Wedding. "High protein, low carbohydrate diets such as to cope with anxiety," says Wendy Bazilian, DrPH, RD, nutritionist Golden Door Spa and author of "The Diet Rx superfoods."

According to him, many people thought this diet would work to lose weight quickly and they think they can get their weight back. "This diet limits the intake, but you should think about what you eat so that nutrients can be maintained, while losing weight," he said.

By eating healthy carbs from whole grains, beans, and potatoes, the nutrients will remain awake and will not make fat.

3. Animal print
"I will ask the women think twice about using animal print," says stylist Erin Kimmy, who once worked for Katherine Heigl.

No wonder if Kimmy feel tired with a variety of animal print products that so far this year the body wrap not only artists but also the women on the street. The reason, including animal print fashion trend that is quite difficult for the combined. The result, many people are stuck on this trend. Rather than look elegant and luxurious, they actually looks imposing appearance.

"There are too many motives leopard motifs that look cheap compared with the classic look and beautiful," he said.


4. P90x exercise
Discovered last year, the latest DVD version of this sport makes people addicted. "This is great in proportion sufficient, but many people are addicted and do it very intense making more risks than benefits," says Wendy Bazilian.

5. Bandage dresses
Trends in body wrapped tight mini DREs artists throughout the year 2011. Call it Jennifer Love Hewitt. Bandage dress as if she wanted show the wearer's body. But, it looks very wrong when the wearer does have a very slim body or a body shape that is not perfect.

Of course, not everyone can use this trend. Moreover, they look like a choke in the dress. "It is time for the women using the trend is more forgiving," says columnist Jeffrey Slonim.

6. Super stilettos
Which artists are not infatuated with the beauty of Louboutins complete with platform and stilleto. Sexy. But, it seems you should immediately switch to flat shoes or kitten heels so that your back pain is getting worse. Surely you do not want to spend money for hospital expenses due to back pain that you suffered, is not it?

7. Fisherman feathers
Feather hair accessories became one of this year. These hair accessories look very pretty hippie to add accents to your appearance. But, use it the wrong way it makes you look like a child.

8. Harem pants
This type of pants appeared three years ago and became popular in this year. Occurrences harem pants trend pointed out as modifications MC hammer pants in the late 80's. It looked very ancient.

9. Wedge booties
One trend that emerged throughout this year is the wedge ankle boot. Many lovers of fashion like Rachel Bilson released 'Shoe Mint' with the dominant collection of wedge ankle boot. One thing is certain, the shoes will not make your legs look long, but make your feet swell like.

10. Pantyhose
While Kate Middleton got a lot of praise because it has inspired fashion taste in dress, he also introduced a more re-use of pantyhose you know called skin-colored stockings. "I think, is very outdated," said Tim Gunn.