Eva Ekvall and celebrities who fight against breast cancer

Eva Ekvall breast cancer
Eva Ekvall breast cancer

Story of Eva Ekvall against cancer was stomping. At 28 years old, Miss Venezuela who won the Miss Universe third runner up in 2001, has breathed her last breath from breast cancer.

Eva Ekvall too late to receive a diagnosis of the cancer disease. Makes it hard to survive after nearly two years of struggling with a variety of treatments including chemotherapy, radiation, and mastectomy.

Eva Ekvall found out too late because the cancer disease was thought a lump in her breast just body changes due to pregnancy. "I am angry with myself, I should not ignore it. My aunt and my grandmother died of breast cancer."

She was a swell continued to weaken. The whole strand of hair on her head on leaving bald head. Fine hair on the eyebrows and eyelashes were falling out no trace.

"No one ever saw me bald, without makeup. It hurts to see myself in the mirror," she said through a book Eva Ekvall wrote before her death, titled 'Fuera de Coco or Out of Focus', as quoted from the Daily Mail.

Through the book that includes photographs that change the body during illness, Eva Ekvall want to convey a message about the importance of preventing breast cancer. Especially to the people in her country, in which breast implants and plastic surgery has become commonplace.

Celebrity Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is a scourge for women. Although not yet revealed the primary killer causes of disease after the cervix or cervical cancer, it can be triggered by genetics, and lifestyle too bad.

Breast cancer threatens all circles, not least the celebrity world. Of the many patients, the following five celebrities who fight against breast cancer:

1. Sheryl Crow
She was sentenced to suffer from breast cancer when entering the age of 48 years, in 2006. In the midst of stress facing the deadly disease, she split from Lance Armstrong, who is also a cancer fighter. For the sake of survival, she then adopted two boys while healing therapy.

Kylie Minogue breast cancer
Kylie Minogue breast cancer

2. Kylie Minogue
This sexy voiced singer accept the verdict of breast cancer in 2005. After undergoing surgery and chemotherapy for eight months, she was declared free of the deadly disease.

Been battling cancer, she accepted the offer as an icon of breast cancer campaign organized Breakthrough Breast Cancer. In the campaign, she was willing to be photographed without wearing topless woman in order to increase awareness of the disease.

3. Christina Applegate
Through a spokeswoman, Christina Applegate told the public was battling breast cancer, in August 2008. She deliberately did the early detection of disease because her mother was a person with breast and cervical cancer. Knowing the cancer at an early stage to make an effective healing therapy.

After recovering, movie player 'Samantha Who' is moved to help women with breast cancer by designing a necklace. Gain on sale necklace she donated to cancer foundation Right Action for Women Foundation.

4. Suzanne Somers
Her name is bounced through a number of roles in comedy series such as 'Step by Step' and 'Three's Company'. She was in the spotlight when receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer, nine years ago. Through a holistic therapy, she eventually recovered. She also briefly spoke at the 'Oprah Winfrey Show' about the power of the mind to heal the pain.

5. Cynthia Nixon
Women who are popular through the role of Miranda Hobbes in "S3x and the City 'is accept the verdict of breast cancer in 2006. After undergoing surgery and chemotherapy for 6 months she managed to climb out of that deadly disease. Recovering from illness, she decided to accept the offer as an ambassador for Susan G Komen, an organization that supports research about breast cancer.