Unique application procession in America

unique application procession
unique application procession

Most people think if apply procession was very thrilling, especially for men. However, the procession this application does not have to do with classic style, kneeling and thrusting the ring alone. Some people actually make a procession of application to be unique and unforgettable. Add some of the creations of your imagination to apply not seem unusual.

But in the year 2011, the procession is proposed to not only performed by men only, but also women. Here are some unique application procession in America during the year 2011. May be appropriate to have with you are planning to get married 2012, and are interested in adopting this unique style of application:

- Knight's armor
Katherine and Jack was very fond of mountain climbing. It is then inspired him to propose his girlfriend on the mountain and dressed as knights in armor.

"On the mountain I began to hear the music of the Renaissance and then I asked him what he had heard it too, but he continued to ignore me and continue to climb. Suddenly, our friend dress up with costumes dragon came out from behind a tree and began to pretend to attack . Jack was ripped off his jacket and found he was using armor. He yelled at me, 'Do not worry, I'll protect you,'. After defeating the dragon he took the tiara of trees and knelt as he asked me to be a princess and married her life partner. Of I said yes," recalls Katherine.

- Car theft
Matt proposed to Arianna by working with the police. "Matt is a police officer, and when he was called on duty he had forgotten to bring his bag. And I was followed, when returning home my car was reported stolen car, eventually I was arrested and accused of drinking. Suddenly a police car spare stopped and suddenly I saw Matt knelt down and said, 'Honey, have you stolen my heart. Will you marry me?' and I said, yes," said Arianna.

- Dentists
Ryan pretended toothache complains and asks Samantha to deliver to the dentist. Samantha initially was hesitant but finally agreed and he still drove Ryan to the dentist. But then Samantha's assistant doctor was invited into the examination room. "They say that there is something wrong with Ryan's dental X-rays and they wanted me to see it. It turned out that under X-rays, teeth visible in a diamond ring and he asked me to marry him," said Samantha.

- The vacuum
A Christian when applying for a reasoned Christina asked her to go to Vegas. However, they go flying to the vacuum. At the end of the flight, Christian make sure all objects are hovering. "Then he proposed to me and say that this ring floating in front of my face and it's very magical," said Christina.

unique style of application
unique style of application

- Dolphin
Eric asks help of a dolphin as an 'introduction' ring for his girlfriend Ashley when they were vacationing in the Bahamas. "Dolphins are biting a ribboned box and in it contains the ring and then I proposed to her," said Eric.

- The museum
Museum was also able to be a place of unique applications such as those conducted by Amanda and her boyfriend. "My fiance proposed to me, kneeling in the middle of the museum pages where we both become 'tourists' day and he asked me to marry him," said Amanda.

- Lego world
Lego models are unique and require high creativity was at the Randy use to impress his girlfriend Angela. Randy made a replica of Scarlett's house from the movie Gone with the Wind which is Angela's favorite movie. This house has no door handles and Randy tells her lover to open the roof of his house and look into it. "In it turns out there is a beautiful ring, and he asked me," said Angela.

- Buried treasure
Unique applications couples procession Wilton and Aqua carried out under the sea while scuba diving. In Australia, Aqua first time scuba diving, but after a depth of several meters, Wilton was already putting a 'treasure chest'. "I was very surprised and excited to open it, but after opening it a ring and he proposed to me," recalled Aqua.

- Library
Who says the book was boring, the evidence is Paul doing something unique to propose his girlfriend through the book. He is arranging a room filled with books that are sold. On one side, he made a book of her life with her lover, and at the end of the book he was putting his picture using the same clothes and knelt down to propose.

"After he read all the pages of books and came to the back cover, I knelt and proposed to her," said Paul.

- Parachuting
If more challenged to do something more extreme, skydiving can be done to apply you know. "My fiance first jump from the plane and I followed behind him. Then when looking to the mainland, I saw a big banner that read 'Brandi, will you marry me?'. Arriving at the ground, he knelt down and gave his grandmother's ring to me," says Brandi.

- Special food
If applying by putting the ring in the glass drinks, already looks normal just try to use food as done by Ken and Nicole. When planning a date for the weekend, Ken made a surprise Nicole with a limousine pick up and drive her to go to a salon and drove him back to his home.

"It was Ken's waiting at home and in my house there was a cook chef Eric Wells six meals for us, then he knelt and proposed to me to ring her grandmother," said Nichole.

Interested in adopting this unique style of application in next year? Or you create unique application procession for your love.
source: MSN