Why Louis Vuitton sue Warner Bros?

Louis Vuitton bag
Louis Vuitton bag

I believe you know the brand Louis Vuitton bag? Especially if you see the motif of the LV, everyone knows that these bags are designed by French fashion house.

However, this would facilitate the plagiarist manufacturers of branded goods as goods made in China. Obviously, the producers will do everything possible to defend the royalties to the design that has been created.

It also is the basis why Louis Vuitton sue Warner Bros, as the producer of the comedy The Hangover Part II. Because, in the sequel to the film there are scenes where the characters played by Zack Galifianakis role Alan Garner using the bags that are very similar to the LV, complete with icon signs.

At the scene, the character Zack said Stu, "Be careful, it is Louis Vuitton". However, LV bags that used to insist that Zack was a fake produced by Diophy, known as a manufacturer of copycat goods renowned designers.

Louis Vuitton is known to have filed a lawsuit against Diophy. And now back to Hollywood film production company sued on the grounds there is a chance the public will be confused whether LV bag sponsor or authorize the production of plagiarism by Diophy.

Warner Bros
Warner Bros

According to the lawsuit, Louis Vuitton objection if the Warner Bros show scene, while the film company has released a DVD movie Hangover Part II. The fashion house that often produces luxury fashion products are also asked Warner Bros to eliminate pirated handbags like LV in the film.

On the Warner Bros itself, this suit adds length sequel to the airing of the issue of insanity Zack Galifianakis and his friends.

Previously, Warner Bros sued by a tattoo artist, Victor Whitmill, which has made tattoo designs to face Mike Tyson. Admittedly, this Hangover sequel did not ask her permission to use Mike Tyson's tattoo designs on the face of the character Stu. But, Warner Bros finally pay compensation to the Whitmill.

Not only that, a stuntman also sue Warner Bros. after suffering a physical injury while filming the chase scene by car. The same was done by a screenwriter who claims that his ideas have been stolen and used in this screenplay.