Sean Wingrove Smith living with half ear due to genetic disorder

Sean Wingrove Smith
Sean Wingrove Smith

Sean Wingrove-Smith 10-year-old boy from Walderslade, Kent, England smile happy and did not stop looking at his new ear in the mirror. He was no longer confused glasses leaned up to his ears that were previously not intact.

For 10 years, Sean Smith was living with the condition right ear only half grown. He suffered a disability due to a genetic disorder that is quite rare.

After passing a series of operations, a team of surgeons at Great Ormond Street Hospital took a small part as a replacement rib cartilage ear to perfect form. While as cover bone, the team of doctors grafted layer of skin taken from the scalp.

Sean Wingrove Smith suffered from Goldenhar syndrome, genetic disorder that affects one out of about 25 thousand babies. This syndrome is generally characterized by the cessation of development of the ears, lips or nose fetus in the womb.

The case of Wingrove Smith, not just the physical form of the right ear is not perfect, but it also affects his hearing.

"Although it is still deaf, but the results of these operations has encouraged his confidence," said Sean parents, Dee, 38, and Steve, 37, as quoted from the Daily Mail.