Makeup technique on the eye

makeup technique
makeup technique

Makeup technique on the eye is the most difficult. Because each part of the eye required a different treatment. Starting from the lashes, eyelids, eyebrows, line the eyes.

Therefore, in order not to 'drain' to apply makeup on eye, you have to guard for durability. Want to know makeup techniques on the eye for durability? Just follow three simple steps makeup technique on the eye, as quoted from

Use eyeshadow primer
There are several brands of eyeshadow products, and the primary issue at once, if you want more practical. No problem if you want to use them separately. The primary function of this eyeshadow, eyeshadow prevent visible so as not to pile up and fade fast.

apply makeup
apply makeup

Waterproof eyeliner and mascara
Although the weather is very hot, if you want long lasting makeup, always use mascara and eyeliner that is waterproof. Because the sweat will easily tarnish eyeliner and mascara damage. Do not let your makeup fade and bring up dark circles.

sprinkle the powder
Before applying eyeshadow or eyeliner, first sprinkle talcum powder on the eyelid and eye on the bottom line. You can use a brush to sprinkle talcum powder eyeshadow.

This makeup technique to absorb oil on the skin around the eyes. In order, make-up stick up, and also not easily fade.