The meaning behind David Beckham tattoos

david beckham tattoos
david beckham tattoos
Tattoos or body art has grown rapidly in modern society. However, make tattoo is no easy matter to be decided. Before the needle is thrust above the surface of the skin ink, tattoo lovers must ensure that the design will be used to have significance for they.

When discussing tattoos, surely you will remember the famous celebrities who have tattoos in body, either because of personal pleasure or because tattoos have significant meaning to their lives.

One of the world celebrity that proudly show off his tattoo is David Beckham. Tattoo images can be viewed on one ad in H & M clothing that David Beckham as the model.

Not only because the likes body art, most of the tattoo owned David Beckham has significance for his life, especially after a married life with Victoria Beckham.

beckham tattoo
beckham tattoo

Here's the meaning behind David Beckham tattoos, as quoted from the Daily Mail.

'Brooklyn' on the lower back of David Beckham
In 1999, Beckham decided to make tattoo his first time after the birth of his first baby, Brooklyn. The child's name is neatly illustrated by the gothic style writing.

Angel of the Saviour on the upper back
Rescuers found the angel tattoo Beckham in 2000, a year after the birth of Brooklyn. Tattoos are designed in the name of Brooklyn as a gesture to the angel always keep his daughter's safety.

Hindi writing in her left
With the use of Hindi writing, tattooing the name of Victoria Beckham in 2002 as a faithful promise to his beloved wife. Instead of bearing the Victoria, Hindi writing is actually legible Victoria.

david beckham tattoo on upper back
david beckham tattoo on upper back
'Romeo' on the upper back
When Beckham's second child was born in 2002, he added Romeo's name on top of a guardian angel, who was also getting pretty wings.

'VII' on Beckham right arm inside
Shortly after the tattoo 'Romeo' adorn his back, David Beckham then add number seven by using Roman numerals on his right arm. This figure describes the number of his pride at Manchester United and England.

Roman sentence on the right arm and left
In 2003, Beckham's tattoo of a written re-add 'Ut AMEM Foveam Et' and means that I love and care under the name Victoria in his left arm. And, 'Perfectio in Spiritu' which means spiritual perfection on his right arm.

david beckham tattoos on neck
david beckham tattoos on neck

The cross with wings on the back of the neck
After moving to Real Madrid, in 2003, he went back to tattooing her neck with a picture of a winged cross. "The images of religious icons such as a protective talisman for her children," said tattoo artist Louis Malloy is often tattooing David Beckham's body.

Images of angels on the right arm
A month after the alleged affair with Rebecca Loos, Beckham added an angel on his right arm over it and add the words "In the Face of A diversity". All people have a way to express their feelings, and I expressed with tattoos," Beckham said.

'Cruz' on the back
Cruz, him third child was born in 2005, when he added a tattoo on back under a guardian angel tattoo.

tattoos on beckham right wrist
tattoos on beckham right wrist

Roman numerals on the right wrist
Having held a secret ceremony on 8 May 2006, he was tattooing his right wrist with VIII. V. MMVI.

Image of Victoria on left arm
Beckham has a picture of his wife with a large tattoo style Brigitte Bardot, who acquired in 2007. The phrase "Forever By Your Side" (always at your side) was then added at the bottom of the picture.

Chinese writing on the ribs and left arm
Year 2008 was the busiest year to add a tattoo on Beckham body. By using Chinese writings, he wrote 'Death and life are determined by appointment. Riches and honor depend on Heaven'.

Roses on the left arm
To mark the tenth wedding anniversary in 2009, David Beckham added a picture of ten roses around his arm.
beckham tatoos on arm
beckham tatoos on arm
Picture of Jesus on the ribs
When his grandfather died in 2010, pictures of Jesus, as in the painting The Man Of Sorrows, the ribs are made images intended as a tribute to his grandfather.

'Love' and a swallow on the left hand
look the word 'Love' next image swallows meaningful symbol of family love and loyalty.

Jesus and the angels, 'Harper' in the upper left chest
Beckham added a picture of Jesus is lifted from the coffin by the angels, and names its first female babies 'Harper' after children are born into the world.