makeup methods to make long eyelashes and tapering


I believe long eyelashes and tapering is the dream of every woman. Not surprisingly, created eyelash curler and mascara to make it more beautiful. However, for those who have thick eyelashes and super straight, makeup methods are often ineffective.

It may be that, when makeup eyelash, you made ​​a mistake. Errors are usually unable to make the lashes are curled up, clamp lashes first, then apply mascara.

You need to know, liquid mascara will eliminate the tapering effect of the eyelash curler. As a result, only visible eyelashes more volume and length, but not tapering.

So you do not have to always go to the salon for eyelash perming super straight, just follow the makeup methods to make long eyelashes and tapering. Of course, to be more efficient and make more beautiful eyes.

clear mascara
clear mascara

- Use clear mascara
Clear mascara or mascara nodes, essentially acting as a styling gel and holding lashes been tapering. In fact, when you apply mascara. For that, make clear mascara as a 'weapon' first.

- Wait until dry
After applying clear mascara, wait for several minutes. Make sure the mascara is completely dry. While waiting, you can arrange your hair first.

makeup methods
makeup methods

- Pinch eyelashes
After the clear mascara is dry, the new clamp your lashes. Tap clamp gently several times, until the curved eyelashes. Separate your eyelashes with a brush, if attached.

- Apply mascara
Your eyelashes are tapering maximum. Staying apply your favorite mascara of any color, without fear of eliminating the effects of eyelashes tapering because you used this makeup methods.

Good luck try makeup methods to make long eyelashes and tapering!