Design of engagement rings are very popular in 2011

engagement ring
engagement ring

The fact engagement rings become a symbol of the relationship towards marriage. What kind of model of engagement rings are popular throughout 2011? Here's the record of engagement rings design are popular.

Generally, the man gives the ring as a sign application by adjusting the taste of her lover. There also are providing meaningful engagement ring, which ring the family legacy as done when Prince William applying for Kate Middleton.

Not only that, choose the wedding ring can also be done by looking at the character of the couple and the type of relationship. Different design of engagement rings, different types of relationships that run in a marriage. Here are some design of engagement rings are very popular in 2011:

1. Solange Azagury-Patridge Offering. This ring comes with an additional diamond eyes are not too large. But unique, this ring was silver or gold as usual but black. And this diamond section is supported by two pieces on the left palm of his right hand and also on the inside engraved a name.

2. Harry Winston Classic Winston. The ring is very unique with the addition of a small emerald flanked by baguette add sparkle to the ring.

Ivanka Trump engagement ring
Ivanka Trump engagement ring

3. Neil Lane Classic Cushion Cut. The engagement ring is designed with a touch of elegance and glamorous like celebrities with diamond eyes are quite large and rectangular with additional carving and a sprinkling of tiny diamonds on the side.

4. Bvlgari. Bvlgari designed the engagement ring to Venice Torcello. Incorporated in the design of this ring a touch of classic and modern. Bulgari's design focuses on a perfectly round shape diamonds and beautiful.

5. Anna Sheffield Hazeline Solitare. The design of engagement ring looks a bit sentimental because a stronger touch of classic with a thin ring and a large diamond eyes plus a unique carving on sides of the ring.

6. Ivanka Trump Signature Oval Band. Diamonds on engagement ring in the ring-shaped oval and its own is not plain, but has the shape of circles like bracelets.

7. Monique Pean Atelier with Interlocking Band. This engagement ring is a ring designed by the method of recycling and adding platinum to the edge of the ring as jewelry.

Kate Middleton ring

In addition to seven-ring design earlier, the engagement ring Prince William and Kate Middleton of the late Princess Diana, also a center of world attention. Ring studded with blue sapphire with 14 diamonds around it is becoming a trend in early 2011.

Replica engagement ring William-Kate style is selling well in England. Surely only the same design, but different raw materials. Replica ring is more affordable, priced at only six pounds. While the rings are worn Kate Middleton worth £ 28 000, the legacy of Princess Diana Princess of Wales Prince Charles given in February 1981.

Ring of stones surrounded by crystal clear blue shimmering light charmer, though not original as a circular ring on the Kate finger. Kate Middleton ring flooding the market, ranging in Debenhams UK, until the market including the world through online shopping on eBay and Amazon.
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