Angry Birds dress affect fashion industry

Angry Birds dress
Angry Birds dress

The fact of Angry Birds cartoon characters also affect the world of fashion. Teija Vesterbacka socialite wearing evening dress appeared red cartoon bird (Angry birds).

Angry Birds cartoon phenomenon seems to take influence on the world fashion industry. Evident from the rise of fashion products that are sold now many creations featuring images of the red bird figure was grumpy.

There are more fantastic again, that is when the Angry Birds suddenly appear in an evening gown worn Teija Vesterbacka, wife of the CEO of Rovio, Peter Vesterbacka, while attending a dinner at the home of President of Finland.

Red gown Teija's one-shoulder cut with a hint of Angry Birds face on the right side. Eyebrows black Angry Birds serve as hooks that are embedded in the shoulder dress. The material is made of silk satin with detail drapes from the bust to the waist.

"Quite a shock when there is a socialite wearing evening dress cartoon Angry Birds at dinner, especially at the presidential house. But, this could be an indication that the fashion trends in character animation is being crazy," said fashion observers and a British columnist Ella Alexander told the Telegraph.

angry birds shirt
angry birds shirt

A number of animated movie character inspired dress style number of fashionista in the world. Not just Angry Birds, they are also fond of clothing such as Disney cartoon Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snoopy, Tweety, and Hello Kitty.

Animated characters are present in the form shirts, nightgowns, minidress, until the evening dress. Childhood memories of the cartoon figures were allegedly to be the main cause of style dress of this model. In addition, the funny and adorable character attached to them also affect the mood of the wearer.

"Kinds of cartoon characters Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, and Hello Kitty is a cartoon character that had many fans and has been there since we were children, now grown. Sure if fashion trends featuring their images, the effect would be enormous," said Belinda White a fashion observers.

Growing mode of passion, fashion designers and renowned retailers began creating cartoon character latest creations in fashion industry. They include Marc Jacobs, Debenhams and Harvey Nichols.

Disney Couture that gave birth to dress the character of Alice in Wonderland also sprayed the impact of fashion trends animation. One of the renowned designer, Marc Jacobs, create derivative dress by Alice entering characters into a series of ready-made clothing. Use of a lot of wear cotton jersey material, silk, satin, and chiffon.

To enrich the look, some of these materials are not only used as jerseys, but also formed into a lot of dresses and minidress met some drapes and embroidery detail.

One thing that is in question, when the right time to wear a shirt or dress in character animation. Typically, such clothing is worn when relaxing and partying. But, with the presence of Angry Birds dress belonging Teija Vesterbacka at the home of President of Finland, break all the existing opinions and animated cartoons to prove that the dress was fine though worn at formal events.

Previously, two Hollywood celebrities, Hailey Berry and Paris Hiton ever seen wearing a T-shirt with cartoon animation. The actress who played James Bond film was caught on camera while watching a tennis match wearing a picture of Mickey Mouse T-shirt combined with stripes vest.

While Paris Hilton appeared in public wearing a black T-shirt color-illustrated cartoon Power Puff Girls. Rihanna, the singer is also a fan of t-shirt picture of Mickey Mouse.

While Suri, the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, is a fan of Hello Kitty bags. The character animation is not just exist in the form of clothing, but also accessories, shoes, watches, clothes and sports products. Collector has reached thousands, even hundreds of thousands around the world.