Tips to feel sexy in 2012

casual dress
casual dress

Most women absolutely praise and like when called sexy and pretty. However, the sexy here does not mean to highlight all the comeliness of the body. Sexiness would be more appropriate if it is associated with an attitude, not merely be seen through the dress size.

In fact, most women will be easier to feel confident when they feel good physically. Everyone can feel sexy when their thoughts are always positive in itself.

You can also do it. Begin 2012, with training your mind of yourself. It will also be a simple way how you can feel sexy every day.

The following tips to feel sexy in 2012, as quoted from Shine Yahoo page:

1. Look at yourself in the mirror every day.
Reflect and take a closer look with wide eyes. Begin smiled and said, "I love you." Do this every day until you really, feel very confident that you truly love yourself. Do not be surprised if this seemingly simple exercise can make you cry.

2. Think about times when you feel sexy and confident.
Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and revived the memory. Remember every detail, when you feel most sexy. If you can remember it, hold your memory a few seconds, open your eyes and smile. This is one way to train yourself to feel sexy and confident. Do this on a regular basis, so that feeling sexy and confident always rise.

favorite outfit
favorite outfit

3. Wear your favorite outfit.
Look at yourself in the mirror as a whole. Give praise yourself out loud about how perfect you are. Perform your favorite outfit parade in the room while posing. Do not forget to smile when you do, remember, it can all raise your confidence.

4. Took part in dance lessons.
Being one of the students dance lessons, at least one month alone, it can be very useful to generate confidence. Every movement of dance can do other than support the appearance of the buttocks, dancing can also evoke a feeling sexier.

5. Always smiling.
Spreading a smile can make you feel good, and when you smile, other people around you will feel good. Smiling is a behavior that can be contagious. And, in some situations will make people wonder what you have done. This could be a combination of feeling happy and sexy mysterious.

6. Let your clothes reflect who you are.
Open the wardrobe, and remove any clothing that no longer fit and the unfit subject. If you do not like it, donate to the needy. You must maintain your clothes and your loved ones need. Every time you feel, shabby clothing worn, must you always think that you are not sexy.

But, that does not mean you should always dress up. Choose a simple dress, casual dress and leave the clothes you do not like, can help you feel more sexy.