Who are celebrities owner coolest hair in the world?

Rihanna hair height=
Rihanna hair
Fresh study found that part of a woman who noticed the man is the first time is HAIR. Naturally if these five celebrity get praise the coolest hair in the world. Who are celebrities owner coolest hair in the world?

Hairdo experts from Indonesia, Rudy Hadisuwarno mention five celebrities who have the charm of the world's foremost hair was singer Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Middleton.

"They were able to adjust hairstyles face shape, personality, and demeanor," Rudy said as quoted from Okezone.com (December 29, 2011).

Victoria Beckham hairstyle and Rihanna while singing "Umbrella", recognized Rudy, did influence hair trends of the world. Model of the classic short bob looks very proper stretcher and easily applied to anyone.

Victoria Beckham hair
Victoria Beckham hair

"Victoria's hair is not too extreme like Rihanna, who dared to dye her hair to red light despite their dark skin color. But both could have a big impact," said this hairdo expert.

Although the skin color of the singer of "California King Bed" is relatively dark, Rudy did not suggest an Asian woman to dye her hair red, too.

"Not to be followed. Because, to be adjusted first by profession, character, and how they respond to others' views of everyday life," he said.

In contrast to the Victoria Beckham and Rihanna, this friendly guy assess the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has always managed to steal the world's attention with a healthy shiny hair.

Kate Middleton hair
Kate Middleton hair

"Kate's hair always looks beautiful, without excessive effort. Kate Middleton did not try to be someone else with a hairstyle that, but the fall is good," said the man was wearing glasses.

Rudy did not deny, when Jennifer Aniston played Rachel in the television series "Friends" hairdo be booming. And Rachel's hair style is actually immortal, so it is still trendy even impressed a few years into the future.

"It deserves to be applied the next few years because the model long-lasting. Straight hair with slightly shaggy short trap," Rudy explained.

Talking about Sarah Jessica Parker, praise endlessly out of Rudy's lips when talking about hair Carrie Bradshaw character in the Television series.

"To me, she's unique. When someone else to straighten her hair, instead she has preserved her curly hair that is consistent with her personality. Sarah Jessica Parker can also customize hair with clothes and shoes to wear," said Rudy.