Samsung Galaxy Note for Fashionable person

Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Note

If you are fashionable person and exist dabbling in the glamorous world of fashion, then it's not enough if the only important fashion items such as white shirts plus a black blazer, skinny jeans and high heels to boost your appearance. It needs a device that makes you more confident among colleagues and support your fashion. Then what is device that can support the appearance and value of these fashion? The answer is you must have the Samsung Galaxy Note! Yes, this Samsung's latest gadget output have thousands of reasons to carry the famous fashion show, social gathering, social gathering socialites, as well as meetings with clients who are able to make them stunned with your gadgets.

Samsung Galaxy Note with the Android 2.3 operating system Gingerbread and height up to 1.4 GHz processor, so there was no buffering when streaming video on YouTube to see the latest fashion reference, the appearance of K-Pop artist, or your favorite Hollywood celebrity. In addition, for those who can not get away from movies and TV series from Korea, Hollywood, India and England, like Birdie Buddy, Sherlock Holmes, Bhindi Bazaar, and the Canterbury Tales, not to worry because the applications on the Samsung Apps Premier Viki will allow you to watch all the movies and TV Series with a comfortable favorite on-screen 5.3" HD is Samsung's AMOLED Super Galaxy Note.


As nostalgia to the early 2000's, when it creates a lot of mobile phone manufacturers who can only operate the stylus into the phone screen. Now, Samsung Galaxy Note again popularized the instrument with the name S Pen. Many things can be done S Pen in the Samsung Galaxy Note, you can maximize the creation and imagination to create visual variety, such as sketching clothing designs for your fashion business, cropping photos capture the picture first and then can be directly pasted into another image or can directly sent via e-mail, SMS, and conversations in chat.

S Pen has a container for more creation and imagine a way to download applications that are within the S Choice. In it you can download a special application for the S Pen, such as OmniSketch, Makeup, and Zen Brush.

As a complement to the fashionable, makeup face would not miss. Well, lucky if you are happy or want to learn grooming because Samsung Galaxy Note has a makeup application guide can be downloaded at S Choice called Makeup. It was easy to do, simply choose an existing photo model in Makeup, photo on your Facebook, in your photo album or take a picture when it's too direct and in-cropping to a size close-ups. If you've set the selected image you can simply create as much as possible to add eye shadow, lipstick and flirty, the foundation faces a minimalist, and much more. Interesting is not it?

Arrange meetings, get together with colleagues, to ensure ourselves to come into fashion events? Samsung Galaxy Note has S Planner that allows you to create schedules and manage as they pleased. Then, to facilitate the daily work, take advantage of Office in the Polaris Galaxy Note that an application for the office ranging from Word, Excel, and Power Point

Actually there are many practical reasons for the Samsung Galaxy Note that you must have it to your fashionable, but it feels better if you yourself find those reasons. With a choice of black and white, of course, you can customize with your daily appearance.