Madonna secret to keep young

Madonna old
Madonna old

Celebrity 53 years old, pop diva Madonna still looks like a woman in her 30s. Keep up appearances in order to stay young, this famous singer also has a secret. What is Madonna secret to keep young?

Madonna believes in love and happiness is the key to maintaining long-lasting youthful appearance. Although women are currently being established the love with the young dancers aged 24 years, Brahim Zaibat, do not believe that he has the secret of youth. However, everything is proved.

Moreover, after her relationship with her lover more harmonious. Madonna really feel the power of love could make happy and have an effect on skin rejuvenation.

Speaking at the event attended the premiere of her new movie 'WE' in England, in the Kensington Odeon, 11 January, Madonna says the secret of lasting youth to BANG Showbiz.

Madonna normal
Madonna normal

"What's my secret? Of love. I do not know. I have no secrets. But the most important thing is to be happy," Madonna said as quoted from page Female First.

Madonna born August 16, 1958 is also preparing to make a new album after three years of a vacuum. Queen pop grateful because in the middle of busy life as a celebrity, she was surrounded by people who loved and cared about her.

"I have three things that can make me happy, which is love, children and career. I'm very lucky, I can not imagine if I did not have children, love, and work like I do now," said Madonna.

Along with increasing age, 53 years old singer was getting to understand the secret of success of a relationship, that is a compromise.

"The older, I realized that it has to do with compromise and sacrifice. Unless you want to be alone for the rest of your life," Madonna said.