New Year tradition in other Countries

New Year
New Year

Every people around the World have their own customs and traditions when celebrate the New Year. If you are getting bored with the feast of so only, try to see the traditions in New Years of other countries.

Who knows, could be inspired to make the celebration a different and certainly impressive. Just peep the new year traditions in other countries, as quoted from the NY Daily News.

1. Australia
On December 31 in Australia is summer. Most of Australian people will spend New Year with a holiday at the beach and enjoy seafood.

2. Korea
Coming to the turn of the year, the Korean community held a special ceremony to honor his ancestors. Children will pray and hope that the parents in the new year will be happier. By performing the traditional reverence.

Australia New Year
Australia New Year

3. Spain and Portugal
When the clock is showing the middle of the night, the people of Portugal and Spain will eat grapes. They eat grapes amounted to 12. It has a philosophy, each month brings good luck.

4. Japan
When the new year changed, the Japanese people will laugh together. They believe in laughing a concern in previous years will be lost and happiness in welcoming the new year.

5. Burma
During traditional festival Thingyan, Burmese New Year, the people will flood it with each other. This is a clear sign to enter the new year.

6. Austria
Pigs in Austria is a symbol of good luck. So, in celebration of New Year parties are often held pigs. The tables were decorated cake shaped little pig made ​​of marzipan, maple syrup, fudge, and chocolate.

What's the New Year traditions in your area?