Lady Gaga bath with red liquid?

Lady Gaga in red
Lady Gaga in red

Lady Gaga is known as the eccentric singer and unique. Habit the singer of 'Poker Face' is also different from the others. And recently, Lady Gaga reportedly leaving a red liquid is suspected of blood in the bathroom of a five-star hotel in London.

Hotel workers said he was surprised when Lady Gaga left the hotel last summer. The officers found a red liquid in the luxury bathroom. One of the hotel janitor claimed the pop superstar was alleged to have committed a special ritual bath with blood.

"Lady Gaga leave a lot of blood during her stay in hotel bathroom during the summer," said the janitor to the site Truthquake, January 4, 2011.

However, there is also a source as saying Gaga deliberate use of red liquid as part of the costume 'strange' which has been the hallmark of the singer.

Lady Gaga red style

"All the hotel staff was sure, she showered or at least she used (red liquid) as part of one of the costumes for the stage routines oddly enough," said the source.

It is not clear whether the red liquid blood or just ordinary liquids. However, this is not the first time Lady Gaga doing strange behavior at the hotel. Previously, Gaga had confessed fear of the influence of evil spirits who followed her. She was always asking psychics to check hotel room that she will live.

"Lady Gaga believed in the paranormal and would not take the risk when she is on the road. It is important to keep her safe from the spirits," a source said.