Katy Perry design fake eyelashes

Katy Perry false eyelashes
Katy Perry false eyelashes

Katy Perry is now reaching a new segment. In addition to the beautiful voice on singing stage, a pretty singer born October 25, 1984 has also created design fake eyelashes.

Collaborate with Eyelure, this famous singer of song "Fireworks" is creating false eyelashes in many variations. The plan, design false eyelashes will be released in stores in February.

Katy Perry is said, that the project design fake eyelashes is a collaboration of fun because it can show her personal style.

"As a lover of fake eyelashes, I have many ideas that can be poured from the process of creating a design they want," she said as quoted from Femalefirst, (January 12, 2012).

Katy Perry design false eyelashes
Katy Perry

Katy Perry added, "We are excited to make a variety of lashes to be an extension of the desire of her own personal style."

For Katy Perry, this is not her first venture outside singing career. Previously, this shining star is also created two perfumes and a global ambassador for a brand of hair styling.

Paul Stoneham as GHD Chief Executive Officer said, that Katy Perry is a symbol of modern fashion and unique style. She always seemed to change so as to embody the spirit of GHD for transformation and empowerment of women. Katy can be a powerful icons that are not afraid to push the boundaries of fashion and beauty. Not only that, she was stylish and sexy figure. Katy Perry is the perfect partner for GHD.