Makeup display that must be avoided

makeup display
makeup display

Makeup trends in 2012 have several changes. If you do not want false makeup, know the make-up display that must be avoided this year.

Before standardize a new look for makeup, you'll want to listen to advice from Amy Zdunowski, a renowned makeup artist in America. As quoted from Galtime, Amy Zdunowski divulge the makeup display that must be avoided, with the following solution.

Avoid excessive makeup
Make up basically had to be fun, creative, and interesting. But do not become excessive. Choose just one part of the face to emphasized through makeup, such as cheeks, lips, or eyes, according to your strengths.

Makeup on dry skin
Dry skin and peeling, it will not look good at makeup. Make sure you have to apply moisturizer before. Use a foundation that does not contain alcohol or make-up that contains minerals to balance it.

makeup techniques
makeup techniques

Make-up too dark
Some women ran a makeup with darker shades of skin color which is owned by the objective appearance effect "bronze". But what happens, even skin tones look unnatural. Before choosing a foundation, try in brightly colored parts of the body naturally, like the wrist or chin. The best place to test whether in accordance with the color of your skin or not, is in the neck because the neck connects with the body of your face. If the color of foundation capable of assimilating the two areas, then you can soon have it.

Excessive paint eyebrows
You do have to watch how the shape of your eyebrows. An eyebrow pencil can be a way to produce a beautiful shape eyebrows. However, remember not to overdo it in painting eyebrows. Can the best results by choosing an eyebrow pencil that has a color matching the color of your hair, then brush on its side with a small brush.

Blending is a makeup techniques commonly used by professional makeup artist to create a flawless face. Some parts of the face is usually made very clear, like a jaw, cheekbones, and eyes. Of course you do not have to make the makeup like this only for daily activities.