Tips coloring hair to follow hair color trend

coloring hair
coloring hair

Lady Gaga, Pink, Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Kate Bosworth is celebrity who often appeared with brightly colored hair such as pink, purple, green or blue. This time, hair color is bright indeed steal the attention.

According to Alex Brownsell, founder Bleach Salon, hair bright colors will be back booming and popular. This hair trend is increasingly favored after designer Thakoon asked makeup artist to coloring hair of model with pink color in spring 2012 fashion shows.

"Hair can be easily applied at home or salon. For temporary arrangement you can just use eye shadow pigment and finish with hairspray," said Brownsell, as quoted from Vogue.

Hair color trends, according to Brownsell, leads to the candy colors are striking. Both the overall hair as did Katy Perry, or only on some hair as did Kate Bosworth. There are also only as highlights, such as hair style Avril Lavigne.

hair color trend
hair color trend

"In fact, hair can have certain motifs such as leopard prints," says Brownsell

If you are interested and brave enough to follow the trend of hair coloring, just following tips coloring hair to follow trend of hair color.

- Dampen the hair
Use a leave-in hair moisturizer prior to blow dry. This will protect and moisturize your hair every day.

- Try with wigs
Before you're coloring short hair, try a wig with the desired color to see if the color is right for you.

Katy Perry hair
Katy Perry hair

- Meet colorist mainstay
Find a hairdresser and colorist accordingly. Make sure they understand what you want.

- establish intentions
After doing the coloring hair, do not ever feel weird. Therefore, before deciding to do a candy color staining, establish the intention to have no regrets.

- self confidence with your hair
Do not fear your boss will be disturbed if you have pink hair. If you are confident with the current hair color, people around will be used.